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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

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Apple Adds Bluetooth 2.0

Apple jumps out in front, as is typical, and adds Bluetooth 2.0 to its laptop, which adds a 3 Mbps flavor, making it possible for the highest-quality music streaming to Bleutooth headphones.


In iPod America, Legions In Tune

With its high-tech decor and clubby feel, Apple's flagship store here doesn't look like a creepy cult headquarters. But there's some kind of mind-noodling going on: Everyone exiting its glass doors is ready to spout the gospel of iPod.

Apple: Video's Future Is Tiger, QuickTime 7, H.264

Apple says that because H.264 is a standard and has been adopted by standards organizations and many other companies the battle for the successor to the current MPEG-2 video standard is basically over.

Skype 1.0 For Mac OS X And Linux Now Available

My Very Own Radio Station Has Transformed My Listening Habits

The name of this eclectic radio station? Call it iPod radio.

Podcasting Power

It's hard to imagine giant radio conglomerates like Clear Channel fretting over such harmless-sounding podcasts as "The Dawn and Drew Show." But technology cna pounce on unsuspecting, entrenched businesses. And podcasting seems to hold the same disruptive potential as TiVo, giving everyone the power to listen to the radio shows they want, whenever they want.

Wal-Mart Has An Ear For iPod Market

Wal-Mart Stores has quietly begun selling APple's popular iPod Minis in select stores, the mega retailer's first big move into the market for the enormously popular digital music players.

Begin The March Of Mac Mini Accessories

We didn't have to wait terribly long to see the birth of the market for Mac mini accessories, thanks to The Plasticsmith.

America's Premier Guru Of Gadgets Is Doing It Again

Surely, some time down the road a film biography of Steve Jobs — who... put his stamp not only on an industry but a culture — will be made. The only unknown at the point is the ending.

.Mac Members Get Freefall Screen Saver, New Tutorials


4 Wishes For The Gen 5 iPod

The iPod People

Proof that the iPod obsession has gone from fad to phenomenon is the abundance of new words and phrases that have sprung up around this digital doodad.

Rethinking The Small Form Factor


Mac Mini

Dialing For Less

In this article, I'll look at how softphone technology works. Then I'll walk through a setup with Skype, a popular application now available for Mac OS X.

Two-Way Street: Moving Music Off The iPod

Rescuing your music when your hard drive goes phht.


No, That's Not Cool

David Pogue: At least three readers... track[ed] me down and call me at home... Sometimes, it's best to leave the columnist alone.

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