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Monday, June 6, 2005

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Developers Sound Off As Apple's WWDC Nears

As Apple's 2005 Worldwide Developer Conference approaches, four developers spoke with and expressed both enthusiasm and concerns about the development tools, user interface and APIs tied to Apple's Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) operating system.


FileMaker Announces Widgets, Automator Actions

.Mac Down During Jobs' WWDC Speech

Maintenance is scheduled to begin at 10am (PST) today, around the same time as Apple CEO Steve Jobs climbs the stage at the Moscone Centre.

Outsourcing Apple Is 'Symbol Of US Industry'

US policymakers are looking to Apple as a "symbol of US industry" thanks to the success of the iPod, but is Apple's a good example to copy in the light of a collapse in the US manufacturing employment market.

Apple Plans To Switch From I.B.M. To Intel For Chips

"Apple is not so important a customer [to IBM] that you would take the financial hit to hold onto the relationship."


The Tech Industry Is Quaking And We're All Trying To Figure Out What It Means

Think about how such a large decision needs to ripple through every part of an organization.



I don't understand why Intel can build a better PowerPC chip than IBM, and I don't understand why Pentium chips are worth all the trouble. But if Apple decides on any of these, I'd expect my reality to be explained by Steve tonight.

So, Will Anyone Get Fired Going With Intel?

The Unofficial Apple Weblog has a nice list of the blogosphere's reaction.

Oh, and, hey! James Zellmer is having the same evil DRM thoughts as me. :—)

Warning: Out-Of-Topic Geek Stuff

Hey! I didn't even know that there is even an HTML dialog feature in Frontier. :-)

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