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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Greek Music Fans, Too, Can Now Get It On The Internet

Launched in Greece late last month, Apple's iTunes Music Store has, despite the lack of publicity, already drawn a considerable number of local customers for online music purchases at a cost of 0.99 euros per song.

Steve Jobs To Keynote Macworld Expo San Francisco

AirPort 4.1 Fixes Encryption Irritation

Apple has released AirPort 4.1 software for Mac OS X 10.3, and this update includes a feature that's been in great need: the ability to use more modern and secure WPA encryption when you're also linking base stations wirelessly through WDS.

PortalPlayer Rides Popularity Of The iPod

PortalPlayer, based in Santa Calra, Calif., is a chip maker for personal media players. But its business is highly concentrated: 93 percent of its sales go to Shanghai's Inventec Appliances Co., which assembles iPods.

Apple's Computer Sales Could harmonize With iPod's Success

Shop Till You're Cool

Checkout lines and stocked shelves? Not at these stores, where the point is hanging around.


iPod And Corporate America

My brother's employer, BIG BANK Inc., has decided to get every employee above call center and administrative staff an iPod so they can listen to things like earnigns calls on their way to work.

iPod In The Sky?

Get music-on-demand for a monthly fee.


Blast! No Infraread

If El Gato added an IR blaster, I would immediately turn my G4 Cube into a home entertainment center.

Safari -> Firefox

Firefox is faster, cleaner, more extensible, and user-friendly than Safari.


There's No Such Thing As Native Speakers of Traditional/Simplified Chinese

The whole deal with traditional and simplified Chinese is in the writing, not the speaking. Even though a resident from Beijing writes in simplified Chinese, while a resident from Taipei writes in traditional Chinese, so long as they are using the same dialet (most likely Mandarin), they will pronounce their words in exactly the same way.

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