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Friday, February 25, 2005


Downloaded And Ready To Rock

iPod nights turn amateurs into digital DJs at D.C. club.

Apple's Transformation Upstages RealNetworks

Digital media is hot, but RealNetworks apparently is not, at least in comparison with Apple.

Firefox Gets Major Security Makeover

The new Firefox 1.0.1 was rushed out to provide a temporary fix for the IDN (International Domain Name) bug that was first flagged earlier this month.

Hello Kitty iPod Mini

R.I.P. Gold iPod Mini

Gold is destined only to survive in the collective memory of eBay listings.

New iPod Mini Holds More Tunes

The bigger picture is the "game of chess" Apple is playing with competitors. "Every time he makes these moves with pricing, he makes it more difficult for them to catch up."

Apple Buyout Of TiVo 'Highly Unlikely'

"First, it appears as though Apple want to stay focused ons elling select proven products rather than gambling on unknown initiatives... Second, Apple indicated that the DVR market seems to be a commodity."

Steve Jobs Tunrs 50

EU Investigation Of iTunes Pricing At Early Stage

Apple is being investigated by the European Union's Executive Commission after a British consumer watchdog group claimed the compnay has unfairly priced songs from its iTunes Music Store.


iPods Are The New Woman's Best Friend

FireWire Hysteria

The a la carte accessory pricing seems reasonable with the low-cost iPod mini; it seems stingy with the high-cost iPod photo.


System Pumps Music Around House

The stylish, well-conceived Sonos Digital Music System is designed for audiophiles with a large digital music collection that they want to access in high fidelity through something other than PC speakers.

Apple iPod Mini 4GB/6GB (Second-Generation)

Many people who seriously consider the iPod minis alongside Apple's other options will find even more to like in the company's bigger and better offerings.

Faking From

"This is easier in other email clients, but it can be done in Mail with some minor inconvenience."

First Look: iPod Mini (Second Generation)

I'm impressed with the look and the performance of the new mini but sorry that Apple cut corners on the FireWire cable and power adapter.


KCRW To Begin Podcasting

Great news for radio fans...

KCRW is putting out a whole bunch of podcasts on, I think, all of the shows that it produces.

My iPodder program is going to get really busy. (Oh, and Apple better have podcasting functionality built into iTunes 5.)


Microsoft To Nix Some Net Product Activation

Customers who find themselves reinstalling Windows XP should be readyd for a headache: Microsoft will no longer support activating the product over the Internet for PCs which have WIndows pre-installed.

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