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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

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.Mac Maintenance Causes iDisk Problems

Apple's .Mac system maintenance this weekend has caused widespread problems with iDisks, according to MacMinute readers and reports on the .Mac discussion boards.


Kubrick iPod Mini iBear

Designed to match the now ubiquitous five colors of the iPod mini.

Ancient Macs Make Modern Art

Apple may have quietly killed its easy-to-use programming tool, HyperCard, but it has an afterlife — in art.

Sue Different: Apple Threatens Inside Sites After Leaks

Apple, the king of building buzz, has sued and threatened news sites that spilled product information early. But the sites are fighting back, with pro bono legal help.

Huh? Apple Doubles Price Of Mini RAM, Admits Mistake

Target Pulls Mac Mini From Online Store

Target cited availability concerns as the sole factor that prompted it to remove the product from its store.

Apple Releases New Mac OS X Security Update

The update for 10.3.7 client includes updated versions of ColorSync, libxml2, Mail, PHP, and Safari.

Apple's U2 Silhouette Spot Named 'Smartest Ad Campaign'

The iPod: Apple's Saving Grace

Apple Drops BTO Mac Mini Prices

Apple has quietly cut prices on build-to-order components for its new Mac mini.


What If? An Alternative History Of Tech

What if Apple Computer had licensed the Mac OS?

Engadget Investigates: Is It "iPod Shuffles" Or "iPods Shuffle"?

It tooks us a few days of harrassing Apple's PR department, but we were finally able to answer one of hte most burning questions of the past seven days: Is it "iPod shuffles" or "iPods shuffle?"

Creative CEO Sim Wong Hoo Softens Up?

For a company that's supposedly at war, Creative hasn't been drawing much blood lately.

Mini In Perspective


iPodderX Adds To iPod's 'Gotta-Have' Status

Wireless Media Server Without The Mini

For now, my TiBook is serving my entire music collection, plus a ton of photographs... all using hardware and software I already had.

Apple's New Products Are Revolutionary In Their Own Way

How To Record A Podcast

How-To: Turn Your Mac Mini Into A Media Center

We'll cover the various aspects you'll need to think about when planning your Mac mini media center system, plus show you how to control your Mac mini headlessly from any computer in your house.

Tiny iPod Shuffle Chock-Full Of Pleasant Surprises

The biggest advantage of the Shuffle over all other RAM-based players is the simple fact that it's an Apple product and relies on iTunes instead of Windows Media Player. It works, period.

Lemonade Tycoon 2: New York Edition


Will We See iMac Colors Again?

Remember the wacky iMac colors, and the polka dots? Apparently, it wasn't really successful, probably because even Mac-heads cannot afford to upgrade their computers just because there's a new color out there.

But now that iPods are really fashion statements, will we see a return of the iMac colors?



Microsoft To Require Windows Piracy Check

Windows XP and 2000 users will have to validate their copy of OS before downloading software.

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