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Thursday, January 13, 2005

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Apple Reports $295 Million Profit, 4.5 Million iPods Sold

Apple on Wednesday reported the highest quarterly revenue and net income in the company's history.


Smaller Not Necessarily Better

The iPod shuffle is clearly a hit, and Macworld attendees hope the Mac mini will be also, but there are worries it may be another Cube. And there are concerns about the changing face of the Mac tribe: Hordes of new iPod users may be sullying the Mac experience.

Apple Ditched Shuffle Screen - Joswiak

Apple VP of hardware marketing Greg Joswiak has admitted that Apple considered including a screen and an interface for navigating the iPod shuffle, but was unable to devise a system with which it was happy.

Panic Shows Off Transmit 3

The new version will sport a new column view, secured FTP, WebDAV support, and a new tabbed interface for multiple FTP sessions.

Unpacking The iPod Shuffle

We patiently kept our mitts off the box, biting our nails instead until we could get back to a good camera to bring you these pictures.

Remember Kids; Maths Can Be Fun!

At last! A calculator you can type into!

Synaptics Boosted By Surging iPod Sales

Mac Mini A Max Deal? Depends What You Want

The price delta increases as one factors in the typical standard equipment on PCs — neither mouse, monitor nor keyboard comes with Apple's Spartan box.

Merrill Lynch: iPod Shuffle Could Take Top Spot In Flash Market Soon

Apple's Latest iPod Is Music To Creative's Ears

"The Apple [iPod shuffle] is a big let-down for the whole industry. It's like they have nothing better to show... they are square one. We're at square 100."

Apple Can't Spoil Microsoft's Home Invasion

Apple's latest offering could still keep Microsoft on its toes as the world's largest software maker continues to fight for a greater presence in consumers' living rooms.

How Far Can Apple Take Its Consumer Crossover?

While the cheaper Apple products look like winners, some believe they aren't for everyone.

Analysts: Mac Mini May Fuel Apple's Enterprise Traction

Questions remain on whether the forthcoming pint-sized Mac mini can beckon Microsoft Windows users and generate market pull with IT managers.

Freeverse Releases ToySight Expansion Pack

This expansion release features three new games.

Expo Attendees Enthusiastic, Making Purchases

If the long queues to check out both the Mac mini and iPod shuffle, and the throng of visitors at a nearby Apple Retail store, are any indication, this was a particularly exciting Expo for many attendees and exhibitors alike.


Apple Tries To Break Out

It's interesting to see a company whose customers have always regarded themselves as a lonely elite deciding to try a new direction.

Paul Takes On The Macworld Expo 2005 Keynote

The mile-high view is that Apple hit a home run: Most of the new products they announced are quite exciting and it appears the company has actually figured out a way to grow Mac market share. Suddenly, I'm excited about the Mac again.

Mac Mini: Steve Jobs Gets His Cube Back

Apple has proven once again that they can be innovative as hell, and the Mac mini is a (small) shining example of things done right.

Mac Mini Economics: My Math Wasn't Bad, Just Misguided. Witness the First Post-Megahertz Mac

Here are six reasons why the Mac mini isn't stupid.

Mac Mini And PCs That Don't Work

The time is right for Apple to make a push into the mass-market.

Giving Shuffle A Chance

It is the same price as buying a USB memory stick only it has the simple elegance from Apple.

Apple's Magic Act

If you really want to "think different," try thinking differently than the rest of the Apple herd. Stop cheering every little thing Apple does, put on a Fool's cap, and ask yourself, "Is this the best place for my money?"

Apple Makes Max Mistake With Mac Mini

I just don't see value conscious consumers who know how to shop buying a less than complete package for more money.

Wasn't Macworld Supposed To Be Boring?

Jobs pushed out a lot of news, but the mesage of the day was, "Apple is affordable. Apple owns the space. Apple is friend."

Apple Can Take Its Idiot Box And Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine

You have just got to be kidding me.

Macworld SF 2005 Reporter's Notebook


Test-Driving The $99 iPod

This is a good product that will enlarge the iPod's appeal, especially with kids, people on low budgets, or people who work out. I imagine some existing iPod owners will also buy Shuffles as sort of add-on players. And the iPod juggernaut will roll on.


Mac Mini: Prior Art

Gizmodo: You know what they say about Apple: they do what's already been done, but better.



Microsoft's Longhorn May Blend Tablet PC, Media Center

Microsoft plans to drop the "Home" and "Pro" tags with the next release of Windows, code-named Longhorn, and is looking at shipping a single product that includes the features found in today's Windows XP Media Center and Tablet PC editions.

Windows XP Starter Edition

For from its reported destitution, XP Starter Edition is, in fact, a triumph of cooperative product design, one that simultaneously meets the needs of users, governments, PC makers, and Microsoft itself.

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