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Monday, January 17, 2005


Mac Beautification

As much as I love the interface, I was stuck in my quest for the perfect screen backgrouund.

The Portable Mac OS X Geek

Who says you can't run Mac OS X on a Pocket PC?

Audio Abounds At Macworld Expo

Mac Users Mark 20 Years

Twenty years ago, a group of dedicated Macintosh computer users came together to share a particular passion for their platform of choice.

Laptop Tryout Pleases Schools

Five months after a controversial $5 million experiment first put $1,200 Apple iBooks in the hands of nearly 3,000 students and teachers at four underperforming schools, Jefferson County Public Schools administrators say learning has increased and misuse has been minimal.

Mac Mini May Chip Away At Windows

The low-price Mac Mini could enhance the halo effect.

iMovie HD To Be Offered Separately For $10?

iRiver CEO 'Surprised' At Apple's iPod Shuffle

"In a sense it's not a competitor to an iRiver product because we have more features and focus on the premium area. Maybe there is a certain group of users who don't care about searching (for songs) and displays."

Mac Mini Arrives Next Month


Small, Cheap, And Without A Display

With millions of happy iPod users new to the Apple brand, and millions of unhappy Windows users fed up with crapware security issues, there's never been a better time for Apple to make a move into the low end of the market.

Is Apple Thinking About Mac TV?

Why did Steve Jobs spend so much time talking about HDTV at this week's Apple announcement?


Rain, From Far Away

Have you checked out the new MyAppleMenu podcast already? :-)

A Sad Story...

"Dear Ellie: Last week was my son's 12th birthday, and all he wanted was a Sony iPod... They were nowhere [at stores]. So I looked on eBay. I outbid several people and had the owner rush delivery for my son's birthday... Turns out I got him a Sony Walkman instead of iPod."

This story is so sad on many levels... but the saddest part is the following:

"He opened [the gift], frowned, pounded his hand on the table, and snapped it in half like a spoiled kid as everyone looked on in horror."

"How could I teach him a lesson and give him a gift without being walked over?"


Longhorn: One Version Or Many?

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