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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

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European Mac Fans Call Mac Mini Pricing Unfair

Apple's "most affordable" Mac has drawn a storm of protest from European shoppers, who are petitioning the Mac maker to bring EU pricing better in line with that of the United States.


Putting The Mac Mini In Your Dashboard

There are many companies that will help you connect an iPod to your car, but a small New York business wants to go one step further.

Hacker Threat To Apple's iTunes

Users of Apple's music jukebox iTunes need to update the software to avoid a potential security threat.

iPod Won't Go To The Movies

Apple's "Mr iPod" Stan Ng has ruled out a video-capable version of the music player anytime soon.

Opening Apple's New iLife Package

Audioblogs Multiply As iPods Fly Off Shelves

Dell Dismisses "One-Product Wonder" iPod A "Fad"

And isn't too impressed with the mac mini either...


The Mac Mini: Comparing Apples And Oranges

iPod Shuffle May Not Do What You Want

If I were in charge of iPod marketing, I'd be especially concerned that first-time buyers who get a shuffle won't fully appreciate the magic of iPod, because they'll miss the joy of getting the music they want at the exact moment they want to hear it.


Must-Have Applications For The Open Source Mac Desktop

Once you've installed DarwinPorts you can run applications written for Linux under Mac OS X. Here's my list of must-have applications for Mac open source fans.

Apple iPod Shuffle New Users' Review

We would recommend the iPod shuffle far more heavily to iPod newbies — particularly young, old, or price-conscious Apple admirers — than to power users. The iPod shuffle's super-small body, ease of use, and once unthinkable price will lure millions of new people into the iPod community. To them, we say "welcome."

Apple iPod Shuffle Power Users' Review

Power users will cash will unquestionably find the iPod mini a better value, and almost equally suitable for all of their needs — it's almost equally workout-friendly and more resilient in case of an accident.


Table-Top 'iPod Home'

Gizmodo: MacOSRumors is reporting that Apple is considering building a table-top-sized iPod that uses a 3.5-inch desktop drive, built-in wireless networking, and Sirius Satellite Radio support.

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