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Monday, January 10, 2005


Midget iPod, Budget iMac? The Guessing Game Is On

At Macworld, Apple must sketch out shape of things to come.

Apple Suit Raises Suspicions

Apple's lawsuit against ThinkSecret is a strategic but risky move designed to focus press attention on this week's Macworld, marketing experts say. But the move — carefully timed before the show — could backfire if the Mac community judges Apple acted too harshly.

Jobs' Keynote Webcast To Be Delayed 9 Hours

Apple has announced that Steve jobs' Keynote address at Macworld Expo in San Francisco tomorrow will not be webcast until a full nine hours later — "approximately" 6.00 p.m. PT.

Apple VARs Won't Picket Macworld

A group of US retailers said they will not picket as expected at this week's 2005 Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco, despite their two-year-old lawsuit against Apple for allegedly withholding reseller stock.

Observers Wonder If Apple Plans Low-Cost Macintosh

In what has become a tradition for Mr Jobs, speculation has heightened expectations far beyond what surrounds any other technology industry executive.

CES = iAS?

iPod accessories abound at CES.

Photos Of The Motorola iPhone Surface

Please don't sue me.

New Wireless Gear From Griffin

The AirClick Remote will use RF technology to allow you to control your iPod from 60 feet away. AirClick USB dongle will allow you to control tasks on y our Mac remotely.

Interview With Brent Simmons Of Ranchero Software

Apple Shares Rise More Than 7 Pct Before Macworld

Shares of Apple rose more than 7 percent on Friday after an analyst raised his earnings estimates for the company before its annual trade show next week when new product announcements could send the stock still higher.

For Jobs, The View Is Mac-nificent

The iPod leads the way for Apple as its CEO enjoys spotlight in S.F.

Apple's Soundtrack No Longer Available For Purchase


iPod Fascism

It is flawed in a way that says to the user, "You are not in control here" — a message that directly contradicts the fundamental promise of personal digital technology.

Microsoft's Consumer Electronics Endgame

It doesn't matter that Microsoft doesn't lead in music downloads right now... What's important is that Microsoft owns the alternative to Apple and is already branching out to areas like movies and home-recorded content.

The Webcast That Never Was

It's not that the webcast was cancelled; it's that the webcast was never planned.

The Value Of Podcasting

The value of podcasting is that people enjoy it. They like the spoken sound of words.

Try As I Might, I Can't Wreck A Mac

I'm determined to push the envelope in my Mac lab, but everything withstands nicely.

An Open Letter To Steve Jobs (Or, Shutting Down Our Apple Blog)

We need each other Steve, and you tryig to bully us is just unfair and, frankly, pretty ungrateful.


Build An eDoc Reader For Your iPod, Part 3

Elgato's EyeTV 500: HDTV The Mac Way

It appears that no other option is as easy to set up and use as teh EyeTV 500. And for Mac owners, it's the only game in town.


You, Communists, You

Dave Winer: [Bill Gates wanted] to show the music industry that he would happily sell out his users for a chance to take the market from Apple.

Harsh, Bitter, Evil Things

Switching to the PC: I think it builds character to have to reboot your computer, everyday. Sometimes twice a day.


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