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Monday, January 31, 2005

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Apple Bumps PowerBooks To 1.67GHz, Lowers Price

Apple on Monday announced a modest speed bump to its line of PowerBook G4 laptops, increasing the high-end processor from 1.5GHz to 1.67GHz. The refreshed laptop line gains 512MB of standard RAM, faster grpahics, faster hard drives and 8x "SuperDrives," as well as 802.11g-based wireless networking, Bluetooth 2.0 and two patent-pending technologies — the scrolling TrackPad and the Sudden Motion Sensor.

Hallelujiah, The Mac Is Back

Weary of spyware, tired of virus attacks, a nation turns its lonely eyes to... Apple?


Using A Suitcase As A Speaker For The Apple iPod

Loading Digital Music: Popular Portable Players Create Cottage Industry

While that process may seem relatively simple for savvy computer users, Robins knows there are many more consumers who don't have the time to convert an entire collection, especially if ripping one CD takes five to 10 minutes.

Beyond iPod, Apple Grows Healthy Software Business

More user-friendly software could prove critical for Apple as it tries to increase its base of Macintosh users.

Boom Of The iPod Add-Ons

Stratospheric iPod sales have created a vast opportunity for other companies to sell companion gear, but the spoils have gone to those able to keep pace with Apple, which has introduced at least a half dozen kinds of iPods since the first model arrived in late 2001.

Apple's iPod Shuffle At The Origin Of A Price War

School Laptops Win Hearts And Minds

A five-year, $1.75 million Apples-for-everyone deal met resistance but now is embraced.

Apple Edges Google As Top Brand

"Apple's just done an extraordinary job with innovation, technology and desing."

What The iPods Are Wearing These Days

For the iPod, perhaps the toy with the most toys, a couple in Sydney, Australia, want you to consider one more accessory: a sort of sleeping bag, better known as the foofpod.

iPod Fanatics Just Can't Help Themselves

Me, Myself And iPod

The iPod revolution has pushed through the ranks of young, trendy consumers and into the very heart of the local populace.

Name That Tune: iTunes Lets You Eavesdrop On What The Stars Are Groovin' To

More celebs are making their "mix tapes" available to the public on Apple's successful online music service.


Dell: Beware The Beigh-Box Blahs

The PC maker shouldn't dismiss Apple's design-driven success. Markets historically evolve past commoditization to value style and special features.

Putting The i Into The Pod


Railroad Tycoon 3

Sunday, January 30, 2005


Quicken Disables The Software You Paid For To Force Paid Upgrades

You'd think that if Intuit had actually made a compelling new product that it could entice its customers to buy an upgrade; seems like they've decided that instead of improving their products, they'll just extort money from customers who were stupid enough to buy from them in the first place.

iPod Therefore iAm

For a growing legion of 'Pod people, the portable music player is more than a gadget — it's a member of the family.


It's Not About Features Anymore — It's About Geek Jewelry

Apple has made a new product category: geek jewelry.


Tool For Thought

How To make A Life Poster

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Podcasting Brings Radio On Demand To Your iPod

Chances are, if you own an mp3 player like an iPod, you have it stuffed with all the music you like — just the music. Now, though, you can also start toting around the radio programming you like.

PowerSchool To Help Teachers, Parents

"PowerSchool met all the criteria above, plus it offered an online web access for parents and students and automated e-mail updates for parents."

Creating A Wireless Classroom

A slew of educational, political and business leaders gathered yesterday to celebrate a pilot program that will supply Apple laptop computers to some 2,500 students in Pittsfield and North Adams middle schools.

Best Buy To Sell Mac Mini, iPod Shuffle In Stores


Why Apple Makes A One Buttoned Mouse

Although I can envision a day where Apple will ship with a two button mouse, they have really, really, really good reasons for sticking to a one button mouse.

Unloading An Older Apple Powerbook

Making the decision to upgrade isn't always easy.

The School Of The Future

Everyone in the America of the future will have to be cmputer literate, and middle school is a good place to start.

Bloggers As Journalists: Why We Fight Apple's Subpoenas

Online journalism, whether in the form of blogs, email newsletters, or websites, is a growing part of our national discourse.

Into The Mac Trap

The combination of no pressure, the spooky quiet, and pristine white surroundings made this Apple Store feel like a mixture of a museum, a church, and the waiting room at the Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Dethroning King Gillette

In the case of Apple, is the iPod a razor or a blade?


iPod Photo Is Almost A Dream Come True

The Mac/Thinkpad Shuffle

Despite a few rough points during the configuration and setup process, and despite a few adjustments she's had to make, [my daughter] Jenny is a very happy teenager. When I offer to take back the iBook and let her keep her Thinkpad, the answer is a resounding "No!"


Regulators Tell Microsoft There's Plenty In A Name

Microsoft has agreed to rename the new slimmed-down version of Windows it's preparing to release in Europe, after antitrust regulators there balked at the title.

Tablet PCs Primed For The Mainstream

Two years after introducing Tablet PC technology, Microsoft is attempting to drive it into the mainstream in 2005 with less expensive tablets, but some analysts believe reduced prices alone won't do the trick.

Friday, January 28, 2005


JHymn Goes Behind Atoms And Apple To Bring DRM-Free Music

"What I say is that all I'm trying to do is to get the same flexibility to use my music that I'd have if I purchased a CD and ripped it myself, and that my efforts aid piracy no more than the existence of CDs aid piracy.

My iPod, My Self

Marketing professor Markus Giesler has some colorful ideas about Apple's music player. He argues it transforms listeners into "cyborg consumers," plugging them into a "hybrid entertainment matrix" where they can achieve "technotranscendence."

Apple Spotlight Patent Reveals 3-Year Head Start On Microsoft

iMovie HD 5.0.1 Released

iMovie HD 5.0.1 "addresses issues related to video and audio synchronization for DV projects and other minor issues," according to Apple.

iMovie HD 5.0.1 Released


The Mac Mini: Apples And Oranges And Software

The truth is that for many buyers the software that comes with the Mac mini will be a significant benefit because it makes the mini more functional than similarly configured (hardware-wise) Windows PCs.

Predictions: I Said, You Said


Griffin RadioShark: Great White USB Device Lets You Record And Pause Live Radio

Its software could use mor epolish, but it delivers the goods.

Apple iTunes 4.7.1

Apple iLife '05

All but iMovie compete well with the best Microsoft Windows has to offer consumers.

Apple iWork '05

iWork '05 is a fine effort. It gives most Mac users an affordable alternative to Word, and whets the appetite for a more filled-out suite, which we hope is in the works.

A Linux Geek Embraces Mac OS X

Some of my thoughts will no doubt strike veteran Mac users as silly, stupid, or downright heretical! For that all i can say is: Hey, I'm a newbie.

GarageBand 2: Features Of Note

20 Years Late, Apple Launches $500 Mac

Despite the name, it's watered down only in size and cost. THis is as much a Mac as any other that's been sold over the years.

The Incredibles

The Incredibles game isn't all that incredible. It is a fast paced game, with excellent animated graphics and terrific cut scenes, but stumbles in the game play and finished quality department.

Virtual PC 7

Build Your Own PVR (For Free) With HackTV

The secret is Apple's little-known HackTV utility. It allows you to watch TV via FireWire.

Apple's New $499 Mac Mini A Slick Little Budget Computer

Once all is said and done, the Mac Mini will cost more than comparable entry-level Windows machines. You could make the case, though, that with the software loaded on the Mini, you're getting more bang for your buck.

Mac Mini: Perfect Bookshelf Box For Mac Minimalists


Buy Me, Bug Me

With the speedier flow of information bought about by the web, I often found myself new gadgets and widgets that I wish I can buy, but is either not available in where I live, or the price is beyond me.

But, every so often, I find myself longing for something that I cannot even buy, because it's not for sale. Today, it's the hanging alarm clock.

(My alarm clock went off at 6.00 am this morning, but I wasn't fully awake until 7.05 am. But, you probably don't need to know that.)

Rumor Today: 512-Meg Mac Mini Is Coming

Pioneer Press: Stay tuned for at least one out-of-the-box config with 512 megabytes of RAM... as soon as next week, I've been told.


Microsoft Reports Profit Surge

Citing strength in both the business and consumer markets, Microsoft on Thursday reported better-than-expected quarterly sales — and profits that doubled those of a year ago.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Top Stories

They're Off To See The Wizards

It was just past noon on a recent weekday at the Apple Store here [at San Francisco], and the Genius Bar was buzzing.


iPod Add-Ons: The Craze That Lasts

Makers of accessories for the digital players are profiting beyond their wildest dreams. Now Apple is offering its stamp of approval.

iPods Act As D.J.'s At Clubs Where Patrons Call The Tunes

Bar managers tend to have intimate knowledge of the jukebox, or leave music questions to the D.J. But that is changing in some bars, where customers who bring their own iPods have started to take control of the tunes.

University Of Pittsburgh: Reducing The Complexity In Complex Genetics

"We're just a bunch of scientists. We're not programmers. We write code when we need to solve our problems. Mac OS X on the Xserves allows us to run our existing and legacy statistical genetics code — originally written for Solaris and Linux systems — without having to modify it extensively."

Consumers Vote With Their Feet On iPod Shuffle

Want An iPod Shuffle? Just Pop Into 7-Eleven

For Apple and 7-Eleven [in Singapore], the tie-up is a win-win propoition. Apple gets access to a wider consumer base while the iPod Shuffle adds 'oomph' to the conveninence store chain's product range.

Apple Geek Seeks True Love, With iPod

The carefully nurtured 'Cult of Mac' helps build a hurricane of hype, but will it mean more sales?

Apple To Honor Price Difference On Mac Mini BTO Price Drops

Mac Mini SuperDrive BTO Change A Typo, Says Apple

The 4x/8x mixup was the result of a typographical error, according to an Apple spokesperson.

Podcasting: Hear What The Buzz Is About


Can Apple's Market Share Grow With Continuing Supply Restraints?

The glitch in the Mac system is that IBM can't deliver the G5 chip in sufficient quantities to satisfy Apple's needs.

If Only Life Were As Simple As A Mac

A computer shouldn't have to be figured out. It should just work. And also, it should smile.


Think Small

What was the best hting at CES? Macworld!

Prevent Mac Disasters

Eight simple steps you cant ake now to keep your Mac from falling apart.

Quicken 2005: Premier Personal Financial App Adds iPhoto Integration And Excellent Account Setup For New Users

There's little in Quicken 2005 that will make it a must-have upgrade for all current Quicken users.

Contribute 3: Web-Page Editor Gains Speed, Tools, And Administrative Features

Current users who upgrade will benefit from its improved performance, editing tools, and administrative control.

Painter IX: Changes To Interface And Brushes May Justify High Upgrade Cost

Corel is doing an excellent job with the program's interface, and the new features are well conceived and well executed.

The Mac Mini Experience

I have to say I'm extremely satisfied with my Mini. It does everything a desktop user like me could want. And it does it without hassles and how-to's and RTFMs.

Photoshop Elements 3.0: Upgrade Offers Enhanced Editing Tools And Streamlined Interface

While Photoshop Elements 3.0's flaws are unfortunate, they don't significantly detract from this must-have upgrade for digital photographers.


Rumor Today: Backup 3.0

AppleInsider: Apple is developing a major update to Backup, its data loss prevention software created specifically for .Mac users. Backup 3.0 will simplify backups through the addition of multiple backup plans, which are designed to secure users' most critical data, such as home folders, personal data files, and iLife content. The release will also allow users to schedule backups to any destination, and back up more than one computer to the same iDisk.

Rumor Today: PowerBook G5

Yes, the PowerBook G5 is definitely in the works, according to this article by The Inquirer.

Were there any doubts that Apple is working on the PowerBook G5?

Say "I Love You"

In addition to sending "I Love You" messages via balloons, you can now send plants. Specifically, a bean plant "which sprout to reveal a special message."


Is Mandatory Windows Validation A Security Risk?

"There are [people] who will simply refuse to validate, and their unpatched machines will be a bigger threat."

Microsoft, Regulators To Meet Over Longhorn

Microsoft is slated to meet with federal and state antitrust regulators next month to discuss possible areas of concern regarding Longhorn, Microsoft's next version of Windows.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Top Stories

.Mac Maintenance Causes iDisk Problems

Apple's .Mac system maintenance this weekend has caused widespread problems with iDisks, according to MacMinute readers and reports on the .Mac discussion boards.


Kubrick iPod Mini iBear

Designed to match the now ubiquitous five colors of the iPod mini.

Ancient Macs Make Modern Art

Apple may have quietly killed its easy-to-use programming tool, HyperCard, but it has an afterlife — in art.

Sue Different: Apple Threatens Inside Sites After Leaks

Apple, the king of building buzz, has sued and threatened news sites that spilled product information early. But the sites are fighting back, with pro bono legal help.

Huh? Apple Doubles Price Of Mini RAM, Admits Mistake

Target Pulls Mac Mini From Online Store

Target cited availability concerns as the sole factor that prompted it to remove the product from its store.

Apple Releases New Mac OS X Security Update

The update for 10.3.7 client includes updated versions of ColorSync, libxml2, Mail, PHP, and Safari.

Apple's U2 Silhouette Spot Named 'Smartest Ad Campaign'

The iPod: Apple's Saving Grace

Apple Drops BTO Mac Mini Prices

Apple has quietly cut prices on build-to-order components for its new Mac mini.


What If? An Alternative History Of Tech

What if Apple Computer had licensed the Mac OS?

Engadget Investigates: Is It "iPod Shuffles" Or "iPods Shuffle"?

It tooks us a few days of harrassing Apple's PR department, but we were finally able to answer one of hte most burning questions of the past seven days: Is it "iPod shuffles" or "iPods shuffle?"

Creative CEO Sim Wong Hoo Softens Up?

For a company that's supposedly at war, Creative hasn't been drawing much blood lately.

Mini In Perspective


iPodderX Adds To iPod's 'Gotta-Have' Status

Wireless Media Server Without The Mini

For now, my TiBook is serving my entire music collection, plus a ton of photographs... all using hardware and software I already had.

Apple's New Products Are Revolutionary In Their Own Way

How To Record A Podcast

How-To: Turn Your Mac Mini Into A Media Center

We'll cover the various aspects you'll need to think about when planning your Mac mini media center system, plus show you how to control your Mac mini headlessly from any computer in your house.

Tiny iPod Shuffle Chock-Full Of Pleasant Surprises

The biggest advantage of the Shuffle over all other RAM-based players is the simple fact that it's an Apple product and relies on iTunes instead of Windows Media Player. It works, period.

Lemonade Tycoon 2: New York Edition


Will We See iMac Colors Again?

Remember the wacky iMac colors, and the polka dots? Apparently, it wasn't really successful, probably because even Mac-heads cannot afford to upgrade their computers just because there's a new color out there.

But now that iPods are really fashion statements, will we see a return of the iMac colors?



Microsoft To Require Windows Piracy Check

Windows XP and 2000 users will have to validate their copy of OS before downloading software.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Pepsi's Free iTunes Promo Bottles Hit Store Shelves

Gunning For iTunes

Don't look now, but the world of digital music is about to get rocked.

Macs Power Sundance Channel Festival Dailies

"Everybody here has a PowerBoook. The whole facility is powered by Apple gear in one way or another."

Mac Media Center Project Aims To Transform Mac Mini

iTunes Music Store Downloads Top 250 Million

Apple says iTunes users are now downloading one and a quarter million songs per day, which is an annual run rate of almost half a billion songs per year.


How Apple's iPod/iTunes Combo Could Demolish Microsoft's 'Play For Sure' Initiative

Macintosh Market Share

"It's Wintel's rapid upgrade cycle that's been getting progressively more and more out of line with norms..."

Play That Funky Music, White Toy

Apple's $99 iPod shuffle suggests a new, "less is more" strategy for the rebounding music, er, computer company.

Taking Stock Of Apple

Why do I think Apple is a good stock.

Apple Must Evolve Or Face Extinction

As more music formats and audio players emerge, is the iPod nearing the end of its reign?

iTunes 2005 Revenue Could Equal 5 Percent Of U.S. Music Sales: Call It A Powerhouse


Apple's iWork Software Needs Some Work

Neither the Keynote 2 presentation software nor the new Pages word processor are as full-featured as one would like.

Tricks Keep Apple iPod In Tune On Windows PC

Connecting the iPod to your computer to transfer tunes and manage your music library isn't always simple — especially if your computer runs Windows.

The iMac Mini: Apples And Oranges, A Follow-Up

To reiterate: What the article was trying to demonstrate is not that the Mac mini is the cheapest computer on the market; rather, that it's clearly price-competitive with the budget brand-name Windows PCs, especially once you look at what you get for the money.

Why Go Pro (Audio Hijack Pro, That Is)

iPod Shuffle Big On Performance

The latest flavor, the diminutive iPod shuffle, proves that fewer bells and whistles can be just as good as more.

Building A Website With TInderbox

An Inside Look At iWork 05

Mac Minis Could Make Converts

While the Mac Mini won't suddenly make Macs a more popular platform than Windows, I think it may tempt many Windows users who are curious about the Mac and/or frustrated with Windows which is far more prone to spyware, viruses and security problems.


The End Is Near. Spring Is Coming.

It's winter, and we just had one whole stash of snow being dumped in the backyard. What would Calvin (of the Calvin & Hobbes fame) build?

History, Corrected

We all know that Apple wasn't the first company to produce an MP3 player, but do you know who created the first MP3 player>

The Launch Of The Macintosh

Were you there at the launch of the Macintosh? Now, you can, thanks to the magic of QuickTime.

(P.S. Here's a list of mirrors.)

Lullabies From The Axis Of Evil

Today's podcast here at MyAppleMenu features two tunes from the album Lullabies from the Axis of Evil.

Open-Source Your Journalism

Scott Rosenberg has an interesting idea: "Major open source projects maintain public bug databases. Anyone can come along and post a bug report... The model doesn't map perfectly onto journalism, but it's not too far off: Let people file "bug reports" if they believe your publication has published something in need of correcting. The publication can respond however it seems appropriate."

Tips For Your Next Cheese Party

You'd never know when you'll be next invited to a cheese party where you'll have to bring your own cheese, and where there's a contest for the best and most interesting cheese. So, here are some tips just for you.


Microsoft Backs Off Appeal On EU Sanctions

Microsoft has decided not to appeal a ruling by an European Union judge that upholds sanctions imposed on the company by the European Commission, a spokesman for the firm confirmed on Monday.

Monday, January 24, 2005


Many Faces Of The Mac Mini

Available in stores for just a few days, Apple's new Mac mini computer appears to be something of an omnia omnibus — all things to all people.

Inside iPod

Apple deosn't want to spill the secret sauce, but we tear down its mega-seller music machine.

Entangled By Ear Buds, And Other Musical Mishaps

With the ever-present ear buds has come an influx of iPod-related mishaps, some highly amusing, others potentially disastrous.

10,000 Songs, Kidnapped On The No. 9

It's more likely, the police said, that the ubiquitous white iPod headphones are a flashing signal of sorts, alerting thieves to the presence of hte prodigiously popular digital music player, which retail for $299 and up, more than most high school students are likely to be carrying in cash.


Mac Mini — More Than Meets The Eye

To get the most out of the Mac mini, users need to — yes — think different.


Keynote 2: New Themes, Improved Text Handling Highlight Major Update

With the new version, it's become an even stronger competitor to PowerPoint. From its seamless integration with iPhoto and iTunes to its greatly improved animation and slide timing features, the new version of Keynote looks like a winner.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Top Stories

iPod Shuffle, Mac Mini Draw Crowds At Apple Stores

The word of the day at Apple retail outlets in California was "Shuffle."


For Apple Faithful, More Hope Than Help

The recent success of Apple's iPod has Macintosh fans salivating over a brighter future. But analysts doubt that the pouplar music player — and Apple's new $500 Mac mini — can really cause mass conversions.

Birth Of An Industry: iPod Loading

The rising popularity of Apple's sleek iPod has created a new niche service: the professional iPod loader.

Mac Mini Makes Its Retail Debut

Plenty of Mac Minis on hand at San Francisco Apple store, but dozens hoping to buy an iPod Shuffle go home empty handed.


Does Your iPod Play Favorites?

My first iPod seemed to have a fondness for Steely Dan, while other artists were sent into exile.

PC To Mac... And Back

Unless Longhorn, the upcoming iteration of Windows, is both more stable and more virus-protected than Windows XP, Macintosh computers will continue to have the better operating system.

My Mac Mini And Me

The lesson from Apple should be taken seriously. Steve Jobs is a college dropout, not an MBA. But (unlike many MBAs) Steve is smart enough to know that if you build good products and market them, people will come — they'll even line up in front of your store on weekends.

Open The 'Pod Bay Doors, Steve

This is about a marketplace that needs to be free.


Tips For Installing iPhoto 5

Back up your existing iPhoto Libraries on to an external hard drive before you launch iPhoto 5.

A Surprising New Mini-Player In The Music Game

What I can't quite figure out is which iPod is best. I suppose Apple would prefer we collected them all.


Rumor Today: New iPods and iPods Mini

According to Apple's favorite rumormonger, the next iPod mini may have a 5GB disk, or it may have a 8GB or 10 GB disks. One's never too sure. Meanwhile, the next (regular) iPod will be silver in color, rather than white, probably to give it that oh-so-premium look that can commands a higher price.


Microsofft Struggles To Sell Self As Growth Stock

After transforming itself into a blue-chip stock with predictable dividends, Microsoft faces its toughest sales pitch ever — convincing investors it's still a growth stock.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Top Stories

Apple Q4 Euro-Sales Climb 33.2% — IDC

Apple's success continues in Europe, according to analysts at IDC, noting that 2004's fourth quarter saw Apple deliver its higher quarterly growth for a year-and-a-half.


Two Peas In An iPod

Synaptics saw its stock jump nearly 22% Friday following a blowout quarterly report driven in large part by demand for the iPod.

Deconstructing Mini

So, with the lives of your Mac minis in mind, I began the disassembly of mine. Adds Mac Mini

Filemaker Server 7 Update To Fix Stability

FileMaker Inc. has advised that in March they will release a v3 update to their FileMaker Server 7 and FileMaker Server 7 Advanced software. The update is being developed to fix reported stability issues with the software.


Apple Quietly Raises The Stakes

An almost timid announcement adds the new SAN file system to Xserve RAID.

Welcome To The Mac, Oracle

Now that it's buying into Mac platform, IT should dig deeper into Apple's server lineup.

Dell, Creative, And The iPod: Sour Grapes?

People bought the iPod with no thought about any proprietary format, they simply wanted one.

iPod Shuffle Has No Clock

Potentially screwing up some Smart Playlists that you might have that are based on last played information.

Dell And Creative: Challenged By The iPod?

What will worry the other PC companies is that, in a market where everyone except Dell has struggled to make money, Apple has long been highly profitable with only a 2 percent to 3 percent market share. Should the company boost this to 4 or even 5 percent, its profits — and thus its ability to increase its spending on marketing and development — would also be significantly increased, raising the prospect of the company simply being able to blow away its less profitable rivals.

Mini Me: The New Mac Mini Is All About Movies


Mac Mini — Is It The Best Media Center... PC?

Although Apple are pleased that people are starting to talk about the Mac Mini as more than just a cheap Mac for iPod lovers, they freely admit that they were not aiming at building a media center. Good job too, because if they were, they've failed.

Apple's Mac Mini: Low-Priced Mac Starter System Has Enough Oomph To Do Most Jobs

If I were recommending a starter system to someone, I wouldn't hestiate to send them in the direction of the Mac Mini.

Shuffle Off To A Running Start

Since the iPod shuffle can also store data and it weighs so little, I plan to keep it with me every day.

Embedded Development With Xcode

Now, with the UNIX underpinning of Mac OS X, we can benefit from the huge open source effort supporting small microprocessors.

Do The (iPod) Shuffle

Latest Apple player offers plenty of flash, but the lack of an LCD will bother some.

Apple iPod Shuffle

If you want a low-cost player that stores just hundreds (as opposed to thousands) of songs and don't need to see what's playing, the iPod shuffle is a very good choice.

Amp Gives iPod Much-Needed Boost

There's an iPod amplifier available that looks every bit as good as the iPod and helps the sound along, too. It's not cheap, but Simpl Acoustics' A1 does the job well.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Top Stories

Behold The Artful Price Tag

The design excitement last week in Apple's latest introductions was not in the Mini's small simple box or the Shuffle's stick-of-gum wand. It was in the prices.


Dr. Bob Arnot: Backpack Broadcasting

Given the magnitude of the mission and the volatility of the country, the surprise is in how little Arnot required beyond his Save the Children mandate to tell the story.

Harold Moss: Handcrafting In High Definition

"Composing and recording an original piece of something from scratch overnight, while you're also trying to finish the animation, starts to become a little impossible. So to just be able to sit down with Soundtrack and come up with something that works really well and sounds more than professional, it's hugely helpful."

iPod Shuffle May Not Play Well With All AAC Files

A document on Apple's support website says that users may not be able to play songs that are encoded by applications other than iTunes.


No Cannibals

The competition is not the rest of Apple's range, it's the rest of the world.

Dell Could Take Hint From Apple's Style

Apple's continued existence is proof that design does mean somethng and that customers will pay a premium for that sort of excellence.

Once And Future Lawsuits

Pepsi iTunes Contest: The Tilt Still Works

iPod Shuffle Not Compatible With eMac Or iMac G3

The physical limitations imposed by the placement of the USB ports on those models make it impossible for the shuffle to plug into them. Luckily, many folks will already have on hand one possible piece of equipment for connecting the shuffle: a USB hub.

Is The Dock A Hopeless Kludge Or Just In Need Of A Few Tweaks?


Keeping It Together

Given that the only way to be sure that my iPod suffle cap sticks around is to physically attach it to the shuffle, this would be my solution.

The Mac Mini: Inside And Out

The big question on many prospective Mac mini buyers' minds is, "How easy is it to upgrade the RAM?" First things first, you need Apple's official Mac mini Upgrade Tool Kit (otherwise known as "two very thin putty knives").

Smarter Shuffle Playlists

I mentioned that while iTunes' new Autofill feature is convenient, you can create better playlists for the shuffle with a Smart Playlist. After a couple of colleagues responded with "Care to show us how, smart guy?" I've come up with this.

Shuffle, The Newest, Cheapest iPod Yet, Will Surprise You

I had no clue which of 137 eclectic melodies would play next. And frankly, that was part of the appeal.

Hands On With The Mac Mini: Taking Apple's New Desktop Out For A Test Drive

Overall, as I suspected, the Mac mini performs well, but not spectacularly.


Rumor Today: Apple To Reward Employees With Free iPod Shuffles

AppleInsider: Apple in the coming weeks will begin offering complimentary iPod shuffles to many of its employees... Several Apple employees at the company's retail stores have been told to expect a free 1GB iPod shuffle sometime in the next three weeks.

Cool. What better to simultaneously provide a little reward for your hardworking employees while equiping them with a little extra product knowledge than to do this? And, next year, if Apple's sales break through the roof again, maybe both 2006's editions of iPod and Mac mini too?


Latest MSN Messenger Worm Can Hijack System Info

Microsoft Cuts 62 Testing Jobs

The job cuts come as Microsoft is moving some work from manual to automated testing. Workers were given the option of looking for other jobs at Microsoft.

Thursday, January 20, 2005


Legal Downloads Soar In iPod WOrld

Legal music downloads in the United States and Europe increased tenfold in 2004 after demand surged for iPod digital players and thousands of pirate Web sites were shut down, an industry group says.

Skype Gets Extra Friendly

The latest beta of Skype, a voice over IP application, is just out and finally includes conference calling, a long-time feature on the Windows version.

CIO Jury: Apple 'Irrelevant' To Businesses

Leading IT bosses claim that despite Apple's recent revival — largely around its consumer products — the company will continue to have little impact on corporate IT strategies.

Prominent Internet Lawyer To Defend Think Secret

Terry Gross of Gross & Belsky LLP will defend Mac news site Think Secret from a lawsuit brought against it by Apple. Gross has "been at the center of Internet law since the early days of the net," and served as the first counsel to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


Apple Users Hit Back Over "Irrelevant" Claim

Mac fans not happy at IT bosses shunning Apple for business use...

Don't Eat This Apple

I'd venture to guess that Apple's still got the musically minded held in thrall with its devices.

Group Think Part Of Corporate America's I.T. Strategy?

Doin' The Shuffle — My First Week With The New iPod

Everyone, including me, seems impressed with the iPod Shuffle.

Switched On: Mac Mini, The Best Media Center That Isn't

Introducing The iLawsuit


With new Mac Mini, Apple Makes Switching Attractive, Affordable

Overall, the Mac mini is a good choice for Windows users on a budget who are tempted to switch. It's not a technological breakthrough, but it may just be one of Apple's smartest business moves.

Considering iLife '05

The changes in iLife '05 are far subtler than they were in iLife '04. That may be a signal to you that the $80 upgrade isn't quite so urgent — or it may be a welcome sign that Apple has chosen to polish and refine what it had instead of junking the programs up with superfluous features.

New Ways To Manage Your Photos

In a world of software that's so bloated it actually intimidates you, the polish and grace of programs like Picasa and iPhoto are a breath of fresh air.

A RAW Look At iPhoto 5

Bottom line, existing iPhoto users should be thrilled with this overhaul, and I suspect we'll see many converts too.

Apple iPod Shuffle

In a world filled with flash-memory players, what makes it so special?

Radio Recording For The PC

Griffin Technology makes a lit of terrfic products. With a little more work, the RadioShark could have been one of them.

The 30-In Apple Cinema Display


Creative Shares Fall As War Costs Climb

Creative Technology's war against Apple chopped 10 per cent from its quarterly profits, analysts say.

MS Office Encryption Flaw Uncovered

The problem relates to the way Microsoft implements the encryption algorithm when re-saving documents after their initial creation.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Top Stories

Apple: Four-Week Wait For iPod Shuffle

It could be deja vu all over again for Apple. Just one week after launching the tiny iPod Shuffle, customers face a wait of two to four weeks before their order is shipped, according to the company's Web site Tuesday.


Griffin Delivers Wearable iPod Audio Capture

'Other' MP3 Players Getting Widespread Markdowns?

This evening I noticed that, almost universally, in every electronics store I went into, the 'other' MP3 players were marked down.

Darwin Flaws Survive In Apple's Mac OS X

A source-code audit of the open-source operating system from which Apple borrowed much of the code for Mac OS X revealed four vulnerabilities of varying severity in Apple's software, a security company said Monday.

Apple's Music Boom Not Moving Macs

Apple's consumer hit, the iPod music player, has not budged sales of the company's core Mac computer line, according to analyst IDC.

iPod Shuffle Jewelry

NFL Catches iPod Fever

The National Football League announced an agreement with Audible to make recordings of this year's remaining playoff games available for portable audio players, including Apple's iPod.

Jobs, Apple Design Team Up For Wired Rave Award

Steve Jobs was nominated in the Business Leader category, while the Apple industrial design team was nominated in the Industrial Designer category for the iMac G5 and iPod shuffle.

Apple To Open Third Japanese Retail Store Saturday

.mac To Be Down 8 Hours For Maintenance


2005: Apple's 1984?

We have one message for the company: Bullies aren't cool.


iPod Shuffle: Smallest, Most Affordable iPod Yet Is A Very Big Deal

To appreciate the iPod shuffle, you must abandon some notions of what a music player must be.

Run Mac OS X On A PC

In this article, I will show you how to install and run Mac OS X Panther on your PC using PearPC, a free, architecture-independent PowerPC platform that runs on PCs.

How To Use Mutt, FastMail, And Together On Your Mac

Would I be able to combine my command-line environment with the graphical tools available on Mac OS X? The answer is yes, and in this article I describe one part of that integration: email.

Thumbs Down To Thumbnails

I forego burning CDs within iPhoto if I want to print pictures from that CD.


Microsoft Reverses Plan, Will Patch Media Player

One week after saying it had no plans to change the way Windows Media Player handles the download of DRM licenses, Microsoft now says it will release an update in the next 30 days to help thwart the threat of spyware infection.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Top Stories

European Mac Fans Call Mac Mini Pricing Unfair

Apple's "most affordable" Mac has drawn a storm of protest from European shoppers, who are petitioning the Mac maker to bring EU pricing better in line with that of the United States.


Putting The Mac Mini In Your Dashboard

There are many companies that will help you connect an iPod to your car, but a small New York business wants to go one step further.

Hacker Threat To Apple's iTunes

Users of Apple's music jukebox iTunes need to update the software to avoid a potential security threat.

iPod Won't Go To The Movies

Apple's "Mr iPod" Stan Ng has ruled out a video-capable version of the music player anytime soon.

Opening Apple's New iLife Package

Audioblogs Multiply As iPods Fly Off Shelves

Dell Dismisses "One-Product Wonder" iPod A "Fad"

And isn't too impressed with the mac mini either...


The Mac Mini: Comparing Apples And Oranges

iPod Shuffle May Not Do What You Want

If I were in charge of iPod marketing, I'd be especially concerned that first-time buyers who get a shuffle won't fully appreciate the magic of iPod, because they'll miss the joy of getting the music they want at the exact moment they want to hear it.


Must-Have Applications For The Open Source Mac Desktop

Once you've installed DarwinPorts you can run applications written for Linux under Mac OS X. Here's my list of must-have applications for Mac open source fans.

Apple iPod Shuffle New Users' Review

We would recommend the iPod shuffle far more heavily to iPod newbies — particularly young, old, or price-conscious Apple admirers — than to power users. The iPod shuffle's super-small body, ease of use, and once unthinkable price will lure millions of new people into the iPod community. To them, we say "welcome."

Apple iPod Shuffle Power Users' Review

Power users will cash will unquestionably find the iPod mini a better value, and almost equally suitable for all of their needs — it's almost equally workout-friendly and more resilient in case of an accident.


Table-Top 'iPod Home'

Gizmodo: MacOSRumors is reporting that Apple is considering building a table-top-sized iPod that uses a 3.5-inch desktop drive, built-in wireless networking, and Sirius Satellite Radio support.

Monday, January 17, 2005


Mac Beautification

As much as I love the interface, I was stuck in my quest for the perfect screen backgrouund.

The Portable Mac OS X Geek

Who says you can't run Mac OS X on a Pocket PC?

Audio Abounds At Macworld Expo

Mac Users Mark 20 Years

Twenty years ago, a group of dedicated Macintosh computer users came together to share a particular passion for their platform of choice.

Laptop Tryout Pleases Schools

Five months after a controversial $5 million experiment first put $1,200 Apple iBooks in the hands of nearly 3,000 students and teachers at four underperforming schools, Jefferson County Public Schools administrators say learning has increased and misuse has been minimal.

Mac Mini May Chip Away At Windows

The low-price Mac Mini could enhance the halo effect.

iMovie HD To Be Offered Separately For $10?

iRiver CEO 'Surprised' At Apple's iPod Shuffle

"In a sense it's not a competitor to an iRiver product because we have more features and focus on the premium area. Maybe there is a certain group of users who don't care about searching (for songs) and displays."

Mac Mini Arrives Next Month


Small, Cheap, And Without A Display

With millions of happy iPod users new to the Apple brand, and millions of unhappy Windows users fed up with crapware security issues, there's never been a better time for Apple to make a move into the low end of the market.

Is Apple Thinking About Mac TV?

Why did Steve Jobs spend so much time talking about HDTV at this week's Apple announcement?


Rain, From Far Away

Have you checked out the new MyAppleMenu podcast already? :-)

A Sad Story...

"Dear Ellie: Last week was my son's 12th birthday, and all he wanted was a Sony iPod... They were nowhere [at stores]. So I looked on eBay. I outbid several people and had the owner rush delivery for my son's birthday... Turns out I got him a Sony Walkman instead of iPod."

This story is so sad on many levels... but the saddest part is the following:

"He opened [the gift], frowned, pounded his hand on the table, and snapped it in half like a spoiled kid as everyone looked on in horror."

"How could I teach him a lesson and give him a gift without being walked over?"


Longhorn: One Version Or Many?

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Do Tiny Music Players Drown Out Real Life?

Apple's Baby To Shake Computer Market To Core

Aqua 2.0 Cancelled

One iPod, Many Uses

Scientists use it. Deejays use it. Why, even thieves use it. Apple's iPod, it appears, is not just an accessory for playing music.

Just For Kicks

Ever since fitness instructor Haley Wong started using her iPod to provide music for her aerobics classes, she has shed more than 4kg. From her backpack, that is.

Homework Porter

Previously, Rachel Yeo would burn her projects onto CDs to be taken home. Now she just plugs her iPod into one of the Macs at school and downloads her work directly onto the portable hard drive.

A Music Spinner

When master of ceremonies Jeffrey Low needs some background music for an event, more often than not, he turns to his 20GB iPod rather than his stack of CDs.

Band's Best Friend

Musician Jack Ho find sthe iPod indispensable when his band EIC rehearses.

Frills And Thrills

New little add-ons for the iPod seem to show up almost every week.

Mac Mini AppleCare Is Apple's Cheapest


Geeks Aside, Apple Is Gospel Of Simplicity

I cried — not out of sentimentality, but because at long last, a computer finally had listened to me.

iPod Shuffles Hard To Get? Blame Word-Of-Mouth Networks

Here's a company selling a flash-based MP3 player that's very similar to tons that have been out there for months, if not years. But, notice how fast word has spread that Apple had a hot new product...

Apple's Inspirational Marketing

Why The iPod Is Music To Apple's Ears

Apple's stellar results are a truly remarkable milestone for the company: they are also a wake up call to its rivals.

iPod Shuffle Fashions

The only way for Apple to compete [in the smaller-cheaper player market] is to use Apple's design experience and move the Shuffle into becoming a fashion necklace, a piece of jewelry or a branded clothing accessory.

Thinking May Not Be All It's Thought To Be

Feel the ripple in the zeitgeist? Two new slogans are busily burrowing their way into popular culture. Steven P. Jobs introduced one last week: "Life is random."

After 20 Years, Finally Capitalizing On Cool

Apple is well positioned for the future. When consumers open their wallets to buy things that have machine intelligence, or provide digital entertainment, or link to the Internet — that is, just about everything in a household that is not edible — they are likely to be drawn to the company with cachet, offering the best-designed, best-engineered, easiest-to-use products, priced affordably thanks to Mr. Moore's old law and Mr. Jobs's new pragmatism. They'll turn to the company that best knows how to meld hardware and software, the company embodied int he ecstatically happy hipster silhouette. The company that is, in a word, cool.


Shuffle: Music Or Podcasts?

Chalk one up for Apple, once again they've thought wholistically and it shows.


What Is The Opposite Of Microsoft?

Microsoft wanted everyone in the world to use Windows Media Player. How did they try? By going to all the media companies and convince them to use Windows Media format so that you and I have no choice but to subscribe to Microsoft's vision in order to watch, listen, and read.

Apple didn't try to out-license Microsoft. Instead, Apple went the other way: by making the coolest and most useful platform, so that you and I will choose the platform and embrace Apple's vision. No content from the big media companies? Doesn't matter. Apple will create the music store, and the users will fill in the rest with MP3s and podcasts. Who needs Windows Media Player and Microsoft?

Joe Wilcox: Rather than watch Sonic X [on] Saturday morning, [my 10-year-old daughter] is making her own entertainment.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Top Stories

We're In The Era Of Jobs II

Apple already rivals Dell in manufacturing efficiency, and is poised to beat it on profit margins, earnings and revenue growth. On new product innovation, analysts say, Apple is unrivalled.


The Natives Are Restless

MyAppleMenu Shuffle, a new podcast from me, is up and running. Please e-mail me should you encounter any problems. Life is random.


The Desk Set

Here are some eye-catching desks I spotted at Expo that you will be able to get your hands on — once they start shipping, that is.

The Macworld Unknown Best Of Show

There are a number of products on the show floor that might interest you, but don't necessarily get picked up by the mainstream press. Here's my list of the 5 best Mac/non-Mac items of Macworld 2005.

Monster Fueled By Caffeine

Delicious Monster is the Mac software company behind the hit Delicious Library, a program for cataloging collections of books, movies and games. The software is elling like hot cakes and has garnered rave reviews and awards, yet the company's headquarters is a Seattle coffee house.

New Apps At Macworld Lure Print Professionals

Though this year's Macworld Expo here had a definite focus on consumer hardware, many third-party developers used the occasion to show off applications designed for print professionals on the Mac OS X platform.

How Big Will The Mini Be?

Windows developer Alex Gorbatchev just bought his first Mac.

Little iPod Looms Large In American Culture

The iPod is the perfection of mass customization. Everybody gets the same thing yet everybody thinks his or hers is hipper than anyone else's.

iPod Extravaganza, Part II: Macworld Expo

Little Things Are Big At Macworld SF 05

While Windows users struggle with viruses and pop-up ads, Macintosh users don't feel their machine is in the way of what they want to do.

Analyst: iPod Reaching iconic Status

"[Apple] just have incredible brand momentum at this point."


Macworld Expo And Web Standards: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Apple's newly-annouunced Pages application looks like a wonderful little lightweight page layout program... and a terrible disaster as a HTML editor.

Less Is More

Thinking About The Mac Mini / The Mac Sweet Spot

The Joy Of Travel In The Digital Age

Travelling has become a much more complex endeavor than it used to be.

Like Podcasts? Pass On The iPod Shuffle

Podcasting is gaining steam and will go mainstream this year. Somebody will be well-served to offer a device that accommodates them.

Podcasters: Curb Your Whining About The Shuffle And Taking A Podcast-Centric View Of The World

This is an iPod with training wheels, so young folk in particularly can learn to use iTunes and the iTunes Music Store.

Whither iFlicks? Or Should I Say, "iFlix?"

The notice above is similar to one that appeared for an application named "SoundJam MP" a few years ago.


Apple Mac OS X Tiger: A First Look

Due in mid-2005, Apple's new Mac OS X 10.4 promises more than 200 features.


Mini And Cube: Happy Together Hmmm... looks like there's room for about 4 Mac Mini's in the cabinet from a Cube.

Rumor Today: Apple G5 Notebooks Coming In Second Quarter 2005?

Ars Technica: According to Taiwan-based DigiTimes, Apple will start receiving shipments of G5-based notebooks in the second quarter of this year.

Rumor Today: HP Halts Orders For Apple's iPod Music Players

HP and Apple is in dispute, according to AppleInsider, over the lack of price protection offered by Apple.


Does Microsoft Find Excuse For Their Security Woes In Mythology?

If mythology helps to fuel Microsoft's lagging response, I hope I can do what I can to help debunk the sily myths.

Microsoft: No Flaw In Media Player

A set of video files available on peer-to-peer networks is piggybacking on Microsoft's antipiracy tools to trick viewers into downloading adware and spyware, security experts have warned.

Friday, January 14, 2005


Digital Audio Vendors Not Afraid Of iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle: 20,000 Sold In First 4 Hours

Apple's retail store in San Francisco sold 20,000 iPod shuffle units in its first four hours of availability this week, depleting its entire inventory.

New iMac, iPod Could Bite Apple's Profits

Apple's profitability could weaken as the Mac and iPod maker goes after lower-priced consumer markets that it has shunned in its nearly 30 years of existence, analysts said.

Mac Mini: In-Dash

A New York-based company is already working out plans to use the new Mac mini as an in-car computer.

Same Song, Second Verse: iTunes Break Hymn

Apple Shares Jump On Strong iPod Sales

Shares of Apple surged 11 percent after the computer maker plowed through earnings forecasts with strong sales of its popular iPod digital music player.

Macs Play Well With Others: Macworld Attracts Enterprise Connectivity

Apple Sues Student

"I employ the same legal newsgathering practices used by any other journalist."

Mac Users Can Now iBrowse 'The New York Times Electronic Edition'

The New York Times announced a new browser-based tool for reading the Electronic Edition on the Mac: iBrowse.

TuneJuice Battery Backup For iPod, iPod Mini Announced

Mac Mini: What You Need To Know

Apple's Mini Plans Ready For The Big Time

The future is here now, it is just unevenly distributed, according to Apple's UK's managing director Mark Rogers. Will the Mac mini redress the balance?

Apple Ups The Ante With Mac Mini, iPod, And Xsan Offerings

Apple can't be assured of control of every market it targets, but it can be certain of one thing: No one else will control its participation in its chosen markets again. Wherever Apple chooses to go, it will go alone, and that should scare the hell out of any company that has to sell againast it.

Mac Mini Questions

Will users be able to upgrade the mini's RAM themselves?

For Mac Faithful, There's No Business Like Apple

More than ever, the Mac faithful are a multigenerational crowd.

Apple Macs: Objects Of Devotion

The Cult of Mac does have some rational basis.

Griffin Intros RocketFM USB Transmitter

Griffin Technology debuted RocketFM, a USB device that broadcasts your Mac's audio over any available FM frequency.

Best Of Show Winners Announced


Casualties Mount In Apple Vs Customers War

The most remarkable thing about the latest skirmish between Apple and its music customers is the sophistication of the underground medicine.

What The Mac Mini Is And Is Not

Rather than aiming to enter a crowded market, Apple is trying to find a niche and grow it.

Creative Lambasts Apple iPod Shuffle

When Creative says that its products have more functionality and better features, they're not wrong. What Creative doesn't have is the big name, the reputation and the style.

iPod Shuffle Rocks, Mac Mini Balks

Instead of focusing on switchers, Apple should market the Mac Mini as an iLife appliance... Apple could persuade consumers to buy multiple units, one for every room in the house.

Apple V. Google: A Matter Of Timing

The two companies will be competing to be in control of the next generation of digital media life, when entertainment and information from personal computers is blended with broadcast and cable signals onto a single screen.

iPod Shuffle: A First Look At What It Is, What It's Not

It's not mind-blowing technology, but it's minimalist and decent.

Apple: iPod Domination — Or Just Another Fad?

Living Up Toe The iHype

If Apple can continue to do this voodoo, I might just have to pick up a few shares myself... But keep your eyes on the numbers that matter. The news and financial media aren't done with the iHype.

Triumph Of The Cheapskate

Here are the winners and losers stemming from Steve Jobs's keynote.

Jobs' Apple Gets Down And Dirty


It's Pod-This, And Pod-That, And Mini-This, And Mini-That

Looks like another Apple marketing lingo has caught on: the Mini. We have the iPod mini and the Mac mini to thank.

Or maybe it's Austin Powers.


Gates And The Code-Jockey Elite

When it comes to Bill Gates' talent as a technologist, the track record tells a different story. It is beyond contestation that a lesser mortal would have been sent packing long ago.

FIve Years Of Ballmer — The Effect On Microsoft

While CEO Steve Ballmer has clearly retooled some parts of Microsoft t omore closely mesh with his hard-driving style, the world's largest software maker still faces many of the same challenges: Open source, legal skirmishes, and slowing growth in some of its core businesses.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Top Stories

Apple Reports $295 Million Profit, 4.5 Million iPods Sold

Apple on Wednesday reported the highest quarterly revenue and net income in the company's history.


Smaller Not Necessarily Better

The iPod shuffle is clearly a hit, and Macworld attendees hope the Mac mini will be also, but there are worries it may be another Cube. And there are concerns about the changing face of the Mac tribe: Hordes of new iPod users may be sullying the Mac experience.

Apple Ditched Shuffle Screen - Joswiak

Apple VP of hardware marketing Greg Joswiak has admitted that Apple considered including a screen and an interface for navigating the iPod shuffle, but was unable to devise a system with which it was happy.

Panic Shows Off Transmit 3

The new version will sport a new column view, secured FTP, WebDAV support, and a new tabbed interface for multiple FTP sessions.

Unpacking The iPod Shuffle

We patiently kept our mitts off the box, biting our nails instead until we could get back to a good camera to bring you these pictures.

Remember Kids; Maths Can Be Fun!

At last! A calculator you can type into!

Synaptics Boosted By Surging iPod Sales

Mac Mini A Max Deal? Depends What You Want

The price delta increases as one factors in the typical standard equipment on PCs — neither mouse, monitor nor keyboard comes with Apple's Spartan box.

Merrill Lynch: iPod Shuffle Could Take Top Spot In Flash Market Soon

Apple's Latest iPod Is Music To Creative's Ears

"The Apple [iPod shuffle] is a big let-down for the whole industry. It's like they have nothing better to show... they are square one. We're at square 100."

Apple Can't Spoil Microsoft's Home Invasion

Apple's latest offering could still keep Microsoft on its toes as the world's largest software maker continues to fight for a greater presence in consumers' living rooms.

How Far Can Apple Take Its Consumer Crossover?

While the cheaper Apple products look like winners, some believe they aren't for everyone.

Analysts: Mac Mini May Fuel Apple's Enterprise Traction

Questions remain on whether the forthcoming pint-sized Mac mini can beckon Microsoft Windows users and generate market pull with IT managers.

Freeverse Releases ToySight Expansion Pack

This expansion release features three new games.

Expo Attendees Enthusiastic, Making Purchases

If the long queues to check out both the Mac mini and iPod shuffle, and the throng of visitors at a nearby Apple Retail store, are any indication, this was a particularly exciting Expo for many attendees and exhibitors alike.


Apple Tries To Break Out

It's interesting to see a company whose customers have always regarded themselves as a lonely elite deciding to try a new direction.

Paul Takes On The Macworld Expo 2005 Keynote

The mile-high view is that Apple hit a home run: Most of the new products they announced are quite exciting and it appears the company has actually figured out a way to grow Mac market share. Suddenly, I'm excited about the Mac again.

Mac Mini: Steve Jobs Gets His Cube Back

Apple has proven once again that they can be innovative as hell, and the Mac mini is a (small) shining example of things done right.

Mac Mini Economics: My Math Wasn't Bad, Just Misguided. Witness the First Post-Megahertz Mac

Here are six reasons why the Mac mini isn't stupid.

Mac Mini And PCs That Don't Work

The time is right for Apple to make a push into the mass-market.

Giving Shuffle A Chance

It is the same price as buying a USB memory stick only it has the simple elegance from Apple.

Apple's Magic Act

If you really want to "think different," try thinking differently than the rest of the Apple herd. Stop cheering every little thing Apple does, put on a Fool's cap, and ask yourself, "Is this the best place for my money?"

Apple Makes Max Mistake With Mac Mini

I just don't see value conscious consumers who know how to shop buying a less than complete package for more money.

Wasn't Macworld Supposed To Be Boring?

Jobs pushed out a lot of news, but the mesage of the day was, "Apple is affordable. Apple owns the space. Apple is friend."

Apple Can Take Its Idiot Box And Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine

You have just got to be kidding me.

Macworld SF 2005 Reporter's Notebook


Test-Driving The $99 iPod

This is a good product that will enlarge the iPod's appeal, especially with kids, people on low budgets, or people who work out. I imagine some existing iPod owners will also buy Shuffles as sort of add-on players. And the iPod juggernaut will roll on.


Mac Mini: Prior Art

Gizmodo: You know what they say about Apple: they do what's already been done, but better.



Microsoft's Longhorn May Blend Tablet PC, Media Center

Microsoft plans to drop the "Home" and "Pro" tags with the next release of Windows, code-named Longhorn, and is looking at shipping a single product that includes the features found in today's Windows XP Media Center and Tablet PC editions.

Windows XP Starter Edition

For from its reported destitution, XP Starter Edition is, in fact, a triumph of cooperative product design, one that simultaneously meets the needs of users, governments, PC makers, and Microsoft itself.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

iPod Shuffle

Flash-Based iPod Shuffle Debuts

The digital music player is Apple's first to use flash memory to store files on instead of a hard drive, and starts at US$99.

iPod Shuffle Sparks Stampede

Steve Jobs' Macworld keynote speech — and a lack of Wi-Fi — set off a rush among iPod fans to see who can get to the nearby Apple Store before the newfangled devices sell out.

iPod Shuffle: Even More Like The Original Sony Walkman

iPod Shuffle — Great Software Makes It Possible

How can Apple get away with a Flash music player that doesn't even have an LCD screen? The answer: iTunes.

Apple iPod Shuffle Poised To Sideswipe Portable Music Market

The disadvantage of flash memory has traditionally been the cost, but Apple has chosen an impressive and surprising strategy of undercutting the competition on price.

iPod Shuffle: First Impressions

Warning: The iPod Shuffle Is Not Edible

Mac Mini

Apple Introduces Mac Mini

Measuring 6.5 inches wide and long and 2 inches tall, Mac mini weighs 2.9 pounds. The Mac mini starts at US$499, the lowest-priced computer Apple has sold.

A Mac For The Masses

Cheap, small and beautiful: The Mac Mini that premiered this week at Macworld is a computer for the cost-conscious techno-aesthete.

Don't Mention The C-Word

The Mac mini has all the Cube's virtues — it's small, quiet and stylish — without the sticker shock.

Changing Course, Apple Offers Low-Priced Mac For The Home

While computers have long been sold as machines that can turn a home into an office, most Americans now use them in their bedrooms and kitchens as e-mail terminals; as hubs for playing music, storing and editing photos; and as stations for navigating the Web. The new Mac Mini is aimed squared at the needs of this new digital household.

Mac Mini Demand Downs Apple's Store Briefly

Minutes after Apple announced its $499 mini Macintosh, the company's Web store was inaccessible to some visitors and slowed to a crawl for others.

Mac mini: Flat Cube, Or Honey! I Shrunk The Power Mac!

The Mac mini essentially cuts the lungs out of the PC world's (and many columnists') argument about Macs costing too much.

Apple Lowers Pricing Floor With 'Mini' Mac

Apple plans to release two models of a low-priced, bring-your-own-display Mac mini later this month. The Mac mini is priced between $499 and $599 and is scheduled to hit stores Jan. 22.

New Apple Mini Looks Good On Paper

I have to wonder exactly how the new computer will handle the number one problem with today's high performance computers: heat dissipation... [But] the machine in every other sense is close to perfect.

The Impressive Value Of The Mac Mini

iWork '05

iWork '05 Contains Keynote 2, Pages

Designated as the successor to AppleWorks, iWork features Keynote 2 and the new word processing application Pages and integrates, via a media browser, with the iLife suite.

iWork Or Not, Microsoft Will Continue With Mac Office

As Apple introduced its own productivity software Tuesday, Microsoft reiterated its commitment to the Mac market and said sales of its Mac Office package are growing.

iWork: I, PageMaker?

If there's one application that Page seems primed to take out, it's a basic page-layout program along the lines of PageMaker.

iLife '05

Apple Brings Out iLife '05

iTunes 4.7.1 come swith a single addition — the AutoFill option — but the other applications offer a slate of new features.

iPhoto 5

The most exciting feature of iPhoto 5 has to be hierachical folders!

GarageBand 2: The Revenge


Apple Crashing The Party

Proving that demo crashes / problems are not just a Microsoft-thang, Jobs crashed during his demo today at Macworld.

Made For iPod: The Safety Badge We've Hoped For?

Apple today introduced the "Made for iPod" certification, a badge that iPod accessory developers can display to differentiate their Apple-authorized accessory products from unauthorized ones.

Apple Centers Spotlight On Desktop Search

Not to msis the search beat reverberating throughout the PC market, Apple Computer chief Steve Jobs touted the company's innovations in desktop search coming with its next Mac OS X upgrade.

Steve Jobs' Expo Keynote Now Available In QuickTime

Final Cut Express HD Announced At MWSF

Apple And Mercedes-Benz Unveil iPod Integration Kit

Apple Releases iTunes, iPod Software Updates

The new version of iTunes includes support for the new iPod shuffle and other performance improvements.

MSN Messenger, Tiger Support From Microsoft

Microsoft has been working closely with Apple to ensure compatibility with technologies that will be released in the next version of Mac OS X.

Bare Bones Software Ships TextWrangler 2.0

Version 2.0 introduces syntax coloring and function navigation for eight new languages, plus a rich assortment of feature additions and improvements. And it's free.


Marthon Freeware Reelased

Mac users should note, however, that the titles won't run natively under OS X.


Apple's Down-Market Gamble

By launching a much cheaper Mac and iPod, Steve Jobs is appealing to hordes of price-conscious consumers. The risk: Cannibalization.

The Age Of Egocasting

TiVos and iPods will never destroy us. But our romance with technologies of personalization has partially fulfilled Krutch's prediction. We haven't become more like machines. We've made the machines more like us. In the process we are encouraging the flourishing of some of our less attractive human tendencies: for passive spectacle; for constant, escapist fantasy; for excesses of consumption.

Macintosh: It's A Madison Avenue Thing

Mac people seem to want you to go into advertising. PC people don't give nearly as much career guidance.



Random Thoughts On Apple's New Stuff

I would like an upgrade to Appleworks... Unfortunately, the major part of what I use Appleworks is the spreadsheet module, which is not in iWork '05. Well... maybe next year.

I wonder if Tiger will include iLife '05. I can definitely wait, as the new features are really not that impressive to me, and I'm definitely going to get Tiger anyway.

If the Mac mini is really aimed for the switchers, maybe Apple should include a "keyboard switcher" application in Mac mini that will switch Windows-based keyboards to Mac-based keyboards.

You Want The Shuffle?

Gizmodo has a simple 1-2-3 guide to hacking your iPod into an iPod shuffle.


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Top Stories

Flash iPod New, Exclusive Details

The micro iPod is white, and will hold 240 songs — but has no screen so will play the unlisted tracks in a set order or in random fashion. Apple's slogan for the iPod is "240 songs a million ways."

Apple Suit Tests First Amendment

Apple's lawsuit against a web site that published details of forthcoming Mac products raises troubling First Amendment questions, media experts say.


How The Mac Was Born, And Other Tales

Steve Jobs will be the star attraction when the Macworld Conference and Expo opens to the public Tuesday, but many Mac fans might be just as interested in hearing from one of the Mac's original creators.

Environmentalists March Against Apple

Apple's waste recycling policy was put in the picture yesterday when 20 safety-suit wearning protesters staged a noon demonstration outside the companys Cupertino HQ.

iPod Demand Strips Supply

Apple iPods are selling faster than they can be shipped to Australia.

Apple's iPod Rocks Car-Stereo Makers

Looking to capitalize on the digital music player's sales success over the holidays, auto electronics makers are rushing to develop plug-in adapters that let drivers pick tunes from their iPods using the controls of their car stereos.

Scoop: Here It Is, The New iPod

"Life is random!". Plus the number [of songs]: 240.

Fans Thinking Of iPod More As A Handheld Computer Or PDA

iPods are beginning to appear in schools, in hospitals and in the hands of Linux geeks, of all people.

Apple Looks For The Halo

As to the halo effect, it's a nice theory. But so far, that hasn't happened.

Apple Launches IT Pro Web Site

Apple today launched its new IT Pro Web site, which provides a wide variety of information and resources for IT professionals.

iPod Spawns An Ecosystem Of Products

The show, which starts today at the Moscone Center, is ostensibly about the Macintosh. But it's Apple's other product, the iPod digital music player, that's creating the biggest buzz.

HP To Launch iPod Photo


Macs Could Infiltrate The Enterprise

Apple makes its strongest enterprise case on a higher level, with its Xserve G5 servers and Xserve RAID storage systems.

Will Microsoft's Monoculture Take The 'Pod' Out Of Podcasting?

Had I been Steve Jobs, I would have marshaled every engineer needed to produce the GarageBand equivalent of a podcast authoring tool for the Mac and to turn the iPod into the ultimate podcast endpoint.

Whatever Happened To... The Apple Mac?

Does Apple have what it takes to expand this market share, and can it afford it?

Can The Mac Do Without Microsoft Office?

It would not surprise me if Apple decided it could live without Microsoft Office.

Mac Envy

[KeyNote] is the first software that has made me seriously consider buying a Mac for myself.

Apple As Big Brother

It's not the publication's job to determine whether a source is violating confidentiality agreements.

Found On Usenet: First Mac Rumor Ever!

A mystery machine being developed at Apple resembling "a stripped down Lisa built for home use."

Apple Can't Strongarm Bloggers

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is representing the publishers to protect their right to keep confidential the identities of the people who supplied them with the [product] information.


See You Tomorrow

Well, it's 11 pm here in Singapore as I am typing this... 2 more hours to go before the start of the keynote.

But I'm off to sleep now, as I dream about headless iMacs and screenless iPods. Enjoy the live coverage by the Mac Web, and I'll see you tomorrow.

What Are podSites? A slice of the web to go.

"A podSite is our name for a collection of text files, with links to other text files, and possibly sound files and image files stored, and accessibleon an iPod."

"Think of it as a website for your iPod."


Hackers Tune In To Windows Media Player

Hackers are using the newest DRM technology in Microsoft's Windows Media Player to install spyware, adware, dailers and computer viruses on unspsecting PC users.

Microsoft Gets Anti-Spyware Right — Sort Of

Microsoft has released a great anti-spyware tool. Now, if the company would only devote itself to underlying Windows security, it wouldn't have to spend so much time and money on anti-spyware software, and we'd all be better off.

Monday, January 10, 2005


Midget iPod, Budget iMac? The Guessing Game Is On

At Macworld, Apple must sketch out shape of things to come.

Apple Suit Raises Suspicions

Apple's lawsuit against ThinkSecret is a strategic but risky move designed to focus press attention on this week's Macworld, marketing experts say. But the move — carefully timed before the show — could backfire if the Mac community judges Apple acted too harshly.

Jobs' Keynote Webcast To Be Delayed 9 Hours

Apple has announced that Steve jobs' Keynote address at Macworld Expo in San Francisco tomorrow will not be webcast until a full nine hours later — "approximately" 6.00 p.m. PT.

Apple VARs Won't Picket Macworld

A group of US retailers said they will not picket as expected at this week's 2005 Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco, despite their two-year-old lawsuit against Apple for allegedly withholding reseller stock.

Observers Wonder If Apple Plans Low-Cost Macintosh

In what has become a tradition for Mr Jobs, speculation has heightened expectations far beyond what surrounds any other technology industry executive.

CES = iAS?

iPod accessories abound at CES.

Photos Of The Motorola iPhone Surface

Please don't sue me.

New Wireless Gear From Griffin

The AirClick Remote will use RF technology to allow you to control your iPod from 60 feet away. AirClick USB dongle will allow you to control tasks on y our Mac remotely.

Interview With Brent Simmons Of Ranchero Software

Apple Shares Rise More Than 7 Pct Before Macworld

Shares of Apple rose more than 7 percent on Friday after an analyst raised his earnings estimates for the company before its annual trade show next week when new product announcements could send the stock still higher.

For Jobs, The View Is Mac-nificent

The iPod leads the way for Apple as its CEO enjoys spotlight in S.F.

Apple's Soundtrack No Longer Available For Purchase


iPod Fascism

It is flawed in a way that says to the user, "You are not in control here" — a message that directly contradicts the fundamental promise of personal digital technology.

Microsoft's Consumer Electronics Endgame

It doesn't matter that Microsoft doesn't lead in music downloads right now... What's important is that Microsoft owns the alternative to Apple and is already branching out to areas like movies and home-recorded content.

The Webcast That Never Was

It's not that the webcast was cancelled; it's that the webcast was never planned.

The Value Of Podcasting

The value of podcasting is that people enjoy it. They like the spoken sound of words.

Try As I Might, I Can't Wreck A Mac

I'm determined to push the envelope in my Mac lab, but everything withstands nicely.

An Open Letter To Steve Jobs (Or, Shutting Down Our Apple Blog)

We need each other Steve, and you tryig to bully us is just unfair and, frankly, pretty ungrateful.


Build An eDoc Reader For Your iPod, Part 3

Elgato's EyeTV 500: HDTV The Mac Way

It appears that no other option is as easy to set up and use as teh EyeTV 500. And for Mac owners, it's the only game in town.


You, Communists, You

Dave Winer: [Bill Gates wanted] to show the music industry that he would happily sell out his users for a chance to take the market from Apple.

Harsh, Bitter, Evil Things

Switching to the PC: I think it builds character to have to reboot your computer, everyday. Sometimes twice a day.


Saturday, January 8, 2005


Microsoft To Phase Out Pocket PC, Smartphone Brands

Microsoft is gradually phasing out its Pocket PC and Smartphone brands in favor of an overarching Windows Mobile brand, a company representative said.

Friday, January 7, 2005


Motorola Previews iTunes Phone

It syncs with a computer and the iTunes Music Store like an iPod does, and incorporates the iPod interface for navigating and playing digital music, said Ron Garriques, a Motorola executive vice president.

Listeners Are Broadening Tastes And Benefiting Artists

Forget guitars, basses and drums. Ignore singers, rappers and deejays. As we enter 2005, and cast our eyes back at 2004, it seems like the real revolution in music hasn't come from a musician, but from a piece of technology. Namely: the almighty iPod.

Sweet Music As iTunes Comes To Town

Apple's director of product development in Ireland, Chris Bell, said last night the introduction of the online music store to Ireland was a significant development. "We watched with great excitement as the iTunes service swept across Europe and, finally, welcomed its arrival in Ireland."

Jobs' Incredible Tale As Apple Triumphs

Technology tycoon beats cancer to see through a record year at computer giant.

Pod People

Got a new portable MP3 player? Plug in to a world of music that goes far beyond radio.

Apple Store Coming To Woodland

Woodland Shopping Center soon will be home a highly coveted Apple Computer Store.

Car Adapters Keep iPod Rocking

iPod music players are getting out on the highway, thanks to the efforts of car stereo makers.

Blinkx Launches Desktop Search For Mac

Blinkx will introduce a version of its desktop-search software for the Macintosh next week, making it one of the first specialists to cater to Apple's loyalist audience. Still, the San Francisco-based company must compete with Apple itself.

Apple's Jobs To Be Stanford Commencement Speaker

Boingo For Mac Launches

Boingo Wireless has finally, finally, finally released their Mac OS X client for hotspot access.

Notebooks From Apple Enjoy Solid Fan Base

Report: No Live Webcast Or Satellite Broadcast Of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' Macworld Expo Keynote

Think Secret Responds To Apple Suit

"We're confident that Think Secret's reporting is consistent with the right and privileges granted by the First Amendment."

iTunes Music Store Now Open In Ireland

Apple has quietly opened an iTunes Music Store for users living in Ireland.


CES: The iPod's Long Shadow

It seems that any company capable of surrounding a circuit board in plastic has released an MP3 player, and nearly every one had this in common: In comparison to the iPod, their interfaces stink to high heaven.

The Rumor Game

There's a reasonable case to be made that Think Secret has a right to publish these rumors. But it is unreasonable to believe that they don't cause Apple any harm, simply because you enjoy reading the rumors.


Those Crazy Japanese...

You want some iMac fingernails?

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Top Stories

Inside The Channel's Battle With Apple

Steve Jobs can smile over recent success, but Apple's practices are killing loyal resellers.

Apple Suit Foreshadows Coming Products

Apple on Tuesday sued the publisher of Mac enthusiast site Think Secret and other unnamed individuals, alleging that recent postings on the site contain Apple trade secrets. In filing the suit, Apple identifies specific articles that contain trade secrets, indicating that at least parts of those reports are on the mark.


Ambrosia To Show Off New Utilities, Games

Survey: Apple Products 'Better' Than Microsoft's

Apple Bites Into Storage

Apple and networked storage are rarely mentioned in the same breath without drawing a puzzled look. The folks at Apple hope to change that with a new SAN file system geared mostly toward digital video applications and low-cost storage.

Lawsuit Claims Apple Violates Law With iTunes

An unhappy iTunes online music store customer is suing Apple, alleging the company broke antitrust laws by only allowing iTunes to work with its own music player, the iPod, freezing out competitors, court filings showed.

Apple Offers Free iTunes Music Sampler

Are iPod Minis Actually Maxi?

Ipoditude and Apple Insider float a rumor that people who are now ordering the 4 gig mini are actually getting 5 gigs.

Bringing Video Playback To The iPod

Beating Apple to the punch, little-known peripheral manufacturer Nyko has unveiled an iPod accessory which enables the popular audio player to play back videos on a 3.5" display.

iPod Driving 'Vast Majority' Of Apple Q1 Upside

Goldman Sachs raised estimates on Apple, citing an expectation for strong fiscal first-quarter earnings and stronger iPod shipments.


Steve Jobs: Loose Lips Must Be Eradicated

Taking the press to court for doing its job legitimately is going too far.

Arrogance At Apple

I'm fairly sure of this: If the party leaking information to Think Secret had sent it, say, to the San Jose Mercury News or New York Times, and had those publications run the news, Apple wouldn't be suing them. Both have deep enough pockets to defend themselves.

Plugging Leaks

By making harsh examples out of whoever leaked these rumors, Apple stands a good chance of discouraging other would-be leakers from unsealing their lips in the future.

Apple Biting The VAR Hands That Fed It

At some point, Apple will find it difficult to sustain current growth rates without a sound channel strategy. Every company — perhaps with the exception of Dell — has found that out, and Apple is no Dell.


The Future Of Your Television...

... as envisioned by Microsoft. Or, help, my Internet Explorer has crashed and I cannot watch "Desperate Housewives."


Gate's Computer Crashes At CES

Gates Taking A SEat In Your Den

Bill Gates is coming to your living room, whether you like it or not.

Wednesday, January 5, 2005


iPod, Tech Gifts Giving You Fits? You're Not Alone

"A lot of people want to have (an iPod), need to have it, but don't read the fine print on it."

Microsoft And Apple Maintain Strong Ties

Microsoft has moved to stress its good relationship with Apple in a damage-control move driven by rumours that the Cupertino-based company may release an office productivity suite of its own, dubbed iWork.

Hitachi's Big Plans For iPod Mini Drives

Hitachi is planning to at least double the capacity of its 1-inch Microdrive hard-disk drive within the year.

How iPod Spawned Lucrative Spinoff Industry

Satellite Radio Recording To iPod

iFlicks = iTunes For Video

Helixent Technologies has released iFlicks, an application that is to video what iTunes is to audio.

Apple Rumors Fly As Macworld Nears

The run-up to this year's San Francisco show was a quiet one for the Mac-centric rumor Web sites — until last week.

The Insanely Great Story Of How The Mac Was Made — An Interview With Andy Hertzfeld

Right away I knew Andy was my Apple historian of choice, at least for this slice of technology history. Now thanks to the release of his book, I have an excuse to correspond with him directly and ask him some of the questions I've had about the phenomenon we call the personal computing revolution.


Glancing Back At Apple In '04, Looking Ahead To '05

I think the most important enterprise product from Apple for 2005 will be that Xsan system.


Skype On Mac OS X: A Hands-On Approach, Part 2

In today's conclusion, the author talks more about configuration and hands-on use.


Microsoft Nixes Windows XP For Itanium

Micreosoft has pulled the plug on a version of Windows XP for Intel's Itanium 2 processor. The move marks the end for Itanium 2 in Windows-based workstations and comes after major hardware vendors abandoned the 64-bit chip for use in workstations.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005


Apple Reduces Prices On Line Of Cinema Display

Apple today quietly reduced its prices on its line of Apple Cinema flat panel displays by as much as $300.

Apple Ships Xsan, Upgrades Xserve G5

Apple announced that it is shipping its Xsan Storage Area Network file system. Apple also announced an upgrade to its rack-mountable Xserve G5 file server, upping the top-end and "Cluster Node" configuration's processor speed to 2.3GHz and its system bus speed to 1.15GHz.

For iPod, The Gear Helps The Gadget Turn Heads

The country's hottest gadget won't be on display at the nation's biggest gadget show, but there will be plenty at the International Consumer Electronics Show this week to keep Apple's digital music player charged, connected — and stylishly clothed.

Apple Wins Two InfoWorld Awards

Apple was honored for the best operating system and best server hardware.

Shiny Apple?

Expectations for hot new products coming out of Macworld and strong earnings are so high that the slightest disappointment could trigger a violent sell off.

'Macworld After Dark' To Feature Jackie Greene Band

FileMaker Helps 'Manage All You Can Create' At Expo

Apple subsidiary FileMaker Inc. will spotlight how its popular database software FileMaker Pro can help creative professions with a theme called 'Manage All You Can' during next week's Macworld Conference & Expo.


New Year, New Longing For Macworld Expo

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Macworld Expo is the greatest show on Earth for fans of the Mac.

Apple Nearly Stole My $10 And Other Canadian iTunes Music Store Gripes

Paul Thurrottt Misses The Mark On The Mac, Again


Beach Ball, Begone!

If you're seeing a little too much of the spinning beach ball when you use Safari, I suggest you follow the advice at Mac OS X Hints and do a little autofill maintenance.

MarsEdit 1.0

If you've ever thought it would be nice to write a weblog entry while you're not connected to the Internet, or to be able to easily spell check and copy edit them before posting, you should give MarsEdit a whril. I'm a believer.


Monday, January 3, 2005


Independent Mac Stores Doing Well, Thanks To iPod Boom

Apple isn't the only company benefiting from the popularity of its trendy iPod portable music player. Also seeing the effect is Computer Stores Northwest Inc., an independent Apple reseller that owns five Mac Stores in Oregon and one in Seattle's University District.


Can The Zealous Zen Overtake Cool iPod?

The bottomline is emotion — consumers buy the style, not the device. It is not price that matters, but the premium.

Sunday, January 2, 2005


Free To A Good Home: A Captain Of Industry's Rejected Mansion

Those hankering for a 17,000-square-foot Spanish colonial freebie — a 35-room mansion with wood-beamed ceilings designed in 1926 by a famous California architect — may be in luck.


With The Mac, Apple Has Lost Its Way

Steve Jobs learned the wrong lesson from the success of the iMac. What he should have learned is that Apple could return to its roots as a volume seller of simple, well-liked computers. But that's not what Jobs learned. Jobs took the success of the iMac as proof of something he had long believed: Despite no formal traiing and little evidence, Jobs suddenly believed he was the harbinger of world-class design.

The Rumor And The Damage Done: What Apple Is Really Going To Announce At Macworld Expo

All the discussion now centers around a theoretical product that doesn't exist, never will exist, never had any chance of ever existing... and yet now, this non-existent entity is the center of attention of the platform. So guess what happens when Steve Jobs gets up there on stage in January and doesn't launch this non-existent product?

Saturday, January 1, 2005


iPod Newbies Find Device Does More Than Play Music

NetNewsWire Beta Adds Podcast Receiver


Happy New Year 2005

Catch some great QTVR over at, giving a glimpse on how people are celebrating the arrival of the new year around the world.

The Most Powerful Man On Earth...

... is of course Steve Jobs. Well, at least in the Mac industry. Find out who are the second to twenty-fifth most powerful people in the Mac industry.

Rumor Today: iWork '05, Jam Pack 4

All the rumors that you've seen before are all back. Think Secret recycle iWork, the AppleWork replacement.

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