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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

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4GB iPod Mini Now $199; 6GB Available For $249

Steve Jobs called the 4GB model's new $199 price tag "the magic price point."

iPod Photo Adds 30GB Model, Lowers Price By $150

The 30GB iPod photo debuts at US$349, $150 less than its 40GB predecessor. Apple has also reduced the price of the 60GB iPod photo from $599 to $449.


Adam Curry Wants To Make You An iPod Radio Star

He's gone from MTV to MP3, and now he's leading a grassroots rebellion called podcasting. Why amateurs may soon rule the airwaves (begin download now).

Public Library Lends Out Book-Filled iPod Shuffles

Cameras, iPods Need To Talk To Each Other

Soon, we are likely to see music devices that can download and display pictures directly from cameras, without using a comptuer as a go-between. That's what Gary Johnson, the CEO of PortalPlayer, says.

Jobs' Satisfaction

Who was that man in jeans and sneakers at the Apple store on Thursday? Why, it was founder and CEO Steve Jobs.

New Book Teaches You To Build An Apple I

Apple iTunes To Have 'Notable' Earnings Impact

Piper Jaffray maintained an "outperform" rating, saying the company's iTunes music-download service could begin to have a "notable" earnings impact in calendar 2005 and 2006.

Apple Releases Security Update 2005-002

Apple says the update addresses an issue where an untrusted applet coudl gain elevated privileges and potentially execute arbitrary code.


An Old Lesson On Target Audience... The iPod Way

Find out how the iPod looked at "target audience" in a different way. And how you can do not just the same, but actually do one better.

Dell CEO Still Doesn't Get It

Regardless of whether you happen to prefer an MP3 player from iRiver or Creative, there is no disputing that the iPod delivered this particular innovation to the general public in a way that finally made sense.


Select Your Shield

Norton AntiVirus is a reasonable contender for personal or group use. Businesses should keep an eye on Sophos Anti-Virus.

The Incredibles: Game Version Of Big-Screen Blockbuster Is Fun But Flawed

Limited save and graphics features mar the experience a bit, but the game offers plenty of fun for fans of the movie.

Raise The Wall

NetBarrier X3 offers a more user-friendly interface, significantly more intelligent intrusion detection, and better overall protection than any of the other firewall applications currently being offered.

SecuriKey Professional Edition

The SecuriKey adds another layer of protection that's particularly useful for publicly accessible Macs or for people who take their PowerBooks or iBooks on the road.

8 Ways To Protect Your Mac Right Now

While most people worry about hackers accessing their Macs over a network, it's much easier for someone to just walk up to a computer and browse its files. Here are eight ways to protect your Mac.

Griffin iCurve


It's Panther-Wombat

Scott McNulty suggests that Apple starts to name its security updates individually with animal names.

I say, anything is better than Apple's current naming convention, which will bring attention to the number of security updates that Apple has to publish to fix shortcomings.

American Goodwill Tour Endangered As President Snacks On Doritos During Chirac Speech

Andy Borowitz: [Also], during a speech by Javier Solana, the chief foreign policy official for the European Union, Bush, wearing dark sunglasses and an iPod, was heard singing along loudly to a song from Pink Floyd's classic album, "Dark Side of the Moon."

Contacted during his current Asian tour, Bush's father, the former president George H.W. Bush, said that he was "disappointed" to hear of his son's behavior, telling reporters," His mother and I will have a word with him when he gets home."


Why I Love The Tablet PC

In a nutshell, because it's so amazingly portable!

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