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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Pepsi's Free iTunes Promo Bottles Hit Store Shelves

Gunning For iTunes

Don't look now, but the world of digital music is about to get rocked.

Macs Power Sundance Channel Festival Dailies

"Everybody here has a PowerBoook. The whole facility is powered by Apple gear in one way or another."

Mac Media Center Project Aims To Transform Mac Mini

iTunes Music Store Downloads Top 250 Million

Apple says iTunes users are now downloading one and a quarter million songs per day, which is an annual run rate of almost half a billion songs per year.


How Apple's iPod/iTunes Combo Could Demolish Microsoft's 'Play For Sure' Initiative

Macintosh Market Share

"It's Wintel's rapid upgrade cycle that's been getting progressively more and more out of line with norms..."

Play That Funky Music, White Toy

Apple's $99 iPod shuffle suggests a new, "less is more" strategy for the rebounding music, er, computer company.

Taking Stock Of Apple

Why do I think Apple is a good stock.

Apple Must Evolve Or Face Extinction

As more music formats and audio players emerge, is the iPod nearing the end of its reign?

iTunes 2005 Revenue Could Equal 5 Percent Of U.S. Music Sales: Call It A Powerhouse


Apple's iWork Software Needs Some Work

Neither the Keynote 2 presentation software nor the new Pages word processor are as full-featured as one would like.

Tricks Keep Apple iPod In Tune On Windows PC

Connecting the iPod to your computer to transfer tunes and manage your music library isn't always simple — especially if your computer runs Windows.

The iMac Mini: Apples And Oranges, A Follow-Up

To reiterate: What the article was trying to demonstrate is not that the Mac mini is the cheapest computer on the market; rather, that it's clearly price-competitive with the budget brand-name Windows PCs, especially once you look at what you get for the money.

Why Go Pro (Audio Hijack Pro, That Is)

iPod Shuffle Big On Performance

The latest flavor, the diminutive iPod shuffle, proves that fewer bells and whistles can be just as good as more.

Building A Website With TInderbox

An Inside Look At iWork 05

Mac Minis Could Make Converts

While the Mac Mini won't suddenly make Macs a more popular platform than Windows, I think it may tempt many Windows users who are curious about the Mac and/or frustrated with Windows which is far more prone to spyware, viruses and security problems.


The End Is Near. Spring Is Coming.

It's winter, and we just had one whole stash of snow being dumped in the backyard. What would Calvin (of the Calvin & Hobbes fame) build?

History, Corrected

We all know that Apple wasn't the first company to produce an MP3 player, but do you know who created the first MP3 player>

The Launch Of The Macintosh

Were you there at the launch of the Macintosh? Now, you can, thanks to the magic of QuickTime.

(P.S. Here's a list of mirrors.)

Lullabies From The Axis Of Evil

Today's podcast here at MyAppleMenu features two tunes from the album Lullabies from the Axis of Evil.

Open-Source Your Journalism

Scott Rosenberg has an interesting idea: "Major open source projects maintain public bug databases. Anyone can come along and post a bug report... The model doesn't map perfectly onto journalism, but it's not too far off: Let people file "bug reports" if they believe your publication has published something in need of correcting. The publication can respond however it seems appropriate."

Tips For Your Next Cheese Party

You'd never know when you'll be next invited to a cheese party where you'll have to bring your own cheese, and where there's a contest for the best and most interesting cheese. So, here are some tips just for you.


Microsoft Backs Off Appeal On EU Sanctions

Microsoft has decided not to appeal a ruling by an European Union judge that upholds sanctions imposed on the company by the European Commission, a spokesman for the firm confirmed on Monday.

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