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Saturday, November 20, 2004


Creative Stunt Lands 20 iPods

By the time the shutters came down at 7pm, Creative had collected 20 iPods.

Stormy Braves Storm To Be First In Line

A student from Texas is camping out on a rainy sidewalk to be first in line for Saturday's grand opening of the new London Apple store.

England Enjoys Mac Attack

Apple iPod Mini Waterproof H2O Audio Case

Apple Confirms Plans For First Canadian Retail Store

Apple confirmed plans to open the company's first retail store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Software Blades

Windows still sits in the middle, but now, with the BlackBerry, the iPod, the Mac, Wi-Fi, and RSS, I can route around it.

My First Sony Walkman

I miss the feeling that I had when I got my first Walkman.

Why Apple Is Worth Revisiting

Apple is making a serioius play for both the small-and-midsize business and the enterprise storage markets.


Live From London

A live webcam pointing at the queue outside fo Apple's London store is now in operation over at ifo Apple Store web site.

No, It's Not Just Us Folks

David Pogue discovers that there are other us-verus-them debates besides the great Mac and PC uproar whenever someone writes something remotely controversial in the mainstream press. Be careful when you compares LCD and plasma television. :-)


Dumping Microsoft Isn't Always Practical

ActiveX, IE, and Outlook aren't easy to do without.

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