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Friday, January 14, 2005


Digital Audio Vendors Not Afraid Of iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle: 20,000 Sold In First 4 Hours

Apple's retail store in San Francisco sold 20,000 iPod shuffle units in its first four hours of availability this week, depleting its entire inventory.

New iMac, iPod Could Bite Apple's Profits

Apple's profitability could weaken as the Mac and iPod maker goes after lower-priced consumer markets that it has shunned in its nearly 30 years of existence, analysts said.

Mac Mini: In-Dash

A New York-based company is already working out plans to use the new Mac mini as an in-car computer.

Same Song, Second Verse: iTunes Break Hymn

Apple Shares Jump On Strong iPod Sales

Shares of Apple surged 11 percent after the computer maker plowed through earnings forecasts with strong sales of its popular iPod digital music player.

Macs Play Well With Others: Macworld Attracts Enterprise Connectivity

Apple Sues Student

"I employ the same legal newsgathering practices used by any other journalist."

Mac Users Can Now iBrowse 'The New York Times Electronic Edition'

The New York Times announced a new browser-based tool for reading the Electronic Edition on the Mac: iBrowse.

TuneJuice Battery Backup For iPod, iPod Mini Announced

Mac Mini: What You Need To Know

Apple's Mini Plans Ready For The Big Time

The future is here now, it is just unevenly distributed, according to Apple's UK's managing director Mark Rogers. Will the Mac mini redress the balance?

Apple Ups The Ante With Mac Mini, iPod, And Xsan Offerings

Apple can't be assured of control of every market it targets, but it can be certain of one thing: No one else will control its participation in its chosen markets again. Wherever Apple chooses to go, it will go alone, and that should scare the hell out of any company that has to sell againast it.

Mac Mini Questions

Will users be able to upgrade the mini's RAM themselves?

For Mac Faithful, There's No Business Like Apple

More than ever, the Mac faithful are a multigenerational crowd.

Apple Macs: Objects Of Devotion

The Cult of Mac does have some rational basis.

Griffin Intros RocketFM USB Transmitter

Griffin Technology debuted RocketFM, a USB device that broadcasts your Mac's audio over any available FM frequency.

Best Of Show Winners Announced


Casualties Mount In Apple Vs Customers War

The most remarkable thing about the latest skirmish between Apple and its music customers is the sophistication of the underground medicine.

What The Mac Mini Is And Is Not

Rather than aiming to enter a crowded market, Apple is trying to find a niche and grow it.

Creative Lambasts Apple iPod Shuffle

When Creative says that its products have more functionality and better features, they're not wrong. What Creative doesn't have is the big name, the reputation and the style.

iPod Shuffle Rocks, Mac Mini Balks

Instead of focusing on switchers, Apple should market the Mac Mini as an iLife appliance... Apple could persuade consumers to buy multiple units, one for every room in the house.

Apple V. Google: A Matter Of Timing

The two companies will be competing to be in control of the next generation of digital media life, when entertainment and information from personal computers is blended with broadcast and cable signals onto a single screen.

iPod Shuffle: A First Look At What It Is, What It's Not

It's not mind-blowing technology, but it's minimalist and decent.

Apple: iPod Domination — Or Just Another Fad?

Living Up Toe The iHype

If Apple can continue to do this voodoo, I might just have to pick up a few shares myself... But keep your eyes on the numbers that matter. The news and financial media aren't done with the iHype.

Triumph Of The Cheapskate

Here are the winners and losers stemming from Steve Jobs's keynote.

Jobs' Apple Gets Down And Dirty


It's Pod-This, And Pod-That, And Mini-This, And Mini-That

Looks like another Apple marketing lingo has caught on: the Mini. We have the iPod mini and the Mac mini to thank.

Or maybe it's Austin Powers.


Gates And The Code-Jockey Elite

When it comes to Bill Gates' talent as a technologist, the track record tells a different story. It is beyond contestation that a lesser mortal would have been sent packing long ago.

FIve Years Of Ballmer — The Effect On Microsoft

While CEO Steve Ballmer has clearly retooled some parts of Microsoft t omore closely mesh with his hard-driving style, the world's largest software maker still faces many of the same challenges: Open source, legal skirmishes, and slowing growth in some of its core businesses.

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