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Thursday, February 17, 2005

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Cocoa And The Emerging Software Market

The story of Cocoa is about small software shop where people are busting out incredible software with small teams.


Japanese Companies Ride iPod Success

Custom Engraving Gives iPods A Personal Touch

With custom engraving, Apple has found a way to make its cutting-edge technology even more personal.

iPod Shuffle Hits Taiwan's 7-11 Stores

Students Get Their Own iBooks

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Packaging Revealed

The new black packaging shows a platinum "X" that gives the perception that it is extending off the front of the box.

Apple Agrees To Hold Subpoenas Against Web Sites

Apple has agreed to hold off on serving subpoenas until after the Uperior Court of Santa Clara County, California, has held a hearing on the EFF's request for a protective order for its clients. A date for the hearing has not yet been set, but it may be held in early March.

Apple Computer Shares Crack $90 To Hit New Intraday All-Time High

Apple To Open New Southern California Store

ifo Apple Store reports that Apple is planning to open a new retail store at the posh Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles.

Panic Releases Transmit 3 FTP Client For Mac OS X


The Naked Truth About iTunes

Music is such a good way to get to know someone, because most people are passionate about the music they listen to.

iPods Make Being A Nerd Cool

The line between nerd and cool has blended to a point where it is almost nonexistent.

Who Will Make The iPod Phone? And When?

Nokia's plans to bundle Windows Media Player with future cell phones begs the question: Is an iPod phone in the works?

While Switching To Mac Will Improve Security, It Isn't For Everybody

The best candidates for a switch to the Mac are those who use their computers overwhhelmingly for common, mainstream consumer tasks.

Steve Jobs, Napster Nemesis

According to sources at major record labels, Steve Jobs himself sent top music executives a link to a blog explaining how to turn copy-protected songs from Apple rival Napster into unprotected, freely burnable music files.


Faux Manual Shuffle Management

Is it impossible to update the shuffle with music scattered across multiple computers? No. It can be done via networking.

Easy DVD Archives

THe easiest tool to use for the task is MacTheRipper.


This Mini Didn't Work

ifoAppleStore noted the four-month anniversary of Apple's mini-stores, and note that these stores do not live up to their promises.

Another Switcher

Sicked and tired of problems with Windows, TiVo Chairman recently switched to Macintosh.

Maybe now there will be better Macintosh support coming from TiVo?

Be Prepared

Nowadays, if you are a software developer, you always must have a plan for when the company that sells the platform for which your application runs on — be it Microsoft or Apple — becomes your biggest competitor.

Especially if the whole reason for the existence of your product (read: Symantec) is due to the lousniess of the platform (read: Microsoft).

(Microsoft is buying anti-virus and anti-spamware products to, er, fix Windows for being virus and spamware-friendly. And these products ain't from Symantec.)

Rumor Today: Final Cut Pro 5 To Debut At NAB

Mid-April, i.e. And the article from Think Secret strongly implied that Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger will also be available by then.

Bill Gates Not An iPod User

As highlighted by iPodlounge, Bill Gates actually uses a Creative Zen. (Well, at least that's what he claims.) Of course, Bill Gates doesn't necessary have good taste. :-)


One-On-One With Bill Gates

Microsoft chairman talks about innovation, competition, and goals.

Napster Says It Hasn't Been 'Hacked'

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