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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


FPT Becomes Official Distributor Of Apple Computers

Viet Nam's leading computer producer and distributor, the Corporation for Financing and Promoting Technology, has become the first official distributor of the US computer group Apple in Viet Nam.

Tech Takes Bugs Out Of Apples

Students Warm To Free iPod Offer

Apple Gains On iPod Enthusiasm

Shares in Apple Computer gained 6 percent on Monday after two key analysts raised their target prices for the company's stock amid continued strong demand for the group's popular iPod digital music player.

Apple iPod: Faster Than A Speed Walkman

After 2.5 years on the market, sales of the iPod are about 1 million units ahead of Walkman sales after the equivalent period of time.

Black Friday Delivers For Apple

Several stores report moving at least four times the average Friday volume on the day after Thanksgiving.

Apple To Rule Family Room With Entertainment Server?

Ambrosia's Apeiron Game Goes OS X


iMac's G5 Top Choice Of Year

This is a computer that will deliver several years of good use and thus is a good value for the money.

iPod Will Be Music To Her Ears

Lost iTunes Library, Found iPod

The issue is what one should do when an iTunes music library has been vaporized due to a hard drive crash and a copy of that library exists on an iPod.

iPod Photo: Color Does Make A Difference

I don't know if there is something Apple can do with the photo thumbnails to make them a bit bigger, but nothing else realy stood out on the negative side for me. On the positive side, there is a lot to like about the iPod photo.

The Complete U2: The World's First Digital Box Set

$149 buys a lot of U2. How much do you need?


Talk To Me And My iPod

"Dear boss, I need a voice recording device, and I hear that there is this great new white little thing that I can use to do voice recoding..."

("And I can listen to some great podcasts on the way to the interview too.")

Yes, you guessed it. At least one reporter out there is using the iPod as a microphone.

Spread The Message

As software professionalists, we need to advice this more often: "What can I use to prevent spyware? The short answer is: Use a Macintosh."

Gentlement, Start Your Mouse

Your mouse ball (if you still have one), your mouse button, and your wrist are all doomed, I tell 'ya. Cause Apeiron X is here.

No plots. No too-dark-to-see-anything corridors. No do-not-even-know-where-to-begin puzzles. Just pure plain shootin' and killin' arcade fun.

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