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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

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iTunes Now Selling Band Aid Song

iPod owners can now download the Band Aid single from iTunes after Apple reached agreement with the charity. But the single is now on sale for 79p — the usual cost of a song from iTunes — with Apple donating a further 70p to the charity for each song downloaded.


New Browser Flaw Out

The bug has been called the Infinite Array Sort Denial of Service Vulnerability and causes the affected browsers to execute an infinite JavaScript array sort. That operation in turn effectively causes a DoS on the browser in question and causes it to crash by exhausting stack memory.

Podcasting Takes Off


Apple iPod Socks

'Hip' younger buyers (especially girls) and holiday shoppers will be Apple's primary target, and if the socks are vaguely popular, theyc ould become a cheaper replacement pack-in for Apple's iPod mini belt clips or iPod fabric cases.

Five Favorite Annoyances

Here are five of my favorite Mac annoynaces and their solutions.

Why Install Linux On Your Mac?

If you wish to go further, to take maximum control of your computer, and do so on some of the best quality hardware around, Linux makes a lot of sense on a Mac.

More Of The Same?

You've long suspected that Apple's iPod and the HP-branded iPod are identical. Learn the shocking truth that, well, yeah, they're pretty much the same.


Logical Conclusion

No, I cannot claim credit, because this is probably a very logical thing for Apple to do: sell the tune at 79p and donate the rest. And I think a lot of people probably came to the same conclusion on what Apple should do.


In The Meantime, Here Are Some Cool Podcasts

November came and gone, and there is no iTMS in sight for our friends up in Canada.

Or maybe Steve Jobs has switched to a different calendar. For example, in the Chinese calendar, it's still only the twentieth day of the tenth month. Still a lot of time for Apple to get their act together.

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