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Friday, January 28, 2005


JHymn Goes Behind Atoms And Apple To Bring DRM-Free Music

"What I say is that all I'm trying to do is to get the same flexibility to use my music that I'd have if I purchased a CD and ripped it myself, and that my efforts aid piracy no more than the existence of CDs aid piracy.

My iPod, My Self

Marketing professor Markus Giesler has some colorful ideas about Apple's music player. He argues it transforms listeners into "cyborg consumers," plugging them into a "hybrid entertainment matrix" where they can achieve "technotranscendence."

Apple Spotlight Patent Reveals 3-Year Head Start On Microsoft

iMovie HD 5.0.1 Released

iMovie HD 5.0.1 "addresses issues related to video and audio synchronization for DV projects and other minor issues," according to Apple.

iMovie HD 5.0.1 Released


The Mac Mini: Apples And Oranges And Software

The truth is that for many buyers the software that comes with the Mac mini will be a significant benefit because it makes the mini more functional than similarly configured (hardware-wise) Windows PCs.

Predictions: I Said, You Said


Griffin RadioShark: Great White USB Device Lets You Record And Pause Live Radio

Its software could use mor epolish, but it delivers the goods.

Apple iTunes 4.7.1

Apple iLife '05

All but iMovie compete well with the best Microsoft Windows has to offer consumers.

Apple iWork '05

iWork '05 is a fine effort. It gives most Mac users an affordable alternative to Word, and whets the appetite for a more filled-out suite, which we hope is in the works.

A Linux Geek Embraces Mac OS X

Some of my thoughts will no doubt strike veteran Mac users as silly, stupid, or downright heretical! For that all i can say is: Hey, I'm a newbie.

GarageBand 2: Features Of Note

20 Years Late, Apple Launches $500 Mac

Despite the name, it's watered down only in size and cost. THis is as much a Mac as any other that's been sold over the years.

The Incredibles

The Incredibles game isn't all that incredible. It is a fast paced game, with excellent animated graphics and terrific cut scenes, but stumbles in the game play and finished quality department.

Virtual PC 7

Build Your Own PVR (For Free) With HackTV

The secret is Apple's little-known HackTV utility. It allows you to watch TV via FireWire.

Apple's New $499 Mac Mini A Slick Little Budget Computer

Once all is said and done, the Mac Mini will cost more than comparable entry-level Windows machines. You could make the case, though, that with the software loaded on the Mini, you're getting more bang for your buck.

Mac Mini: Perfect Bookshelf Box For Mac Minimalists


Buy Me, Bug Me

With the speedier flow of information bought about by the web, I often found myself new gadgets and widgets that I wish I can buy, but is either not available in where I live, or the price is beyond me.

But, every so often, I find myself longing for something that I cannot even buy, because it's not for sale. Today, it's the hanging alarm clock.

(My alarm clock went off at 6.00 am this morning, but I wasn't fully awake until 7.05 am. But, you probably don't need to know that.)

Rumor Today: 512-Meg Mac Mini Is Coming

Pioneer Press: Stay tuned for at least one out-of-the-box config with 512 megabytes of RAM... as soon as next week, I've been told.


Microsoft Reports Profit Surge

Citing strength in both the business and consumer markets, Microsoft on Thursday reported better-than-expected quarterly sales — and profits that doubled those of a year ago.

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