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Thursday, January 6, 2005

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Inside The Channel's Battle With Apple

Steve Jobs can smile over recent success, but Apple's practices are killing loyal resellers.

Apple Suit Foreshadows Coming Products

Apple on Tuesday sued the publisher of Mac enthusiast site Think Secret and other unnamed individuals, alleging that recent postings on the site contain Apple trade secrets. In filing the suit, Apple identifies specific articles that contain trade secrets, indicating that at least parts of those reports are on the mark.


Ambrosia To Show Off New Utilities, Games

Survey: Apple Products 'Better' Than Microsoft's

Apple Bites Into Storage

Apple and networked storage are rarely mentioned in the same breath without drawing a puzzled look. The folks at Apple hope to change that with a new SAN file system geared mostly toward digital video applications and low-cost storage.

Lawsuit Claims Apple Violates Law With iTunes

An unhappy iTunes online music store customer is suing Apple, alleging the company broke antitrust laws by only allowing iTunes to work with its own music player, the iPod, freezing out competitors, court filings showed.

Apple Offers Free iTunes Music Sampler

Are iPod Minis Actually Maxi?

Ipoditude and Apple Insider float a rumor that people who are now ordering the 4 gig mini are actually getting 5 gigs.

Bringing Video Playback To The iPod

Beating Apple to the punch, little-known peripheral manufacturer Nyko has unveiled an iPod accessory which enables the popular audio player to play back videos on a 3.5" display.

iPod Driving 'Vast Majority' Of Apple Q1 Upside

Goldman Sachs raised estimates on Apple, citing an expectation for strong fiscal first-quarter earnings and stronger iPod shipments.


Steve Jobs: Loose Lips Must Be Eradicated

Taking the press to court for doing its job legitimately is going too far.

Arrogance At Apple

I'm fairly sure of this: If the party leaking information to Think Secret had sent it, say, to the San Jose Mercury News or New York Times, and had those publications run the news, Apple wouldn't be suing them. Both have deep enough pockets to defend themselves.

Plugging Leaks

By making harsh examples out of whoever leaked these rumors, Apple stands a good chance of discouraging other would-be leakers from unsealing their lips in the future.

Apple Biting The VAR Hands That Fed It

At some point, Apple will find it difficult to sustain current growth rates without a sound channel strategy. Every company — perhaps with the exception of Dell — has found that out, and Apple is no Dell.


The Future Of Your Television...

... as envisioned by Microsoft. Or, help, my Internet Explorer has crashed and I cannot watch "Desperate Housewives."


Gate's Computer Crashes At CES

Gates Taking A SEat In Your Den

Bill Gates is coming to your living room, whether you like it or not.

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