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Saturday, February 5, 2005


Office Of Education Decides To Retire Old Mac

Only Mac enthusiasts can understand the heartache that accompanies the disposal of a treasure such as the Power Macintosh 8100.

The Clips: Three Ways To Secure An iPod Shuffle


Laptop Replacement Vs. Repair

I'd gladly pay more for a machine with fewer bells and whistles but engineered to be less likely to fail when I need it the most.

Picking Out A New Laptop

Reaction To Story About iPods At Microsoft

Microsoft's fans — both of them — came out guns blazing.

iPod Shuffle: More Thoughts, Wishlist

The Filth And The Fur Of The Apple Loyal

Apple is known almost as much for its loyal fan base as for its innovative products. But, could their outspoken manner be hurting the company's stab at the corporate world?

The Genius Of Apple Coolness

Lots of other companies makes lots of great products, and whose employees love being part of their experience. But I've rarely seen the passion.

Why Does Windows Still Suck?

Why do PC users put up with so many viruses and worms? WHy isn't everyone on a Mac?


Apple Takes Simple Approach To Pages

Pages is minimalist software for users who simply want to write something and save it.

Mac Mini: Low Price, High Value

The Mac mini is tiny, beautiful and dirt cheap. And, remarkably, Apple didn't compromise on performance or features in pricing it.

iWork Has Template For Future Of E-Mail

iWork's ability to create templates is not specifically tailored to e-mail, but with a little tweaking you can do some really cool things.

iPod Shuffle

You'll love it, I promise.


How to create multiple On-The-Go playlists on iPod.

Brilliant Playlists

Tips for making smarter smart playlists.

Shuffle Fun

I don't miss the display at all.


Yet Another Mix-And-Match

As discovered by Derrick Story, the iPod shuffle fits nicely into an Altoids box.

Can't Find Your iPod Shuffle?

Do you find that you've always lost your iPod shuffle in your house? One minute, you were listening to your favorite tunes, then your wife shouted for you to help out in the kitchen, and you cannot find your iPod when you return back to your study?

This may help — just whistle, and your iPod will light up and make noise. Of course, now your iPod shuffle is not as light as it should be...

Hot Enough For 'Ya?

Leander Kahney: If you've got an Airport Express base station, you've also got a cheap coffee warmer.

Invasion Of The iPods

Dave Winer: Walking through [New York City] is like walking through an Apple ad.

Invasion Of The iPods II

The Giant Shuffle is here.

Who Do You Want To Sleep With?

Insomnia? Try getting an iPod and Bill Bryson's audio book.

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