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Monday, July 4, 2005


iPod Still Hitting The Right Note For Retailers

The iPod phenomanon that many thought would peak after the Christmas rush has maintained its momentum.

iTunes' Top Podcasts Are Wayne's World Wannabees

Nearly half of the top 100 podcasts subscribed to at iTunes were produced by independents.

Firefox For Intel Macs Ready To Roll

Firefox has been ported to work on Apple's new Intel Macs.

They Came With An Apple... And Left With An iPod

Give a 30-cent apple in exchange for a slick MP3 player worth S$178?

The Battle For Eardrums Begins With Podcasts


Windows Software: Ugly, Boring & Uninspired

The "coolest" software today seems only to have been developed for OS X.

Conflict Of Interest Developing In Podcasting! Apple Helping To Drive The Divide!

Left a bad taste in my mouth.

Your iPod Or Your Life

The iPod has evolved into a lifestyle statement, and therein lies the danger.


iTunes Podcast User Interface

The more I use the new podcast features in iTunes 4.9 the more I feel the program is standing in my way.


Rumor Today: Say Hello To The Motorola E790 Apple iTunes Phone

Ryan Block, Engadget: It might just be an engineering or a production sample, and we can't guarantee whether this will actually be the first iTunes phone or not, but we do know that we're looking at a pearly white E790 and that synchronizes with iTunes 4.9.


Once Again, Microsoft Faces Antittrust Suit

Microsoft's efforts to extricate itself from antitrust disputes received another setback last week when the founder of the Go Corporation, a maker of a portable computer operating system in the 1990's, filed suit in federal and state courts last Wednesday.

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