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Monday, February 28, 2005

Jef Raskin

A Real Johnny Appleseed

His contribution went beyond coming up with a name and recruiting talented developers. In an undated article that appears on, veteran Macintosh programmer Andy Hertzfeid wrote, "There is no doubt that Jef was the creator of the Macintosh project at Apple, and that his articulate vision of an execptionally easy to use, low cost, high volume appliance computer got the ball rolling."

Macintosh Computer Creator Raskin Dead At 61

In 1979, Raskin had an idea: A computer that's priced affordably, targeted at consumers and extremely easy to use.

Exactly 2 Cents Worth: One Of The Best Of Our Age Passes

In this time of great specialization and focus on the nuance, it is a relief that there remain people who have such love for and experience such joy in the world that they want to see it with large eyes and embrace it with playful mind.

Jef Raskin Dies; Originator Of Macintosh

A wonderful spirit and renaissance man, who inspired me and many others.

The Man Who Named Apple's Macintosh, GUI Pioneer Jef Raskin Dies At 61

Raskin was truly a very interesting modern-day Renaissance man.

Jef Raskin Died Last Night

To me it's a poignant moment, Raskin is a contemporary. Th edge is moving through my generation.

Jef Raskin: A Life Of Design

On a recent visit (January 29, 2005) with Jef and his family, Jef gave us a tour of some of his amazing artifacts from the birth of personal computing. Photos and audio interviews of this visit follow.


Jef Raskin: Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining.


iPod Firmware Reverse Engineered

It Tries To Do For Blogging What Apple Did For PCs

Does the world really need another blogging tool? But Bubbler, a new product by a Palo Alto start-up called Five Across, is not an ordinary blogging tool.

Positive About Negativland iPod

Whether Apple likes it or not, this is a modified iPod artist Francis Hwang intends to sell.


'Creaky Operating Systems' Good Enough For Millions

There are still going to be millions of Mac users and tens of millions of Windows users running "ancient" operating systems simply because they do everything the user needs to do.

Podcasting Faces Growing Pains

Smart, creative people like to be rewarded for the time and energy they invest in producing great stuff. And it doesn't matter whether that stuff is a website, circa 1994, or a podcast in 2005.


Honeypot Experiment Shows Mac OS X Secured

And we're not even talking about the latest version of Mac OS X either. A Mac OS X Jaguar is secured right out of the box.

Windows XP SP 2 is pretty secured too, according to Denver Post. But you do need to download additional patches from Microsoft.

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