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Friday, November 26, 2004

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King Of Music Players

As Apple's iPod capitalizes on a shift in the way people enjoy entertainment, many believe its popularity will endure.


Apple To Press Play On iTuens In Canada

Apple said this week the company intends to meet [it's self-imposed] deadline. "It's still November; we'll launch in November."

Boiiiiing: Adam Curry And Postcasting Hit Mainstream Media — So Do Not Forget: Windows Mobile Devices Are Pefect For Podcasting Too!


Band-Aid: Some Suggestions for Apple's Damage-Control

So, here's the London Times' article about how Apple refused — simply refused — to sell the tune "Do They Know It's Christmas?" for charity, because the song is supposed to be sold at £1.49, while Apple balks at anything that doesn't sell at the standard 79p price point per song.

No matter whether you agree that Apple has a case or not, whether the Times article is fair and balanced, or not, the damage has already been done. (As far as I know, the Times is a rather reputable, or at least, mainstream, paper over there.)

So, what can Apple do?

Apple can agree to sell the song on iTunes Music Store at the 1.49 price. Apple may also not sell on the iTunes store, but instead choose to sell it on the online Apple Store instead.

But those are still cop-out options. Rather, may I humbly suggest, that Apple should negotiate with Universal Music to sell the tune at 79p on the iTunes Music Store. And Apple should match the remaining 70p per song as a charity donation.

This may or may not totally repair the damage already caused, but at least it's going to be a worthwhile gesture.

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