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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

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Why iPod's Tune Won't Change

The hardware add-on market is fiercely energetic, with more than 300 accessories. But that's only half the story.


Reader's Digest: Mac Shows True Colours

"ColorSync is a really extraordinary chance for the publishing and printing industries to carry out colour management, calculations, adjustments and adaptation using the same framework — it's the best system-level colour management available today."

USD 250 makes PowerSchool A Priority

After a couple of years of discussion and a presentation last night, the Pittsburg USD 250 Board of Education voted to make the PowerSchool program a purchase priority this year.

Analysts Raise Apple, iPod Projections For The Quarter

Amazon To Launch iPod Store

Online retailer, Amazon, is preparing to debut a new store focusing on sales of Apple's iPod and related products.

Apple Supported Technologies Approved By DVB

The revision includes two technologies supported by Apple, H.264 or Advanced Video Codec (AVC) and High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio codecs.

Virtual PC Update Fixes RAM Issue

Corrects an issue affecting users running G5 machines with more than 2GB of RAM.

Firefox 1.0 Released


Fun iPod Tricks

Not only can you use your iPod to play msuic from your favorite singer or band, you can use it to listen to radio recordings, listen to "audio weblogs" (known as podcasts), and more.

Go Beyond Safari

How-To: Play "Movies" On An iPod Photo

Pointless? Yes. Will a lot of people try this and put movie trailers and porn on their iPod photo? You betcha, and we’re here to help as always.

Delicious Library

It's clever, pretty, and fun, but also a bit green.

Replace Your iBuds

As cute and identificable as the iPod's stock earbuds are, they're no match for the quality of sound the iPod is capable of producing.

Delicious Library

Airburst Extreme

AirBurst Extreme is an absolutely wonderful game, and excellent fun for people of all ages.


No Legally-Rippable Content For iPod Movie?

Dear Steve Jobs, I beg to differ. At least, I beg to differ here in Asia, where the dominant delivery medium for movies is VCD, rather than DVD. There's no DRM-protection, however weak, on the VCD format, so ripping from it for own personal use should be legal.

But I will agree with Steve Jobs: what's the point of watching movies on a tiny 2-inch screen? There's a reason why, before the iPod era, you do often see people listening to radios or Walkmans or Discmans, but rarely do you see people watching programmes on a portable TV during the commute.

Kill Me Softly

What is worse than having a song stuck in your head early in the morning? Having a song from Barney (the television show that my daughter is now crazy about) stuck in your head early in the morning.


Microsoft Aims At iPod Market

Microsoft is fighting to expand its online music share and break the hold Apple's iPod has on the market.

Microsoft Commits To XML Docs For Long Term

Responding to a request from the European Union to improve data interoperability, Microsoft has committed in perpetuity to offering a royalty-free license of Office-related XML document formats.

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