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Monday, February 28, 2005

Jef Raskin

A Real Johnny Appleseed

His contribution went beyond coming up with a name and recruiting talented developers. In an undated article that appears on, veteran Macintosh programmer Andy Hertzfeid wrote, "There is no doubt that Jef was the creator of the Macintosh project at Apple, and that his articulate vision of an execptionally easy to use, low cost, high volume appliance computer got the ball rolling."

Macintosh Computer Creator Raskin Dead At 61

In 1979, Raskin had an idea: A computer that's priced affordably, targeted at consumers and extremely easy to use.

Exactly 2 Cents Worth: One Of The Best Of Our Age Passes

In this time of great specialization and focus on the nuance, it is a relief that there remain people who have such love for and experience such joy in the world that they want to see it with large eyes and embrace it with playful mind.

Jef Raskin Dies; Originator Of Macintosh

A wonderful spirit and renaissance man, who inspired me and many others.

The Man Who Named Apple's Macintosh, GUI Pioneer Jef Raskin Dies At 61

Raskin was truly a very interesting modern-day Renaissance man.

Jef Raskin Died Last Night

To me it's a poignant moment, Raskin is a contemporary. Th edge is moving through my generation.

Jef Raskin: A Life Of Design

On a recent visit (January 29, 2005) with Jef and his family, Jef gave us a tour of some of his amazing artifacts from the birth of personal computing. Photos and audio interviews of this visit follow.


Jef Raskin: Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining.


iPod Firmware Reverse Engineered

It Tries To Do For Blogging What Apple Did For PCs

Does the world really need another blogging tool? But Bubbler, a new product by a Palo Alto start-up called Five Across, is not an ordinary blogging tool.

Positive About Negativland iPod

Whether Apple likes it or not, this is a modified iPod artist Francis Hwang intends to sell.


'Creaky Operating Systems' Good Enough For Millions

There are still going to be millions of Mac users and tens of millions of Windows users running "ancient" operating systems simply because they do everything the user needs to do.

Podcasting Faces Growing Pains

Smart, creative people like to be rewarded for the time and energy they invest in producing great stuff. And it doesn't matter whether that stuff is a website, circa 1994, or a podcast in 2005.


Honeypot Experiment Shows Mac OS X Secured

And we're not even talking about the latest version of Mac OS X either. A Mac OS X Jaguar is secured right out of the box.

Windows XP SP 2 is pretty secured too, according to Denver Post. But you do need to download additional patches from Microsoft.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Top Stories

Jef Raskin Dies

Raskin is widely acknowledged as the person who created many theoretical underpinnings of modern personal computing and then pulled together many threads of his own and others to create a team at Apple that would eventually produce the first machine designed for the average human being.


First Toronto Apple Store To Open In May

Band Mates? We Don't Need No Stinkin Band Mates

The backup singers are real live girls... but the music is coming from an iPod.


Creaky Operating Systems Show Their Age

Here are how the past few consumer releases of Windows and the Mac OS compare in terms of viability.

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Radio Slayer?

Apple CFO Muses On iPod Halo Effect, Mac Mini, More

Although Apple's marketshare hasn't moved significantly yet, Peter Oppenheimer said there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that things are moving in that direction, including a steady stream (in the range of low to mid 40 percent) of first-time Mac buyers at the Apple retail stores and increased uptake of iBook and PowerBook systems by high school and college students who have already bought iPods.

Analyst Expects 5M iPod Shuffles, 900K Mac Minis In 2005

shuffle's On To Dress Up Baby iPod

The shuffle to accessorize Apple's smallest iPod is on.

Doom 3 For Mac Goes Gold, Shipping March 14


Turn On The Wireless, Apple

I'm still waiting (and so are many Apple retailers.)

Thinking Inside The Box

I'd like to posit that the packaging that surrounds the iPod serves a purpose greater than encasing Apple's music player in a pretty wrapper. It also speaks volumes (okay, maybe short stories) about how Apple preceives its player.

iPod Photo? Stick To Music

It's impossible to do all core tasks equally well, even within a single application like music.


What's NeXT?

After conquering the desktop and portable MP3 music market, and with the cellphone market competition in progress, Apple will need to look ahead — far ahead — for the next big market to penetrate with its iTunes Music Store.

How about the toothbrush tunes market?


Friday, February 25, 2005


Downloaded And Ready To Rock

iPod nights turn amateurs into digital DJs at D.C. club.

Apple's Transformation Upstages RealNetworks

Digital media is hot, but RealNetworks apparently is not, at least in comparison with Apple.

Firefox Gets Major Security Makeover

The new Firefox 1.0.1 was rushed out to provide a temporary fix for the IDN (International Domain Name) bug that was first flagged earlier this month.

Hello Kitty iPod Mini

R.I.P. Gold iPod Mini

Gold is destined only to survive in the collective memory of eBay listings.

New iPod Mini Holds More Tunes

The bigger picture is the "game of chess" Apple is playing with competitors. "Every time he makes these moves with pricing, he makes it more difficult for them to catch up."

Apple Buyout Of TiVo 'Highly Unlikely'

"First, it appears as though Apple want to stay focused ons elling select proven products rather than gambling on unknown initiatives... Second, Apple indicated that the DVR market seems to be a commodity."

Steve Jobs Tunrs 50

EU Investigation Of iTunes Pricing At Early Stage

Apple is being investigated by the European Union's Executive Commission after a British consumer watchdog group claimed the compnay has unfairly priced songs from its iTunes Music Store.


iPods Are The New Woman's Best Friend

FireWire Hysteria

The a la carte accessory pricing seems reasonable with the low-cost iPod mini; it seems stingy with the high-cost iPod photo.


System Pumps Music Around House

The stylish, well-conceived Sonos Digital Music System is designed for audiophiles with a large digital music collection that they want to access in high fidelity through something other than PC speakers.

Apple iPod Mini 4GB/6GB (Second-Generation)

Many people who seriously consider the iPod minis alongside Apple's other options will find even more to like in the company's bigger and better offerings.

Faking From

"This is easier in other email clients, but it can be done in Mail with some minor inconvenience."

First Look: iPod Mini (Second Generation)

I'm impressed with the look and the performance of the new mini but sorry that Apple cut corners on the FireWire cable and power adapter.


KCRW To Begin Podcasting

Great news for radio fans...

KCRW is putting out a whole bunch of podcasts on, I think, all of the shows that it produces.

My iPodder program is going to get really busy. (Oh, and Apple better have podcasting functionality built into iTunes 5.)


Microsoft To Nix Some Net Product Activation

Customers who find themselves reinstalling Windows XP should be readyd for a headache: Microsoft will no longer support activating the product over the Internet for PCs which have WIndows pre-installed.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Top Stories

IDC Likes What It Sees Inside iPod Shuffle

Apple makes a healthy 35 to 40 per cent profit on each player sold, and stands to make even more from iTunes music purchases and expected drops in flash memory pricing.


Extras Make iPod More Versatile

The world's favorite digital hip-hugger, though prized by the music-porting crowd, often feels incomplete. That's why there are add-ons. Lots of them.

Silhouette iPod Ads Win Prize For Unseen Costumes

"Only fellow costume designers could appreciate how difficult a job that was."

A Novel Use For iPods

Audio books have shaken off their image as something to listen to when you're ill in bed. Now the MP3 generation is driving a revolution in stories that can be enjoyed on the go.

You Can Use An iPod For Much More Than Music

Is There A Cell Processor In Apple's Future?

Tables Turn In Campus Mac Vs. Windows Feud

With a reinvented, cutting-edge operating system and a cool sleek design, Apple is clawing its way to technological equality on campus.

New iPod Launches Solidify Apple's Position

"Apple clearly holds the leadership position on this market and we believe these changes will widen the gap between Apple and potential competitors that are trying to chip away at iPod market share."

Adobe Versus The World

Does Bruce Chizen know something that other software executives don't?

TiVo Shares Rise On Takeover Speculation

"What we hear on the street is that Apple is interested in [Tivo's] business and that they are a takeout target."

Apple Shames Itself Again Over Security

Critical hole in Mac OS X patched three months late.


Apple Enables iPod Addictions

Recent Apple euphoria leaves no room for missteps, and investors should tread carefully.

Don't Get Ripped Off: Go With A Windows PC

Sure, it's easy to rag on Microsoft, with their lack of innovation and buckets of hard, cold cash reserves. But they're the global leader of operating systems and software for a reason: versatility.

Bars Hold iPod Nights For iDrunk DJs

The point is that the iPod is breaking permanent ground, and [Dell CEO] Rollins is either in denial or out of touch.

Farewell To 40GB

Although I do like having options, turning fundamental parts of a product into add-on options isn't what I had in mind.

Apple Knifing Its Own FireWire Baby By Pushing USB 2.0 As iPod's Primary Connectivity Option


Accessories Dress Up Your iPod

Lugaru: The Rabbit's Foot

This is a developer well worth supporting, and Lugaru is a game that is well worth playing.


Me So Jealous

I so want the new iPod mini — just because of its 18-hours play-time.


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Top Stories

4GB iPod Mini Now $199; 6GB Available For $249

Steve Jobs called the 4GB model's new $199 price tag "the magic price point."

iPod Photo Adds 30GB Model, Lowers Price By $150

The 30GB iPod photo debuts at US$349, $150 less than its 40GB predecessor. Apple has also reduced the price of the 60GB iPod photo from $599 to $449.


Adam Curry Wants To Make You An iPod Radio Star

He's gone from MTV to MP3, and now he's leading a grassroots rebellion called podcasting. Why amateurs may soon rule the airwaves (begin download now).

Public Library Lends Out Book-Filled iPod Shuffles

Cameras, iPods Need To Talk To Each Other

Soon, we are likely to see music devices that can download and display pictures directly from cameras, without using a comptuer as a go-between. That's what Gary Johnson, the CEO of PortalPlayer, says.

Jobs' Satisfaction

Who was that man in jeans and sneakers at the Apple store on Thursday? Why, it was founder and CEO Steve Jobs.

New Book Teaches You To Build An Apple I

Apple iTunes To Have 'Notable' Earnings Impact

Piper Jaffray maintained an "outperform" rating, saying the company's iTunes music-download service could begin to have a "notable" earnings impact in calendar 2005 and 2006.

Apple Releases Security Update 2005-002

Apple says the update addresses an issue where an untrusted applet coudl gain elevated privileges and potentially execute arbitrary code.


An Old Lesson On Target Audience... The iPod Way

Find out how the iPod looked at "target audience" in a different way. And how you can do not just the same, but actually do one better.

Dell CEO Still Doesn't Get It

Regardless of whether you happen to prefer an MP3 player from iRiver or Creative, there is no disputing that the iPod delivered this particular innovation to the general public in a way that finally made sense.


Select Your Shield

Norton AntiVirus is a reasonable contender for personal or group use. Businesses should keep an eye on Sophos Anti-Virus.

The Incredibles: Game Version Of Big-Screen Blockbuster Is Fun But Flawed

Limited save and graphics features mar the experience a bit, but the game offers plenty of fun for fans of the movie.

Raise The Wall

NetBarrier X3 offers a more user-friendly interface, significantly more intelligent intrusion detection, and better overall protection than any of the other firewall applications currently being offered.

SecuriKey Professional Edition

The SecuriKey adds another layer of protection that's particularly useful for publicly accessible Macs or for people who take their PowerBooks or iBooks on the road.

8 Ways To Protect Your Mac Right Now

While most people worry about hackers accessing their Macs over a network, it's much easier for someone to just walk up to a computer and browse its files. Here are eight ways to protect your Mac.

Griffin iCurve


It's Panther-Wombat

Scott McNulty suggests that Apple starts to name its security updates individually with animal names.

I say, anything is better than Apple's current naming convention, which will bring attention to the number of security updates that Apple has to publish to fix shortcomings.

American Goodwill Tour Endangered As President Snacks On Doritos During Chirac Speech

Andy Borowitz: [Also], during a speech by Javier Solana, the chief foreign policy official for the European Union, Bush, wearing dark sunglasses and an iPod, was heard singing along loudly to a song from Pink Floyd's classic album, "Dark Side of the Moon."

Contacted during his current Asian tour, Bush's father, the former president George H.W. Bush, said that he was "disappointed" to hear of his son's behavior, telling reporters," His mother and I will have a word with him when he gets home."


Why I Love The Tablet PC

In a nutshell, because it's so amazingly portable!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Apple Offer Businesses Two Months Free

Apple UK is offering an incentive to UK-based businesses and educational institutions wishing to lease a PowerMac, PowerBook or Cinema Display.

iPod Craze Is Music To The Ears Of Investors

Every Apple stockholder has a different story.

Moto Exec Drops AirPod Hint

A Motorola executive has hinted that Apple will deliver a wireless iPod.

Surprise! Young Adults Biggest iPod Fans

Apple Computer Founder And Community Speak On Tiger Leak Defendants

"Everything fits into place that this is an unintentional oversight... I wish that Apple could find some way to drop the matter."

iPod People

The popular digital players are popping up in unexpected corners of everyday life, from the pub to the classroom.

Apple Job Posting Suggests Better iPod Games To Come

A recent job posting from APple on Gamasutra, a recruiting site for the game industry, seeks a programmer with "experience working with embedded systems" who would in part be "responsible for rapidly developing memory and performance optimized software solutions to complex problems."

Apple Claims iPod Halo Effect Brightens Mac Sales

Apple Computer Australia is on a roll — and not just because of the amazing iPod music player. The company increased its Down Under sales of Macintosh computers by a massive 49.1 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2004, according to IDC market research.


Ruminating On Rumors

My iPod Fights For Right To Rock Out

To test this, I devise an experiemnt: I would selet Shuffle Songs and scroll through the 1,671 songs on [my iPod]. If, within the first 10 songs of each shuffling, [my iPod] chose a Beastie tune, my hypothesis would be correct.


Curing Clutter WIth Curio

If you can imagine slicing through the soup of chaos — the chaos of your hard disk or hte chaos of your mind — with a few bright, simple drawings, then Curio beckons like a lighthouse in the darkness.

Mac Mini Stylish At Good Price

If you're interested in dabbling in Mac land, it's hard to beat the price. The Mac mini might well convince PC geeks like me to switch, and it sre looks a lot better on my dining room table than any PC ever has.


Rumor Today: New iPod Photo

Just because wait time has increased, claimed AppleInsider.

Update: Oh, and now AppleInsider is further reporting that "sources say Apple has requested that some dealers return their stock of iPod photo players to the company's supply bases."


64-Bit Chips To Be Unveiled By Intel

Intel is expected to introduce today its first desktop computer processors capable of powerful 64-bit computing.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Top Stories

iPod Shuffle 'No Flash In The Pan' — Toshiba

Toshiba has revealed that it is struggling to meet demand for the flash memory required for Apple's iPod shuffle.


Apple Expects More Sales From RP Value Market

Apple is anticipating a higher market share this year as a result of its entry into the local value market with products that are more affordable to consumers.

Richmonders Design iPod Accessories

Two Richmonders have joined the accessories mania that has arisen in recent months for te popular Apple iPod music player.


Apple iPod USB Power Adapter

If you just need a standalone USB charger and you're on a budget, no one's marketing a direct alternative to ths one — yet.

Apple Goes To Town With Its iLife '05 Digital Lifestyle Suite


Look Ma, No hands...

Gizmodo: There is a beauty here, to see this Mac mini violent seizing the back of this plasma screen...

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Society Is Dead, We Have Retreated Into The iWorld

What was once an occasional musical diversion became a compulsive obsession. Now I have my iTunes in my iMac for my iPod in my iWorld. It's Narcissus heaven: we've finally put the "i" into Me.


Shuffle Keeps It Simple, And That's The Point

The iPod shuffle values ease of use and elegant design over the electronics industry's relentless drive to add features.

iPhoto 5: Sweeping Update Improves Photo Management, Slide Shows, And Book Publishing

iPhoto 5 brings welcome improvements in almost every area.

GarageBand 2: Fantastic Upgrade Makes Creative Program Even More Musical

Although a very few rough edges remain, musicians of all skill levels will find GarageBand 2 worth the price of admission.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Tired Of TiVo? Beyond Blogs? Podcasts Are Here

Apple PowerBook 100 Named Top Gadget Of All Time

Apple has four products in Mobile PC's "Top 100 Gadgets of All Time" list, including the No. 1 position.


Apple Dots Some More 'i's

Both iLife and iWork show some unsettling signs of haste — bugs and usability mistakes Apple should know not to make.

Scripting Dot Mac

Porductivity Apps Get The Apple Treatment

With just a presentation app and a word processor, it's not quite a suite — but the apps are slick and come at a nice price.


Rumor Today: iPod Mini Moves To Color Screens

Think Secret believes that the next revision of iPod mini, real soon now, will have color screens, ahead of the iPods.

Apparently, no iPod photo capabilities though.

Rumor Today: Apple To Rename Rendezvous Technology "Bonjour"

AppleInsider: "OpenTalk" was a little too 'techie' sources said."

Spam Is Everywhere

Brent Simmons is now getting spam in his bug tracking software.


The Boss In The Machine

I was surprised to read that Microsoft researchers now feel confident that they can figure out when it's all right to interrupt me.

Friday, February 18, 2005


Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple

A new class action lawsuit filed on Thursday against Apple alleges that the company has engaged in acts of unfair and unlawful business practi es, breach of contract, and misappropriation of trade secrets.

The Art Institute Of Fort Lauderdale: Welcome To The Real World

"At the end of the day, the professionalism inspired by our Mac system means we can meet deadlines and turn projects around a lot faster and smoother than many agencies staffed by more experienced folks."

Apple Releases Common Criteria Tools 1.0

The tools are an "internationally approved set of security standards which provides a clear and reliable evaluation of the security capabilities of Information Technology products."

Fidelity Now Apple's Top Investor

Fidelity Investments, the world's largest mutual fund firm, now is APple's biggest shareholder.

iPoddy-Pooper Thugs Attacking Schoolkids

City students have become victims of a rash of vicious iPod muggins and a spike in larcenies at schools.

Apple Stock Split: What Does It Mean?

"The more shares that are freely traded, the easier it is for big investors to get in and out of a stock."


Switching To A Mac — Ain't Ever Going Back

So it's goodbye protected mode. Shalom Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Auf weidersehen application registry. Meet me at autoexec.bat's silver anniversary party.

Delusional Mac Users Need Microsoft

While missteps seem to be the norm at Redmond lately they've got too much market presence to go down quickly.


Apple's Compact Mini Sure To Lure Mac-Phobic Buyers

The boldness and brilliance of the Mini concept is in the simple realization that this is 2005, not 1995, and there are monitors and keboards lying around all over the place.

iDVD 5: DVD-Creation Program Sees Refinement

iMovie HD: Addition Of HD Editing Steals Limelight From Other Useful Improvements

This is the version that loyal iMovie users have been waiting for.

In Depth Review Of Apple's iPod Shuffle

OS X Firewalls: Firewall Testing Explained

Apple Mac Mini: Smaller, More Stylish — And Cheaper Than A PC?

Monster Fair

Yet another jewel has been added to the crown of LittleWing who remains the king of pinball games.

A Podcast Of Your Own

Tools and techniques for making your voice heard.


Rumor Today: New iPod Minis

My iPod mini is going obsolete real soon now, if reports by AppleInsider is to be believed.

Rumor Today: And New iMacs Too?

AppleInsider: Like the iPod mini, iMacs are suddenly reflecting wait times of 7-10 business days for direct orders from Apple online store.


I have no idea how a parent will feel if his 14-year-old daughter got caught shoplifting... and I'm so afraid I will 12 years later.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Top Stories

Cocoa And The Emerging Software Market

The story of Cocoa is about small software shop where people are busting out incredible software with small teams.


Japanese Companies Ride iPod Success

Custom Engraving Gives iPods A Personal Touch

With custom engraving, Apple has found a way to make its cutting-edge technology even more personal.

iPod Shuffle Hits Taiwan's 7-11 Stores

Students Get Their Own iBooks

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Packaging Revealed

The new black packaging shows a platinum "X" that gives the perception that it is extending off the front of the box.

Apple Agrees To Hold Subpoenas Against Web Sites

Apple has agreed to hold off on serving subpoenas until after the Uperior Court of Santa Clara County, California, has held a hearing on the EFF's request for a protective order for its clients. A date for the hearing has not yet been set, but it may be held in early March.

Apple Computer Shares Crack $90 To Hit New Intraday All-Time High

Apple To Open New Southern California Store

ifo Apple Store reports that Apple is planning to open a new retail store at the posh Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles.

Panic Releases Transmit 3 FTP Client For Mac OS X


The Naked Truth About iTunes

Music is such a good way to get to know someone, because most people are passionate about the music they listen to.

iPods Make Being A Nerd Cool

The line between nerd and cool has blended to a point where it is almost nonexistent.

Who Will Make The iPod Phone? And When?

Nokia's plans to bundle Windows Media Player with future cell phones begs the question: Is an iPod phone in the works?

While Switching To Mac Will Improve Security, It Isn't For Everybody

The best candidates for a switch to the Mac are those who use their computers overwhhelmingly for common, mainstream consumer tasks.

Steve Jobs, Napster Nemesis

According to sources at major record labels, Steve Jobs himself sent top music executives a link to a blog explaining how to turn copy-protected songs from Apple rival Napster into unprotected, freely burnable music files.


Faux Manual Shuffle Management

Is it impossible to update the shuffle with music scattered across multiple computers? No. It can be done via networking.

Easy DVD Archives

THe easiest tool to use for the task is MacTheRipper.


This Mini Didn't Work

ifoAppleStore noted the four-month anniversary of Apple's mini-stores, and note that these stores do not live up to their promises.

Another Switcher

Sicked and tired of problems with Windows, TiVo Chairman recently switched to Macintosh.

Maybe now there will be better Macintosh support coming from TiVo?

Be Prepared

Nowadays, if you are a software developer, you always must have a plan for when the company that sells the platform for which your application runs on — be it Microsoft or Apple — becomes your biggest competitor.

Especially if the whole reason for the existence of your product (read: Symantec) is due to the lousniess of the platform (read: Microsoft).

(Microsoft is buying anti-virus and anti-spamware products to, er, fix Windows for being virus and spamware-friendly. And these products ain't from Symantec.)

Rumor Today: Final Cut Pro 5 To Debut At NAB

Mid-April, i.e. And the article from Think Secret strongly implied that Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger will also be available by then.

Bill Gates Not An iPod User

As highlighted by iPodlounge, Bill Gates actually uses a Creative Zen. (Well, at least that's what he claims.) Of course, Bill Gates doesn't necessary have good taste. :-)


One-On-One With Bill Gates

Microsoft chairman talks about innovation, competition, and goals.

Napster Says It Hasn't Been 'Hacked'

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Top Stories

Apple To Revive Switch Campaign?

In an apparent attempt to revitalize its Switch ad campaign, Apple has just posted a request on its Web site for "New to Mac" stories.


Motorola E1060 Does Not Have iTunes

It has now been confirmed that the E1060 is not the long-awaited iTunes phone.

Destroying Rock 'N' Roll

Myles MacInnes didn't see the point of playing in a band so he sat at his computer and recorded his acclaimed debut album in his bedroom.

Apple Executive Offers Details On WWDC 2005

"One of the keys for this year's conference is going to be innovation," said Ron Okamoto, Apple vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations.

Who's Buying iPods?

As many as 22 million American adults, or about 11 percent of the U.S. population, owns iPods or other MP3 players, a new study has found.

REALbasic 2005 Makes Mac Development Easier


Calling Plan

Apple hardly needs to wave the white flag or scramble to put together an ill-conceived alliance to be part of mobile music's future. But Nokia and Microsoft's actions mean that any plans to create an iTunes On The Road service should be firmed up sooner rather than later.


Apps Of The Year, 2004

Interarchy 7, Affrus 1.0, SpamSieve 2.2, and BBEdit 8.0.

OS X Security Utilities: Programs Keep Internet Activities Private

iPod Shuffle Tips And Tricks

The shuffle is so simple to operate that even your 2-year-old might soon be nagging you for one. But there are plenty of fun intricacies and nuances to learn about in iPod shuffle and in its faithful companion, iTunes 4.7.1.

Apple iDVD 5: Consumer DVD Authoring System With Pro-Level Features

iDVD is a tremendous application for both home authoring and certain types of professional work. It's easy to use, flexible and powerful for an application in this space.

PowerBook G4s: Even Without Major Innovations, Apple's Pro Laptop Remains State Of The Art


IE 7.0 Leaves Windows 2000 Users Out In The Cold

After months of hemming and hawing on plans for a standalone Internet Explorer upgrade before Longhorn, Microsoft now plans to push out a browser refresh by July or August this year.

Microsoft Denies Blackmail Accusations

Allegations that Bill Gates threatened to pull 800 jobs out of Denmark have been rejected.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Top Stories

iPods At The Gate

Like little armies dragging their downloadable ammunition behind them, Apple's iPods are poised at the juncture of teenworld and your campus, just waiting to invade. Can this be a good thing?


Apple And Kudlian Expand iLife

Teens Know Cost Of Apples But Not Milk

British teenagers are experts when it comes to luxury gadgets, but know little about the cost of daily life, according to a survey published today.

Podcasting: The People's Radio

Look how far podcasting has come in a short time!

Apple's Subpoenas Challenged In Court

Lawyers for news Web sites targeted by Apple asked a California court on Monday to block subpoenasa seeking to identify who leaked information about unreleased products.

HP Exec Leaves For Apple VP Position

Apple Computer's 'Valuation Not Outrageous'

Piper Jaffray maintained an "outperform" rating for Apple and said valuation of the stock is "not outrageous based on three-year historical average."

Stars Take A Shine To Apple

Apple has four retail stores in the Los Angeles area, which give the sales associates ample opportunity to rub elbows with Hollywood celebrities. It isn't always pleasant.

Kevin Smith Defends Character (His)

"If I looked pissed, it's only because I don't burst into a room, a'la Robin fucking Williams, trying to make everybody laugh."

Melanie Griffith Freaks Out At LA Apple Store

"The uncorroborated account of the store clerk in this piece is just that. The characterization doesn't jive with what I witnessed."

BPI Urges iTunes To 'Get THe Indies'

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) today launched a campaign to help independent labels get their music into online music services.

Apple Partners With Euro Telecom Firm Teleca

European telecom services company Teleca on Monday announced a partnership with Apple that will enable the services provider to use Apple's hardware and software in its creation, delivery and multimedia playback solutions.

Motorola Unveils First iTunes-Capable Cell Phone

Dubbed E1060, the new model will feature a mobile version of iTunes music player capable of carrying a limited, but as yet undefined, number of songs.


Why Apple Keeps On Shining

New rivals help polish its brand.


Little Shuffle Lives Up To iPod Family Name

The bottom line is that the iPod shuffle is the best $99 digital audio player I've ever used. It would be hard not to love it.

Don't Trust Your Eyes Or URLs

A poorly implemented method of allowing internationl language encoding within domain names allows a malicious party to display what appears to be one domain name in the Location field of a browser while connecting you to another.

Mac Mini Fan Noise

The mini turns on the fan on whenever it thinks it might get hot, and that's annoying.

RSS- And Atom-Feed Readers

PlupFiction 1.1.1 is our favorite, thanks to its highly customizable interface, easy-to-use subscription-management features, and top-notch automatic sorting of feeds into groups. We also recommend Shrook 2.12 for its fantastic interface and iPod syncing.

iWork Pages Is Nearly A Dream Come True

For anyone who writes, Apple's new iWork Pages program is a provocative software bellwether.

Singing THe Priases Of Backup

As an offsite or even as a basic whole-system archival solution, Backup is worth its weight in gold, boosting the overall value of a .Mac subscription tremendously.


IMG Is 12

Congratulations to Inside Mac Games, who is turning 12 years young this month.

Reminds Me Of TomorrowLand

An interesting NEW product from THE APPLE COMPUTER COMPANY.

Free Trial? Free Music!

Here's one way you can, er, "take advantage" of Napster's 14 day free music trial. End result: 252 full 80 minute CDs of free music, yours to keep forever.

Monday, February 14, 2005


PowerBook HD?

A reader have discovered the following text in the latest PowerBook manual: "Depending on how your Powerbook was configured, it may have a wide-screen display that has a 'native' resolution of 1920x1200 or 1440x900."

Of course, there are no 1920x1200 PowerBooks... yet.

Advertisement On My Content?

There are some fuss kicked up on the issues of Google selling advertisment against e-mails, and (potentially) Bloglines selling advertisement against RSS feeds, which got me wondering: why isn't there any fuss on Eudora selling advertisement for it's free e-mail client version?

Is it simply because advertisments on Google (and potentially Bloglines) are targeted?

Things I Learnt Last Week

... that my 2.5 years-old daughter is afraid of this little creature that shoots lasers out of its eyes.

(It's the Merlion statue at Sentosa here in Singapore, and you can see it, well, shoots lasers out of its eyes during the music fountain show.)


Microsoft Plots Fixes To IE Browser

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Top Stories

How Apple Saved The Music Biz

For now the significant thing to note is that it was a computer manufaturer and not a record company that cracked the problem of providing legal music downloads.


10 Million iPods, Previewing The CD's End

CD album sales are bright, but the downloadable digital future is blinding.

Radio Feels The Heat Of High-Tech Competition

Question: What four-letter word won't get a radio station in trouble with the FCC, but is guaranteed to make radio executives cringe? Answer: iPod.

Podcasting To The Global Village

Springfield Taps Into Laptops

As of this week, Springfield Middle School is "plugged in" like no other school in Oregon.

Forget Roses: Valentine Eyes Are On The 'i'

Music lovers' hearts have fallen for Apple's white stick iPod Shuffles are trickling into T.O.


iPod Out Loud

A swarm of companies is putting out speakers designed just for your MP3s.

Mac Mini Could Carry Mighty Punch

There has never been a more attractive, or attractively priced, Mac.


iPod Shuffle Is Not Simple

People who believes that the iPod shuffle is just a simple little MP3 player — people like Sim Wong Hoo — is not getting the whole picutre. In Apple's universe, the iPod shuffle does not stand alone. It is part of the iPod-iTunes-iTunes Music Store product, which is nothing but simple.

As many have observed, Apple can get away with having a screen because of the excellent iTunes. Creative has to evolve a screen into their device because Creative has nothing even remotely close to iTunes.

Apple Is More Than Macintosh

Felixsalmon: If there's one overriding reason why Steve Jobs has been a huge success at Apple, it's that he has managed to demolish the old truism that Apple = Mac.

Of course, one may also remember that it was Steve Jobs that proved that Apple is not only Apple ][.

But, that would be only part of Apple's history. One may also remember that there are other non-Apple ][ and non-Macintosh projects from Apple. Newton, Pippin, QuickTime, FileMaker... It's just that only Steve Jobs seem to be successful in getting new product lines going at Apple.

Best iPod Shuffle Stand?

That Channel 9 guy from Microsoft. :-)

Love Is In The Air

... well, at least in MyAppleMenu Reader.


Podcasting To The Global Village

Chief Humanising Officer

Does Robert Scoble, a celebrity blogger on Microsoft's payroll, herald the death of traditional public relations?

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Of MRIs And iPods

Dr. Osman Ratib had a problem. As a radiologist, he dealt with mountains of digital images which needed to be tracked, stored, and shared on a regular basis — but he didn't have a good way to easily transport everything he needed.

New Pepsi-iTunes Promo, Same Old 'Hack'

With the second Pepsi-iTunes contest under way, iTunes fans have again discovered how to tilt the odds in their favor.

'Hacking' The iTunes-Pepsi Promo

Two California Apple Resellers Shut Down, Blame Apple

Two independent Apple dealers in California have shut their doors, blaming Apple's dealings with them for their inability to maintain operations.


Only A Theory...

The problem is, I really don't like the idea of computers in schools at all.

64-Bit Traffic Jam

As vendors play down their own 64-bit technologies and wait for Microsoft, Linux and OS X roll along.


Apache And AppleScript

iPod Shuffle: Apple Understated

The [competitors] fail to realize that these extras add complexity. The vendors also don't understated how the whole package — iTunes, synchronization and Shuffle play — makes Apple's diminutive music player appealing.

Apple iPod Shuffle

The shocking thing about the Shuffle is the size, and lack of weight.

New PowerBook Benchmarks

We've finished benchmarking most of the new PowerBooks, and we can report that PowerBook performances has improved with this upgrade.

iPod Eye For The Linux Guy

Nothing I've seen in Linux is as slick to this and lord knows that nothing Microsoft has come up with is even remotely close.


We Have The Money To Reinvent The Wheel

Sometimes, one wonders if teams within Microsoft make use of undocumented Windows APIs to gain an advantage over non-Microsoft competitors.

And sometimes, you realise that, Microsoft programmers are... well, programmers too, and processes the not-invented-here illness too. Take, for instance, the Internet Explorer team. Rather than fixing a weakness in the Windows SDK (limit of 10,000 USER handles per process, and running out of desktop heap), they reinvented the wheel, and let IE have a totally different way of displaying controls.


Is Microsoft Dying?

Great, healthy companies not only dominate the market, but share of mind. Look at Apple these days. But when was the last time you thought about Microsoft, except in frustration or anger?

Friday, February 11, 2005


Survey: Laptop Program Backed

Henrico County students are using their laptops successfully for learning, but they aren't entirely convinced the computers help them do better in school, a new study says.

Apple Announces Two-For-One Stock Split

ADHOC Posts MacHack Papers

AirPort Express Router Moves Off The Outlet And Onto The Desktop

AirPort Express owners who want to show off the ourters have an option: the AirBase from Griffin Technology.


Wanted: Connector Extender


QuicKeys X3 At The Crossroads

Users must decide whether QuicKeys X3's excellent interface alone can justify its premium price.

Exporting Individual vCards

Mac Meets PC And Both Learn To Share

There is a way to have your Mac and PC, too, without having to devote money or space to an extra keyboard, monitor or mouse. If you network the machines, it's also possible for them to share hard drives, printers and other peripherals.


Worst. CEO. Ever.

Just after the official announcement came down that CEO Carly Fiorina would be sacked, corks were popped and bottles were opened. There was little time for empathy. No pangs of sadness. Inside the company, workers openly celebrated their liberation from "Her Royal Horribleness," a nickname bestowed upon Fiorina for her abrasive treatment of line workers.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Plug An Instrument Into An iPod And Play Along With The Band

A product called the JamPod can turn an iPod into a portable private amplifier.

Apple Releases Mac OS X v10.3.8

The key updates in this release include improved OpenGL technology and updated ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers; improved file sharing and directory services for mixed Mac and PC networks; improved compatibility for third party applications and devices; and previous standalone security updates.

Karmazin: No Satellite Radio For iPod

Apple CEO Steve Jobs tells Mel Karmazin, new CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio, there is no plan for satellite radio in iPod music player.

Radio To The MP3 Degree: Podcasting

Apple is in a prime positioin to make podcasting significantly easier — but probably won't.


Mac Mini An Amazing $499 — Until You Add Essentials

Apple Pages

A Fast But Hot Notebook

Apple's PowerBook G4's performance comes with a price, paid in heat.

iPod And PC Making Beautiful Music Together

We've put together a collection of programs that will help you use your PC to get the most out of your iPod.


Aluminum iPod Shuffle Case

Gizmodo discovers a DIY aluminium iPod shuffle case that, well, costs more than the iPod shuffle. But, gosh, it looks so sexy!

Lack Of Updates...

In case you were wondering about the lack of updates on this site these few days... well, I just want to let you knwo that I've just survived the first day of Chinese New Year.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005


Environmentalists Push For A 'Greener' iPod

Why pick on the tiny iPod when landfills around the country are filling up with 16-inch monitors and ancient CPUs? Because of the sheer numbers of the devices being sold, and Apple's reputation as a forward-thinking company.

GraphicConverter 5.5 Adds Import, Editing Functions

Apple Has Georgia On Its Mind

Apple is on the verge of securing one of its biggest education deals ever, with a Georgia school district leaning toward purchasing tens of thousands of Mac laptops.

Safari, Firefox, Opera Struck By Spoofing Flaw

Super Bowl Ad Sends More Traffic To Apple Than Napster

Apple iTunes saw a more than 170-per cent jump in site traffic following the airing of its Super Bowl advert promoting the Pepsi iTunes giveaway on Sunday.

Apple Upstages Microsoft At VSLive?

The iPod is everywhere these days, even at a Microsoft developer conference.

Duke Freshmen Use iPods For Classes And Tunes

Duke University freshmen are using their school-issued iPods to learn Spanish vocabulary, recording lectures, analyzing music, and — no surprise here — for downloading their favorite tunes.

Synaptics Falls On Apple Concerns

Synaptics shares slumped almost 16 percent Monday after Bear Steams analyst Andrew Neff cut his price target on the stock due to concerns about the touchpad-technology company's relationships with Apple Computer.


Apple ID Concerns

Apple Suit Is Wrong Kind Of Different

If a company wants to take steps to control its own employees' activities, including firing or suing workers who reveal secrets, that''s its right. When it seeks to put a gag on the people who merely receive the information, that's going way too far.

Subscription Small Print

If you cancel your subscription, all of that music will stop working.


Upgrading An Old iMac To Mac OS X

Everything works great!

Tools We Use: PinPoint And Mousepose

How Do You Match Bookmarks With Browsers? Bookit!

Spymac's Wheel vs Dot Mac For Easy Web Services

Overal wheel isn't a bad product, by no means, it just needs a little spit and polish before its ready for primetime. If you're lifestyle sounds a little more like my own, skip Wheel and pony up the extra 60 bucks. I'm sure you'll find your .Mac account to be worth it.

Pages Vs. AppleWorks

The main things you'll lose by entirely abandoning AppleWorks for Pages are: a spreadsheet, a database, a paint module, a few drawing features and an ability to work with different modules independently. What you'll gain are superior page layout features, an updated user interface, integration with iLife, and an application written from ground up to work in Mac OS X. Of course, if you already own AppleWorks, you can move up to Pages and still keep AppleWorks around for when you need it.

Mac Mini's Value Is In Its Size

The Mac Mini raises the bar for what a good, low-price computer can and should do.


Newton? Still Useful

The Unofficial Apple Weblog: I offered 300 bonus points to the person who could send in a photo of their Newton controlling their Mac mini. I should have known better!


Fiorina Steps Down At HP

Carly Fiorina, the embattled leader of HP, stepped down as chairman and CEO on Wednesday as HP tries to redefine itself for a new era.

Microsoft To Buy Antivirus Software Firm

Tuesday, February 8, 2005


Laptops Connect Pupils

Students at an elementary school on the Long Island City waterfront are learning not just with books, but with iBooks.

Doctors Turn To iPods And Open Source To Cut Costs

Apple is doctors' orders for storage.

Apple Posts Pepsi iTunes Ads


Napster's Bad Math

Napster's math still doesn't add up. Then again, who said cats could do math?


Don't Get Me Wrong...

Just a note: if your article has the phrase, "Dont get me wrong...", it is highly unlikely that I will ink to your article.

Why? Because this phrase is usually a codeword for "here comes some handwaving."

Cheap To Purchase, Fast To Assemble

Just don't expect this 4-Gigabyte RAID storage device, created using 4 iPod shuffles, to perform well.


Microsoft To Release More Source Code?

Microsoft is considering the release of source code for Windows Forms, a popular tool used to build Windows programs.

Monday, February 7, 2005


Safari Security Flaw Warning

Universal And Apple Sell Chinese Pop Online

Apple and Universal Music are expanding their range to online music consumers by selling Chinese-language pop music for the first time in North America and Europe.


Are You Ready For The Cyborg Consumer?

The iPod is a great example of what happens when consumers unite with technology that fits their lives.


iPod May Be A Bit Too Minimalist

The Shuffle is certainly a looker. But you may find yourself yearning for a display that lets you see which song is playing. Or even for a more substantial on/off switch.

Sunday, February 6, 2005


Teachers Start To Get Laptops

The district hopes to integrate the Apple iBook G4 laptops seamlessly into the classrooms.


Who Is Responsible

That kind of stuff tends to make your day.


Pages First Impressions

It certainly doesn't compete with Word head on and feature by feature, but that's a good thing.

Quark Vs. InDesign

Quark 4 may be terrible and out of date, but the alternatives to Quark 4 are worse. Neither QuarkXPress 6 nor its main competitor InDesign has become the OS X standard for professional publishing.

The Apple Mac Mini

The appeal of the Mini lies in Apple's design and engineering know-how as well as its software.


Rumor Today: Ask Jeeves Buys Bloglines

Mary Hodder: Ask Jeeves is integrating Bloglines into their search system.

Bloglines is my primary RSS reader, so I hope nothing evil comes out from this deal. :-)

Good luck to all invovled.

Saturday, February 5, 2005


Office Of Education Decides To Retire Old Mac

Only Mac enthusiasts can understand the heartache that accompanies the disposal of a treasure such as the Power Macintosh 8100.

The Clips: Three Ways To Secure An iPod Shuffle


Laptop Replacement Vs. Repair

I'd gladly pay more for a machine with fewer bells and whistles but engineered to be less likely to fail when I need it the most.

Picking Out A New Laptop

Reaction To Story About iPods At Microsoft

Microsoft's fans — both of them — came out guns blazing.

iPod Shuffle: More Thoughts, Wishlist

The Filth And The Fur Of The Apple Loyal

Apple is known almost as much for its loyal fan base as for its innovative products. But, could their outspoken manner be hurting the company's stab at the corporate world?

The Genius Of Apple Coolness

Lots of other companies makes lots of great products, and whose employees love being part of their experience. But I've rarely seen the passion.

Why Does Windows Still Suck?

Why do PC users put up with so many viruses and worms? WHy isn't everyone on a Mac?


Apple Takes Simple Approach To Pages

Pages is minimalist software for users who simply want to write something and save it.

Mac Mini: Low Price, High Value

The Mac mini is tiny, beautiful and dirt cheap. And, remarkably, Apple didn't compromise on performance or features in pricing it.

iWork Has Template For Future Of E-Mail

iWork's ability to create templates is not specifically tailored to e-mail, but with a little tweaking you can do some really cool things.

iPod Shuffle

You'll love it, I promise.


How to create multiple On-The-Go playlists on iPod.

Brilliant Playlists

Tips for making smarter smart playlists.

Shuffle Fun

I don't miss the display at all.


Yet Another Mix-And-Match

As discovered by Derrick Story, the iPod shuffle fits nicely into an Altoids box.

Can't Find Your iPod Shuffle?

Do you find that you've always lost your iPod shuffle in your house? One minute, you were listening to your favorite tunes, then your wife shouted for you to help out in the kitchen, and you cannot find your iPod when you return back to your study?

This may help — just whistle, and your iPod will light up and make noise. Of course, now your iPod shuffle is not as light as it should be...

Hot Enough For 'Ya?

Leander Kahney: If you've got an Airport Express base station, you've also got a cheap coffee warmer.

Invasion Of The iPods

Dave Winer: Walking through [New York City] is like walking through an Apple ad.

Invasion Of The iPods II

The Giant Shuffle is here.

Who Do You Want To Sleep With?

Insomnia? Try getting an iPod and Bill Bryson's audio book.

Friday, February 4, 2005


iPod Boom Is Music To Retailers' Ears

Analysts are predicting the 'iPod economy' will generate sales worth hundreds of millions of pounds this year.

iPod Shuffle Stickers

You've plunked down your hard earned money on an elusive iPod shuffles, but it looks like everyone else's. What is a stylish technogeek to do?

Apple Leaving Open orders Unresolved?

Essentially, [the] order got lost somewhere between Apple and FedEx, neither is willing to take responsibility, and Apple is not moving on the issue.

Apple Retests Its Consumer IQ

Even some of those bullish on Apple's future admit to some doubts about whether the company can maintain its momentum.

Apple Reduces Prices On Refurb, New Macs


I Want A Lighter PowerBook!

I'm willing to pay a financial premium, but not a mass premium. Where's my 3.5 lb (or less!) Mac notebook?

Subscription Model Killing iTunes? Yawn

Apple: It May Be Too Late To Take A Bite

Besides a reflected glow as part-owner of today's most glamorous gadgeteer, what does 77 a share get an Apple buyer?

Apple's Mac Mini And Me

Apple's been burned by a very similar machine in the past and doesn't want to get burned again. There's also the question — at least in the stores — of the mini stealing sales from more profitable products.

Thanks For The Memory

Apple has delivered a superb operating system and world-class applications. Now it needs to make available machines with the installed memory to take full advantage of both that OS and those applications right out of the box.


Portable Audio For Snobs

How to make your iPod an audiophile's dream.

DEVONagent Rushes In Where Google Fears To Tread

DEVONagent searches intelligently so that you don't have to, and presents the results with crystal clarity, slicing through the murk of the Internet, showing you just what you wanted to know.


Rent Music? Why Not Buy? Or Better Still... Get Free Music

I believe Steve Jobs was right, when he assessed music rental via the Internet will not make business sense, but not because of the reason he cited. (If I recall correctly, he claimed that "consumers" will rather buy, than rent, tunes.)

We do want to hear new music. That's one reason why radio was popular. But music rental faces extremely tough competitioin: from both radio — which is still mainly free, and podcasts such as PodSafe Music and (ahem) MyAppleMenu Shuffle provides daily free music too.

Frisk Mint Case For iPod Shuffle

Gizmodo: Someone in Japan has discovered that Frisk-brand mints make a perfectly-sized case for the iPod shuffle.

But, really, you still cannot chew on your iPod shuffle.

When I Do Have A Screen

When Flash memory's price starts dropping and capacity starts increasing, Apple might well be forced to put a display on its iPod shuffle. And this is what it might look like.


Richard Feynman: The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool.


It's Windows Vs. Windows As Microsoft Battles Piracy

In an effort to boost sales of Windows, Microsoft has its sights set on its nearest competitor. But it's not Linux. And sorry, Apple Computer fans, it's not the Mac. The biggest rival to WIndows sales is Windows itself — or rather pirated copies of the OS. ANd Microsoft is starting to put its foot down.

Thursday, February 3, 2005


Eyeing The iMac

The new iMac G5 from Apple is unlike any computer you've ever seen. And customers like the looks of it.

A Remote For The Times When The iPod Isn't Portable

The AirClick remote from Griffin Technology allows you to play, skip and repeat tracks from up to 60 feet away.

Pepsi-iTunes 'Bottle Songs' Ad To Air During Super Bowl

Apple Releases iPhoto 5.0.1

The update "addresses issues with upgrading iPhoto 4 libraries, dragging albums into folders, importing MPEG 4 movies, and also includes a number of other minor fixes."


The iPodders Of Redmond

When a Windows Media Player and PlayForSure music player combination starts converting these people — earlier adopters and buying influencers — Microsoft will finally be on the right path to dealing with iPod and iTunes.

Ahh, Fun On Slashdot

It's not about building a better player. It's about building a better end-to-end experience.

Wired News Conducts A Clinic In Bad Journalism

Taking an offhand remark from an unknown source (who may or may not have a hidden agenda and who may or may not know what he's talking about) and extrapolating it to the entire campus is just silly.

iPod Shuffle Has Teens Tuned In


Shuffling Lightly

The most interesting thing [about iPod shuffle] is just how light it is.


I Ate iPod Shuffle Next ime you need a snacky-treat, Think Different — iPod appetit.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Top Stories

Hide Your iPod, Here Comes Bill

To the growing frustration and annoyance of Microsoft's management, Apple's iPod is wildly popular among Microsoft's workers. So popular is the iPod, executives are increasingly sending out memos frowning on its use.


Patent 'Hints At Apple Home Entertainment Device'

Apple Europe Notebook Repaikr Partner Firm Bust

Apple's European notebook repair partner company ADT has "gone bust", sources told Macworld.

Apple Releases Financial Details In SEC Form 10-Q

Schools Making Grades Available Online

Gone are the days when parents would find out how their kids were doing in schools only when report cards came home or during parent-teacher conferences.

Apple Stock Sets New 52-Week High

Apple On G5 PowerBook: Not So Fast

For Apple, releasing a G5 PowerBook continues to be a weighty issue.

University Of Illinois To Launch 640-Node Xserve Cluster

Apple's Mac Mini Gets Maximum Attention

"We believe initial demand for the Mac mini and the iPod shuffle has exceeded what Apple had been expecting."

Small Business: Wise Counsel

"I can't imagine that our firm would have made its strides without Apple's products — and philosophy — being fundamental to our culture. In hundreds of ways, large and small, the Mac helps us forcus on the intimate needs of our clients, not the intricacies of technology."

iPodder X Adds AAC Format, Bookmark Support


I'm Not Supposed To Have An iPod? Hogwash!

Apple Restricting DVD Region-Changes — Voluntarily!

I've just discovered, to my amazement, that Apple imposes its very own restrictions on its DVD players over and above those imposed by the studios: that's right, Apple voluntarily treats its customers worse than the studios say it has to.


Operating Systems Tested

The operating system is in the engine room of your computer. We put four versions of Linux up against the big guns — Windows and Mac OS.

Output Like A Pro With iPhoto 5

I'm going to show you some of my tricks for creating standout slideshows in iPhoto 5 — regardless if you shoot JPEG or RAW. I'll then show you how to export your slideshows to QuickTime.

Protecting Your iPod

With such protections in place I might have a better chance of recovering my iPod or, at leas, protecting the data I've stored on it.

Top Ten AppleScript Tips

If you think of AppleScript as only a nerdy, workflow-automation tool, you're missing out on a lot of power.

Mac Mini To The Max

Maybe, for those enterprising IT folks out there, [the Mac mini is] meant to give them a chance to try out a Mac at work to see whether it has a place there. My hunch is that it does.


First, We Ignroe History. Then, We Ignroe Science.

New York Times: In districts around the country, even when evolution is in the curriculum it may not be in the classroom, according to researchers who follow the issue.

You know what, this reminds me of Japan, and the ignorance of World War II hidstory.


Microsoft Introduces Its Own Search Service

Two years after saying it planned to enter the battle of Internet search engines, Microsoft is introducing its homegrown search technology to the users of its MSN service and Internet Explorer browser.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Top Stories

Apple Adds Bluetooth 2.0

Apple jumps out in front, as is typical, and adds Bluetooth 2.0 to its laptop, which adds a 3 Mbps flavor, making it possible for the highest-quality music streaming to Bleutooth headphones.


In iPod America, Legions In Tune

With its high-tech decor and clubby feel, Apple's flagship store here doesn't look like a creepy cult headquarters. But there's some kind of mind-noodling going on: Everyone exiting its glass doors is ready to spout the gospel of iPod.

Apple: Video's Future Is Tiger, QuickTime 7, H.264

Apple says that because H.264 is a standard and has been adopted by standards organizations and many other companies the battle for the successor to the current MPEG-2 video standard is basically over.

Skype 1.0 For Mac OS X And Linux Now Available

My Very Own Radio Station Has Transformed My Listening Habits

The name of this eclectic radio station? Call it iPod radio.

Podcasting Power

It's hard to imagine giant radio conglomerates like Clear Channel fretting over such harmless-sounding podcasts as "The Dawn and Drew Show." But technology cna pounce on unsuspecting, entrenched businesses. And podcasting seems to hold the same disruptive potential as TiVo, giving everyone the power to listen to the radio shows they want, whenever they want.

Wal-Mart Has An Ear For iPod Market

Wal-Mart Stores has quietly begun selling APple's popular iPod Minis in select stores, the mega retailer's first big move into the market for the enormously popular digital music players.

Begin The March Of Mac Mini Accessories

We didn't have to wait terribly long to see the birth of the market for Mac mini accessories, thanks to The Plasticsmith.

America's Premier Guru Of Gadgets Is Doing It Again

Surely, some time down the road a film biography of Steve Jobs — who... put his stamp not only on an industry but a culture — will be made. The only unknown at the point is the ending.

.Mac Members Get Freefall Screen Saver, New Tutorials


4 Wishes For The Gen 5 iPod

The iPod People

Proof that the iPod obsession has gone from fad to phenomenon is the abundance of new words and phrases that have sprung up around this digital doodad.

Rethinking The Small Form Factor


Mac Mini

Dialing For Less

In this article, I'll look at how softphone technology works. Then I'll walk through a setup with Skype, a popular application now available for Mac OS X.

Two-Way Street: Moving Music Off The iPod

Rescuing your music when your hard drive goes phht.


No, That's Not Cool

David Pogue: At least three readers... track[ed] me down and call me at home... Sometimes, it's best to leave the columnist alone.

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