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Wednesday, February 9, 2005


Environmentalists Push For A 'Greener' iPod

Why pick on the tiny iPod when landfills around the country are filling up with 16-inch monitors and ancient CPUs? Because of the sheer numbers of the devices being sold, and Apple's reputation as a forward-thinking company.

GraphicConverter 5.5 Adds Import, Editing Functions

Apple Has Georgia On Its Mind

Apple is on the verge of securing one of its biggest education deals ever, with a Georgia school district leaning toward purchasing tens of thousands of Mac laptops.

Safari, Firefox, Opera Struck By Spoofing Flaw

Super Bowl Ad Sends More Traffic To Apple Than Napster

Apple iTunes saw a more than 170-per cent jump in site traffic following the airing of its Super Bowl advert promoting the Pepsi iTunes giveaway on Sunday.

Apple Upstages Microsoft At VSLive?

The iPod is everywhere these days, even at a Microsoft developer conference.

Duke Freshmen Use iPods For Classes And Tunes

Duke University freshmen are using their school-issued iPods to learn Spanish vocabulary, recording lectures, analyzing music, and — no surprise here — for downloading their favorite tunes.

Synaptics Falls On Apple Concerns

Synaptics shares slumped almost 16 percent Monday after Bear Steams analyst Andrew Neff cut his price target on the stock due to concerns about the touchpad-technology company's relationships with Apple Computer.


Apple ID Concerns

Apple Suit Is Wrong Kind Of Different

If a company wants to take steps to control its own employees' activities, including firing or suing workers who reveal secrets, that''s its right. When it seeks to put a gag on the people who merely receive the information, that's going way too far.

Subscription Small Print

If you cancel your subscription, all of that music will stop working.


Upgrading An Old iMac To Mac OS X

Everything works great!

Tools We Use: PinPoint And Mousepose

How Do You Match Bookmarks With Browsers? Bookit!

Spymac's Wheel vs Dot Mac For Easy Web Services

Overal wheel isn't a bad product, by no means, it just needs a little spit and polish before its ready for primetime. If you're lifestyle sounds a little more like my own, skip Wheel and pony up the extra 60 bucks. I'm sure you'll find your .Mac account to be worth it.

Pages Vs. AppleWorks

The main things you'll lose by entirely abandoning AppleWorks for Pages are: a spreadsheet, a database, a paint module, a few drawing features and an ability to work with different modules independently. What you'll gain are superior page layout features, an updated user interface, integration with iLife, and an application written from ground up to work in Mac OS X. Of course, if you already own AppleWorks, you can move up to Pages and still keep AppleWorks around for when you need it.

Mac Mini's Value Is In Its Size

The Mac Mini raises the bar for what a good, low-price computer can and should do.


Newton? Still Useful

The Unofficial Apple Weblog: I offered 300 bonus points to the person who could send in a photo of their Newton controlling their Mac mini. I should have known better!


Fiorina Steps Down At HP

Carly Fiorina, the embattled leader of HP, stepped down as chairman and CEO on Wednesday as HP tries to redefine itself for a new era.

Microsoft To Buy Antivirus Software Firm

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