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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Top Stories

iPods At The Gate

Like little armies dragging their downloadable ammunition behind them, Apple's iPods are poised at the juncture of teenworld and your campus, just waiting to invade. Can this be a good thing?


Apple And Kudlian Expand iLife

Teens Know Cost Of Apples But Not Milk

British teenagers are experts when it comes to luxury gadgets, but know little about the cost of daily life, according to a survey published today.

Podcasting: The People's Radio

Look how far podcasting has come in a short time!

Apple's Subpoenas Challenged In Court

Lawyers for news Web sites targeted by Apple asked a California court on Monday to block subpoenasa seeking to identify who leaked information about unreleased products.

HP Exec Leaves For Apple VP Position

Apple Computer's 'Valuation Not Outrageous'

Piper Jaffray maintained an "outperform" rating for Apple and said valuation of the stock is "not outrageous based on three-year historical average."

Stars Take A Shine To Apple

Apple has four retail stores in the Los Angeles area, which give the sales associates ample opportunity to rub elbows with Hollywood celebrities. It isn't always pleasant.

Kevin Smith Defends Character (His)

"If I looked pissed, it's only because I don't burst into a room, a'la Robin fucking Williams, trying to make everybody laugh."

Melanie Griffith Freaks Out At LA Apple Store

"The uncorroborated account of the store clerk in this piece is just that. The characterization doesn't jive with what I witnessed."

BPI Urges iTunes To 'Get THe Indies'

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) today launched a campaign to help independent labels get their music into online music services.

Apple Partners With Euro Telecom Firm Teleca

European telecom services company Teleca on Monday announced a partnership with Apple that will enable the services provider to use Apple's hardware and software in its creation, delivery and multimedia playback solutions.

Motorola Unveils First iTunes-Capable Cell Phone

Dubbed E1060, the new model will feature a mobile version of iTunes music player capable of carrying a limited, but as yet undefined, number of songs.


Why Apple Keeps On Shining

New rivals help polish its brand.


Little Shuffle Lives Up To iPod Family Name

The bottom line is that the iPod shuffle is the best $99 digital audio player I've ever used. It would be hard not to love it.

Don't Trust Your Eyes Or URLs

A poorly implemented method of allowing internationl language encoding within domain names allows a malicious party to display what appears to be one domain name in the Location field of a browser while connecting you to another.

Mac Mini Fan Noise

The mini turns on the fan on whenever it thinks it might get hot, and that's annoying.

RSS- And Atom-Feed Readers

PlupFiction 1.1.1 is our favorite, thanks to its highly customizable interface, easy-to-use subscription-management features, and top-notch automatic sorting of feeds into groups. We also recommend Shrook 2.12 for its fantastic interface and iPod syncing.

iWork Pages Is Nearly A Dream Come True

For anyone who writes, Apple's new iWork Pages program is a provocative software bellwether.

Singing THe Priases Of Backup

As an offsite or even as a basic whole-system archival solution, Backup is worth its weight in gold, boosting the overall value of a .Mac subscription tremendously.


IMG Is 12

Congratulations to Inside Mac Games, who is turning 12 years young this month.

Reminds Me Of TomorrowLand

An interesting NEW product from THE APPLE COMPUTER COMPANY.

Free Trial? Free Music!

Here's one way you can, er, "take advantage" of Napster's 14 day free music trial. End result: 252 full 80 minute CDs of free music, yours to keep forever.

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