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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Top Stories

Apple No Longer Reviewing Itself

Apple products now appear without a rating.

French Court Won't Force Apple To Open Up iTunes

The French Competition Council has dismissed a case brought by Virgin's French arm against Apple for alleged abuse of market dominance.


iPod Socks Now Available For Order From Apple Store

Google To Give Gmail POP3 Support, Plans Antivirus

"We want to make it the best e-mail service in every single dimension so you have aabsolutely no reason to use any other."


Little Black Disc Killers

U2's deal, in which the band will market its massive 400-track digital box set — the entire U2 collection, including stuff not previuosly heard — suggests the end of the CD as we, and the big labels, know it.

The Word On The Next iPod: Flash

Despite denials from Apple, teh buzz is building that the company is ready to launch a digital music player that uses a memory card.

Apple's Inadequate Quality Testing

Apple's hardware universe is sufficiently small that Apple should be more dilligent than it appears to be.


Build Your Own Blogging Application, Part 1

How to harness the power of Perl and Tcl/Tk along with your .Mac iDisk to build your own blogging application.

Bose's Pricey iPod Speaker Dock

The sleek, shoebox-size device produces solid sound, but at $299 it's rather pricey.

Log In, Rock On

The biggest advantage of iTunes, apart from ease of use, is that it supports iPod.

Four Options For Buying New And Used Macs


One Toe In The Pod-O-Sphere

Shawn King, of Your Mac Life, tries out PodCasting. Unfortunately, he missed out on one key feature of Podcasting: the automatic push to the iPod. What's missing? The actual MP3 file should be placed into the Enclosure field of the RSS feed, so that applications such as iPodderX can automatically download the MP3 file, put into a special playlist in your iTunes, so that the next time you connect your iPod to your Mac, the MP3 will automatically upload itself to your iPod.

Look Ma, No hands.

And How About You?

And if you want to get into the pod-casting business, here's a new web site that teaches you how to podcast in three (relatively) easy steps.


Microsoft Skips Itanium With New Windows

Microsoft will come out with a special version of Windows next year for clusters, but it won't run on Intel's most powerful server chip, at least for now.

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