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Sunday, February 13, 2005

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How Apple Saved The Music Biz

For now the significant thing to note is that it was a computer manufaturer and not a record company that cracked the problem of providing legal music downloads.


10 Million iPods, Previewing The CD's End

CD album sales are bright, but the downloadable digital future is blinding.

Radio Feels The Heat Of High-Tech Competition

Question: What four-letter word won't get a radio station in trouble with the FCC, but is guaranteed to make radio executives cringe? Answer: iPod.

Podcasting To The Global Village

Springfield Taps Into Laptops

As of this week, Springfield Middle School is "plugged in" like no other school in Oregon.

Forget Roses: Valentine Eyes Are On The 'i'

Music lovers' hearts have fallen for Apple's white stick iPod Shuffles are trickling into T.O.


iPod Out Loud

A swarm of companies is putting out speakers designed just for your MP3s.

Mac Mini Could Carry Mighty Punch

There has never been a more attractive, or attractively priced, Mac.


iPod Shuffle Is Not Simple

People who believes that the iPod shuffle is just a simple little MP3 player — people like Sim Wong Hoo — is not getting the whole picutre. In Apple's universe, the iPod shuffle does not stand alone. It is part of the iPod-iTunes-iTunes Music Store product, which is nothing but simple.

As many have observed, Apple can get away with having a screen because of the excellent iTunes. Creative has to evolve a screen into their device because Creative has nothing even remotely close to iTunes.

Apple Is More Than Macintosh

Felixsalmon: If there's one overriding reason why Steve Jobs has been a huge success at Apple, it's that he has managed to demolish the old truism that Apple = Mac.

Of course, one may also remember that it was Steve Jobs that proved that Apple is not only Apple ][.

But, that would be only part of Apple's history. One may also remember that there are other non-Apple ][ and non-Macintosh projects from Apple. Newton, Pippin, QuickTime, FileMaker... It's just that only Steve Jobs seem to be successful in getting new product lines going at Apple.

Best iPod Shuffle Stand?

That Channel 9 guy from Microsoft. :-)

Love Is In The Air

... well, at least in MyAppleMenu Reader.


Podcasting To The Global Village

Chief Humanising Officer

Does Robert Scoble, a celebrity blogger on Microsoft's payroll, herald the death of traditional public relations?

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