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Sunday, July 31, 2005


More Universities Make Laptops A Must For Their Freshmen

There was a time when the most expensive classroom-related items for undergraduates were textbooks. That was then.

What's On Your iPod?

Here in the Green Mountain State, well-known and less-known residents are slowly but surely catching on to the trned in portable music.

iPod People Love Accessories

The Apple iPod is becoming a lot like the little black dress of digital music players; in order to make it stylish, you have to have the right accessories.

Advances Give Voice To Boom In Recorders

Thanks to leaps in technology — and a slick trick for the iPod — more people are talking up the modern-day version of the microcassette.

Apple Recruiting Sony VAIO Engineers To Build The First Intel PowerBook?

A reliable source tells us that Apple has been poaching from Sony.


Knit Your Own iPod Socks

Yes, One More Dead Mac

Even if it is still under warranty, Apple is going out of its way to make it hard for me to get the iMac fixed.


I Wish I'll Never Taste The Feeling...

of watching your Powerbook fall to the ground, and the screen shattering.

"Oh shit."

The Worst Is The Best

You know what, some of the most entertaining and wonderful writing from Roger Ebert come from reviews of really bad movies. Like this one. :-)

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Apple's Halo Stays On Despite Switch To Intel

Industry watchers don't see the company suffering from its decision to change, as iPod brings more of the masses to the Mac.

Apple Offers More Refurbs, Special MS Office Deal

Judge Halts Cobb Laptop Computer Plan

Superior Court Judge S. Lark Ingram ordered an immediate halt to a groundbreaking laptop computer program Friday because school leaders did not tell Cobb County voters what they wanted to do with a voter-approved special sales tax.

CodeWarrior To Cease Development On OS X

Metrowerks announced at AdHoc that the forthcoming release of CodeWarrior 10 will be the last for OS X.

Naomie Kremer: Paint Moves

"I'm interested in what digital media can do within its own possibilities. I've never wanted to try to do a painting on the computer, but I had ideas that could not be expressed in paint."

Fatty Koo: The Tale Of A Dream-Come-True

"When it's just me and my PowerBook and the artists in their living room, all that distraction is eliminated. And we can really work together, be loose and in the moment."

HP To Stop Selling iPods

HP will stop selling its branded Apple iPods in September. HP will continue to install iTunes on its PCs and laptops, however.

BadApple Takes A New Bite At iTunes

BadApple is back with features that allow iTunes to sync playlists and music collections to MP3 players other than the iPod.

Gap Confirms Free iTunes Promo

Griffin Annnounces iFM For iPod

The device adds FM radio tuning to your Apple iPod, remote control and the ability to record audio — FM radio signals and voice recording.


Attribution Where Attribution Is Due

That does it. From now on, every column I write is going to include a bibliography and footnotes.

Making Space For Storage

Apple Isn't Long Tail Friendly To Podcasters

This iPod Takes The...

You know what? ll I want now is one of these.

So Long, hPod

It was fun while it lasted, but I fear it was never destined to last.

Old Mac, New Mac: Getting Wired For Music

Done With Dashboard: Back To Konfabulator

I think I figured out where Apple really went wrong with widgets: Dashboard.


And Now, A Recap Of Murphy's Law

Or a Roger Weeks special edition: If you're leaving town, all the possible bad things that can happen to your [network | servers | personal computers | other geek devices], will happen in the [days | minutes | hours | seconds] before you leavve.

Friday, July 29, 2005


No iPod Tax For Canada

The Candian Supreme Court won't hear a case involving extra fees for iPods and other MP3 players in that country, ending a dispute over a so-called iPod tax, but rekindling debate over the legality of file swapping.

Apple Seeks Retail Space In China

The South China Morning Post reported that Apple is looking to open three outlets in heart of Hong Kong.

Apple Making Its Way Onto Enterprise Radar

Learning Lessons From The Mac

The major difference between Apple and Microsoft is the type of consumer that each company perceives its users to be.

Russound Multiroom Audio System Now iPod Friendly


I've Held Off On iPhoto 5.0.4 — Have You?

I didn't really see the need to download a 41MB file to correct a problem that didn't affect me.

Apple's Power-User Grab

When Apple starts pushing out Intel desktops and notebooks for commercial markets, it has to continue its tradition of designing for its insatiable power users, especially those who have workstation needs and desktop budgets.

Choosing Words Carefully

If the column's opening paragraph left anyone with the impression that I believe Apple is somehow coasting on existing technologies, let me set the record stragith. Innovation is Apple's heart and soul.


Ballmer Tries To Restore Luster Of Microsoft's Stock

Ballmer said he had had trouble selling the long-term value of Microsoft stock even to the company's own employees.

Windows Vista Release Slips To Q4 2006

Microsoft exec says the final version will become available in 'holiday' timeframe next year.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Harley-Davidson Puts An iPod On Your Blog

In One Stroke, Podcasting Hits Mainstream

Pockets of the populace may not enjoy the transformation of podcasting into a commercial, pop-culture phenomenon, but it's too late now. The people have spoken — or rather, listened.

iBook Firesale Moved Based On Expected Popularity

iPod Battery Replacement Program Raises Questions

You'll discover you won't get back the same thing you sent in.

iTunes Emasculates Crazy Frog

Yup, Crazy Frog joined the US iTunes roster yesterday morning, but by the time he got off the plane in California, prudish WASP elements in Cupertino had chopped off the little guy's wedding tackle.

Apple Wins Florida School Contract For 30,000 iBooks

PortalPlayer Guidance Hints At New iPod

iPod chip maker PortalPlayer said it expects to see "significant demand" in the second half of the year for "exciting new models" from its partners, hinting that Apple does indeed have at least one new iPod coming this fall.


Apple Needs To Get Behind Certifications

Reviewing The Reviews

As the senior editor in Macworld's Reviews department, I get questions, Oh boy, do I get questions.

Perils Of The Evil French Apple Keyboard

Over the last five days, I lost a total of three hours of work at home.


All Roads Lead To COM, An iTunes Story

The iTunes COM documentation is interesting enough that I might make some more applications before the end of the summer.


Welcome To The iMac Pod

Or is it the iPod Mac?

Rumor Today: We're Still Talking About iPod Video

According to Hannibal in Ars Technica, yes, there will be an iPod video. And it will be using Sharp LH7A400 SOC.

Rumor Today: Try Jeans, Get Free iTunes Song

AppleInsider: Apple and clothing retailer the Gap are preparing to kick-off a promotion that will offer Gap customers free iTunes songs for trying on clothing at its retail stores.


Is IE 7 Really Firefox Lite?

The newest version of IE takes some of Firefox's better features, but for now doesn't improve on them, or even always match them.

Microsoft Delivers Windows Vista Beta

Beta 1 chock-full with security features.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


IDC Confirms Apple Marketshare Up 10%

Apple's global marketshare has reached 2.5 per cent, multiple reports confirm.

Thought Out Settles With Apple, Agrees To Change Name Of iPod

Indies Get A Bigger Slice Of Apple Pie

Apple Prepares For Tokyo Music Event

Apple Japan sent out invitations on Tuesday to select journalists inviting them to a special music event in Tokyo. The vent will take place on August 4 at 10:00 am at the Tokyo International Forum. The event could mark the beginning of an Apple iTunes Music Store in Japan.

Apple Releases iPhoto 5.0.4

The new release "addresses an issue with browing photos that have been auto-rotated by a camera."

School Computer Project To Stay Up And Running

Henrico Residents Object To Public Sale Of Laptops

Some say high school students in the county should have first pick.

iTunes Phone Not Announced; Coming In Next "66 Days"

"On one of the 66 days left in the quarter — we're not saying which one yet — Apple, Motorola and our biggest operator partners around the world will announce and ship the first iTunes phone."

Two New Apple Stores To Open Saturday

This Saturday will see the opening of two new Apple stores in Houston, Texas and Manhattan Beach, California.

Mac Mini Family Grows To Three

Apple has significantly improved its affordable Mac minis, doubling installed memory and adding Bluetooth and wiFi as standard to some models.

Apple Updates iBook With Faster Processor

Apple on Tuesday updated its consumer-level iBook line of notebook computers adding a faster processor and more memory across the line. The iBooks also include a scrolling TrackPad and the Sudden Motion Sensor, two technologies first introduced in the PowerBook.


Apple Rumors. Apple Reality.

If you're in the market for a new Mac, look at the [rumor] sites by all means, just don't base your purchase solely on their prognostications.

Apple's Image

Party Like It's 1975

It's amazing to me how, in mid-2005, so much of my computing experience is governed by a bizarre awareness of beginning or trailing periods, spaces, slashes, underscores and colons in file names.

A Video iPod? Don't Count On It

I'm betting Apple learned from [the iPod photo] experience and will use video to fortify its current iPod empire — not build a new one. It means a device that, true to Jobs' oft-stated belief, isn't designed for watching full-length movies.

The Browser Wars Are Hereby Over!

You have been put on notice: the browser wars are over. Moz doesn't matter. IE is irrelevant. Opera is doing a swan song. Why? In a word, iTunes.


Macs Can Work With, Yes, Everything

Mac programs handle Windows documents just fine.

What Is FireWire (And How Best To Use It)

Adobe Bundle Is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts


Be Thankful...

that these are only coconuts and not, say, durians.

The Missing Apple HQ Saga

You really want to see Apple's HQ in all its glory in MSN Virtual Earth? Robert Scoble reports that Microsoft is working feverishly to acquire/process and update the satellite images.

Be Aware

When you buy Macromedia stuff, beware of itchy fingers that put things that you don't want in your shopping basket.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Playing On Your iPod: Text Games

Since their heyday in the 1980s, text-based adventure games have dwindled to a niche market. Now, some developers think portable devices like the iPod and cell phones might breathe new life into the genre.

'iPods Could Make You Hallucinate'

Listening to an ipod could leave you with psychological problems, an expert warns. He says exposure to music is causing more cases of musical hallucination, where a song "plays" constnatly in the head.

Apple Joins Intel At CMU

Computer technology giants Intel and Apple are setting up housekeeping together — as neighbors — on Carnegie Mellon University's campus in Oakland. Apple plans to open a research facility at CMU's Collaborative Innovation Center, Gov. Ed Rendell announced Monday.

Most Macs Missing From Amazon

A quick check showed that every Mac I clicked on except the Mac mini came up with "Currently unavailable."

Motorola Announces That They Aren't Announcing An iTunes Phone — Yet

GarageBand 2.0.2 Available For Download

Microsoft's Map Ap Missing Apple HQ

PortalPlayer Turns Profit

The supplier of chips and software for Apple's iPod music player said Monday that it reversed a second-quarter loss from a year ago on sales that more than tripled.


Railroad Tycoon 3

I found it far quicker and easier to get into the game than I expected, and I also found it very enjoyable to play.


Joel On Hitting The High Notes

Joel Spolsky: The Creative Zen team could spend years refining their ugly iPod knockoffs and never produce as beautiful, satisfying, and elegant a player as the Apple iPod. And they're not going to make a dent in Apple's market share because the magical design talent is just not there. They don't have it.

iPod is full of decisions that are based on style. And style is not something that 100 programmers at Microsoft or 200 industrial designers at the inaptly-named Creative are going to be able to achieve, because they don't have Jonathan Ive, and there aren't a heck of a lot of Jonathan Ives floating around.


Microsoft Windows' New Vista

By naming the next version of Windows "Vista," Microsoft may have stepped on the toes of another software company just down the road in Redmond.

Monday, July 25, 2005


Savy iPodders Make Retailers Work Hard

Retailers are staring into the financial abyss because of a failure to keep pace with the arrival of the iPod generation and its changing spending patterns.

Yahoo! Acquires Konfabulator


In Praise Of Ecosystems

Innovation doesn't occur in a vacuum — which is why Apple's iPod will eventually be eclipsed by rivals that can cooperate and compete together.

Well, Thanks For Nothing Apple

So not only did Apple not tell me that the book got returned, but they basically are not going to ship it to me either. I got the money back but I don't have the present.

Speaking Of Antii-ipod sentiments...


You Know Why We Aren't Winning The War On Terror?

Too much advertisement. :-)

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Tuned Out Or Tuned In, Father Knows Best

I am an iPod addict, and last week I hit rock bottom.

NY Times' Latest Flub On Podcasting


Why Does Windows Have To Be So Stupid!

Do they make the Windows OS stupid on purpose?

Windows Vista Draws Jokes, Scorn, Approval

Reaction to the name for the next version of Windows runs the gamut. No, it doesn't stand for virses, infections, spyware, trojans and adware.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Stephen Fretwell To Play Apple 'Live From London'

Stephen Fretwell, who released new single 'Emily' this week, will perform live at Apple's Regent Street store on Tuesday August 2nd.

Apple's Powerful, Portable, Popular iPod

Nearly four years after the iPod was first released by Apple, the line of portable music players is still ratcheting up impressive sales at stores across the world, including in Palm Beach County.

Apple Plants A Seed To Help Raise Podcasting

Where blogs are supposed to make newspapers obsolete, podcasts are supposed to turn radio into a dusty fossil.

Buzz Tools Reveal Google, Apple Twice As Popular As Microsoft

While the OS is important, Microsoft has lost its complete and utter dominance as we move to a service-oriented world where broadband is everywhere, apps are in the cloud, and the browser becomes king.

Audio Tours On iPod That Could Be Music To A Tourist's Ears

Podcast medium has attracted a small but growing number of entrepreneurs who make spoken travel guides and tours available for download.

iTunes Expected To Energize Japanese Online Music

Japan's online music distribution market is expected to take off after the coming entry of Apple Computer, the global leader.

Recasting Radio 3 For The iPod Crowd

If the Radio 3 shows has been a hit, it's only getting what it deserves.


When Elephants Dance: The Impending War Between Intel And Microsoft

The only way Intel can [survive] is by beating Microsoft on content delivery and networking, and by giving Microsoft something to worry about on the desktop, which was the basis of my original Apple/Intel theory.

iGet So Sick Of World According To iPod

Why? Because it's ruined my life and those of countless others, and created a whole new strata of trash culture, that's why.

My iMac G5 And The Big Switcheru

I have to say to anyone who is thinking about moving from a PC to a Mac or even just getting an Apple Mac to compliment your complement of computer parts: Do it!

Location validatio In The Dashboard Weather Widget

The confusion here is caused by a decidedly poor UI design.

Why Apple Chose Intel

It's hard to imagine a better time for Apple to make this risky move.


Mac Keyboard Ergonomics

I've found the following keyboard utilities for the Mac to be invaluable.

True Crime: Streets Of L.A.

True Crime isn't that much fun to play through.


The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease

Have you receive this memo from your IT department yet?


Google Countersues Microsoft Over Researcher

Google countersued Microsoft in a legal battle over a prized research engineer that illustrates the escalating tensions between the technology titans.

Friday, July 22, 2005


Yahoo Firefox Toolbar Reaches Mac And Linux

Now Playing On Apple's iTunes: Adult-Oriented Podcasts

As podcasting reaches a more mainstream audience, the more risque audio shows — and Apple's role in distributing them — could come under greater scrutiny.

Apple — The World's Most Innovative Company

Apple is the world's most innovative company, according to BusinessWeek.

NetNewsWire Update Adds Atom 1.0 Support

The Podcast As A New Podium

Delicious Monster Co-Founder Joins Apple

Mike Matas said he would be moving to Cupertino to design user interface and drawing icons for Mac OS X.

Apple's iPod 'Gaining Further Traction'

Piper Jaffray said results from Apple last week "provided evidence of the continued domination of the MP3 player market by the iPod."

RadioShack To Sell Apple iPods


My First Days On The Mac

Stop worrying, configuring, installing, maintaining and start living.


Automating Podcasts


Longhorn's New Name: Windows Vista

The advertising tagline for Vista is "Clear, Confident, Connected: Bringing clarity to your world."

Longhorn To Be Renamed Windows Vista?

Rumor has it that Microsoft plans to use Vista as the official name for the next version of Windows, which has been known by its codename, Longhorn.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Apple Europe Unit Sales Up 48 Per Cent

Apple achieved 48 per cent market growth (year-on-year) in the European, Middle East and African (EMEA) markets. This constrasts with the 23 per cent growth of the PC market as a whole, according to new research from analyst firm, IDC.

Self-Driving Car Is Powered By "Tiger"

Power Mac G5's running OS X inside the car control electronic pistons and belts to control the steering wheel, brake and gas pedals, and gear shifter.

Gadgets Gun For iPod's Glory

The iPod may face challenges from music-playing cell phones and online subscription services but will likely reign supreme because it taps into the way consumers enjoy music, experts say.

Seagate May Be Hurt By Boosted Flash iPod

"One concern is that Apple may increase the flash-based iPod mix thus reducing MP3 hard disk-drive consumption."

Target Debuts Branded iPod Case

A Mac Option For The Music Producer Who Wants More Control

Wake Up And Doze Off To Your iPod

With the arrival of the iPod Alarm Clock Radio, the music player has found its way into the bedroom.


What OS X Could Learn From Windows

Windows has some features OS X could do with. There, I said it.

Mac Sales Soar; Are We Seeing More Switchers?

Mac OS X Is Now An Acceptable OS To Many

Now when I tell people who are avid Windows users, they ask me a ton of questions and ask if they think they should switch.


Motion 2: Apple's Latest Motion-Graphics Tool Puts The Moves On The Competition

Motion isn't an After Effects killer, but it can replace After Effects for many motion-graphics and compositing tasks, and it does so with a working environment that is tremendously superior.


Devlopers Wanted

Apple's Xcode team is looking for a few good developers to join the team.

If you must ask, Xcode is the application by Apple for other developers, so that they can use Xcode to great insanely great applications. But if you have to ask, you're probably not suitable for the job. :-)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Apple Now Limitng Bandwidth On .Mac Accounts

Users are now limited to 3GB of bandwidth per month, with an upgrade option of 10GB data transfer per month for US$49.95 per year.

iTunes Worm Is Windows Spyware Threat

A new worm poses as an ITunes file and is spreading using AOL Instant Messenger. While it does not affect Mac users, it does affect most breeds of the Windows OS.

Apple To Open Retail Store In Victor, New York


Want Your Face On The Back of Your iPod?

Why I Both Love And Hate My iPod

If I had the choice over again, I'd buy another brand.

Microsoft Employees Are Making The Switch To OS X

Knowing what [Microsoft is] going to bring out in 3 years is not that important to me in my life anymore.

WIFM — The Favorite Station To Listen To And Watch

A I thought more about this, I realise that all of us are watching and listening to only one station: WIFM. You know, What's In it For Me.


What Is Preview? (And Why You Should Use it)

Here's a quick guide to some of the useful chores you can accomplish with this software.

My Favorite Macworld Product: The IRISPen

Microsoft Sues Over Google Hire

Opening a new chapter in its rivalry with Google, Microsoft on Tuesday sued the search giant and a former Microsoft executive who has been tapped by Google to run its China operations.

Get Creative With Curio

The big benefit of Curio is that it lets you see your "stuff" in one place.


Motorola Gets Steve Jobs' Blessing To Launch iPhone?

Watch for it, this July 25th. AppleInsider sources said that Motorola will unveil "what's wow and what's now."

The Oldest Mac Switcher

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the oldest Mac switcher.

Of course, I'll now get tons of emails from other older folks. :-)

A Singapore Favorite

This is one of Singapore's favorite breakfast item: half-boiled egg with soy sauce and pepper. You stir it up, and eat/drink it all.

It's my favorite too, if you really want to know.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Apple Set For Continued Market-Share Gains

400,000 Windows Users Switch to Mac — Analyst

Needham & Co. estimates that the "iPod halo" may have attracted up to 400,000 Windows users to the Mac so far this year.

Disney Considering Teaming Up With Apple On Video iPod

"Steve Jobs has spoken with Disney... about ways to license various Disney content for a video iPod, according to an internal Disney email I have obtained. That could include anything from clips from ESPN and ABC News to short cartoons."

Apple Hits 4.7 Per Cent US Market Share

The analysts confirmed Apple's fast-paced growth in the US market, where it has emerged as the fourth biggest PC manufacturer there.

Apple To Extend Store Hours, Retail Exec Resigns

Under the revised store hours, most Apple retail locations will operate: 7 am to 10 pm Mon-Fri, 8 am to 10 pm on Saturdays, and 10 am to 9.30 pm on Sundays, according to ifoAppleStore.

VARs Wary Of Apple's Transition To Intel

Resellers are still trying to analyze the impact the big switch will have for their customers and business.

Apple 'Fairly Valued' With Strong Cash Levels


Apple To The Rescue... Again?

Some of the top music labels say they've been contacted by Apple about the prospects of selling music videos on iTunes — probably ahead of a fall debut of a color-screen Apple full-motion video iPod. The labels ought to be jumping for joy.

4 Gig iPod Shuffle — Listening Blindfolded

The 512mb iPod shuffle is actually a pretty nice beast, although navigating around is a complete pain.

Bought An iPod? Blame The Media

The amount of advertising that Apple's iPod is getting is unbelievable and we have those corporate media suits to thank.

How The iPod Changed My Life

The iPod not only changed the way I felt about music, it helped me re-establish relationshiops with records I hadn't heard in years.

Macworld Boston 2005: An Intimate Affair

Macworld Expo again shrank to new lows in terms of the number of exhibitors and attendees.

iTunes' Display Needs To Be Redesigned

The iTunes interface has served us great, but since its design a while back a lot of features have been added and I think it needs to be redesigned.


Multiple Accounts iTunes Sharing


Watching The Game Of "Telephone" Play On The Internet

A remark by soneone who isn't even a Microsoft employee becomes, through rumor, speculation, and wild extrapolation, a word-ban at Microsoft.

Monday, July 18, 2005


Apple And Google Climb UK Media Power Stakes

Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin and Larry Page all enjoy serious influence across the UK media landscape, according to this year's MediaGuardian 100 list — which has snubbed Bill Gates for a second successive year.

Wake Up To Your iPod

A new alarm clock radio designed to dock and play the iPod is coming to stores in August.

iTunes Mints Podcasting Stars

Apple To Expand Video Play?

At The Podcast Party, More Guests Arrive

Even by conservative estimates, it seems likely that Apple is causing an explosion in the number of podcast devotees.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Apple Earnings Show Rising Mac Sales

Industry analysts examining Apple's Wednesday earnings statement concurred that the most interesting information revealed was the strong growth of Macintoshc omputer sales.

Celebrations Continue For Apple's 6.3 Million iPod Sales

It just shows the benefit of getting a package right and pioneering in the market with it.


Dear Microsoft, I Am Dumping You



Bring Your Swimming Costumes, 'Cause We Don't Allow Skinny-Dipping

A travel tip from Captain Lloyd Cromwell Griffiths, British Airways: If you are flying via Singapore to Australia a top tip is put your swimming costume in your hand luggage, as Singapore airport has a pool and it is a great way to exercise and stretch out for a short while while the aircraft is refuelled for its next leg.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Growing Number Of 'Pod People'

If you watch those silhouettes dancing around on billboards and TV ads, you might conclude that iPods and other MP3 players are only for listening to music. Look — and listen — again.

iPodders Dial Up Disney

Winter garden man hosts weekly podcast on the doings at Disney.

Pro Podcaster She's Not, But 1st Attempt Was Easy

Japan's Avex To Supply Songs To Apple's Music Store In Japan

Apple will launch its iTunes Music Store service in August.

Apple Selling One Million iPod Shuffles A Month?

Apple may have met an internally kept goal of selling one million iPod shuffles a month during the first fiscal quarter in which the flash-based digital music player was widely available.

IDG Commits To Boston For Future Macworld Expos

While the number of exhibitors dropped slightly this year, IDG officials said the attendance at the show is on par with last year.


Why A Low-End Mac May Be ALl You Really Need

The Hitchiker's Guide To ADHOC

ADHOC is about giving yourself a challenge that is just for you. This is a goal that you set for youself, to see how clever you can be.

Apple Monitors: The Price Problem

I do't understand why Apple won't make smaller displays.

More Shoes

Good pricing is not enough reward for Steve Jobs kicking IBM in the corporate groin at the behest of Intel. Let's guess, then, that not only will [Intel's] ClickStar morph into iTMS, but that Intel's "digital home netertainment devices" will be iTMS-compliant. No Microsoft, no Real, just H.264, FairPlay, and something behind Door Number Three.


Creating Spotlight Plugins

Spotlight was designed to be extensible and to accommodate any file format. In this piece, you'll learn how to index a custom file format by creating a Spotlight plugin.

Current 1.5: Content Management Application Integrates Disparate Functions, But Is Hard To Learn And Use

Current has potential, but I would recommend it only to early adopters who like to fool around with new ideas — and who have the patience for an unintuitive program.

Friday, July 15, 2005


A Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad Macworld

Not only were Appe and its CEO missing, so too, were the bustling crowds of shows past.

Apple Rallies As Profit, Revenue Surge

Apple rose more than 6% Thursday after the company reported more than a fivefold increase in third-quarter profit.

Inquiry Into Cobb Laptop Bids Requested

Internet Audio Craze Spurs A 'Narrowcasting' Land Grab

Everyone from Disney to Newsweek to National Public Radio is now offering podcasts.

Apple Releases AirPort 4.2 Update

iPod Car Audio System About Control

Harman Kardon isn't scheduled to release its "Drive + Play" iPod automobile docking system until fall, but it offered Macworld attendees a sneak preview Tuesday in Boston.


Sampling The Show Floor

Sometimes I walk the show floor at a macworld Expo, it amazes me how quickly ideas develop and are brought to market.


Macworld Expo Gems


Thursday, July 14, 2005


Apple Updates Pro Apps: Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro

The iPod's Economy Is Booming

Apple's iPod is becoming a pied piper for entrepreneurship.

No Obvious Sales Fallout So Far From 'Mactel' Announcement

However, Apple is targeting "flat" revenue of US$3.5 million for the upcoming quarter to be on the cautious side.

Apple Shares Surge In After Hours Trading On Stellar Earnings Report

Jumping On The Bandwagon

The huge global rush to get into podcasting ahs attracted professional broadcasters who realise that their medium is fragmenting and that control is fast passing into the hands of the listeners.

Speed Of Apple Intel Dev Systems Impress Developers

The speed of Mac OS X running on Intel hardware is impressing some developers who've been privy to one of Apple's first Intel-based developer transition systems.

Apple Reports $320 Million Profit

Apple on Wednesday reported a profit of US$320 million — or $.37 per diluted share — for the company's fiscal third quarter, the highest in the company's history. Apple said it shipped 1,182,000 Macs and 6,155,000 iPods during the quarter, representing 35 percent growth in Macs and 616 percent growth in iPods over the year-ago quarter.

iPhoto vv5.0.3 Addresses Tiger Issues, More


A Question Of Trust

It was lack of trust that stopped me buying an iMac G5 the other week.

Is That A Podcast In Your Pocket?

On the whole, shortcomings notwithstanding, I think Apple's podcasting support was clearly good enough to ship. Shipping sooner than later, even with more bugs, has instantly made Apple the undisputed leader of podcasting.

iMac Screen Too Bright?


Terminal Tricks


Sony Takes Bite Out Of iPod In Japan

While Apple remains in the top seller of hard drive players in Japan, there has been a decisive momentum swing in the Japanese market, with Sony securing the top position for memory-type players in both May and June, knocking Apple and its iPod shuffle device into second place.

Singapore Creative Extends Rally But Analysts Skeptical

Shares of Creative Technology continued a blistering rally Thursday, driven by speculation Microsoft will invest in the embattled consumer electronics company.

Microsoft And Creative Team To Bite Apple

The drive for competing firms to make alliances to dent Apple's market share is clear. DBS Vickers analyst Don See told Business Day that Microsoft may even acquire Creative Technology to spearhead its attempt to ensure Windows-dominance of the digital music market.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Apple Hanging On A 'Halo'

Some analysts have questioned the sustainability of the halo, especially as Apple moves into a transition period as it changes the chips at the heart of its computers.

Is The Music Fading For Apple?

Come January, 2006, Apple investors had best beware. With every passing quarter, the company that set the music world on fire with the iPod is in greater need of an encore, most analysts who cover the company believe.

For Apple, It's Nothing But iPod

A comprehensive consumer survey by S.G. Cowen & Co. in June lays out a convincing case for a "halo" effect for Apple's Macintosh computers.

High School Trades Textbooks For iBooks

Empire High School, part of the Vail Unified School District of Arizona located outside of Tucson, will open its doors next week to welcome 350 new students who will participate in the state's first all-laptop, all-wireless public high school.

The Big News At Macworld Is The Lack Of News At Macworld

Apple's JavaOne BoF

Music Steals Show At Macworld

Shuffling big-time onto center stage this year is none other than the now ubiquitous iPod, whose accessories and associated gadgets willd ominate at least 10 percent of exhibit space.

Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.4.2 Update

Apple today released Mac OS X 10.4.2 Update which delivers overall improved reliability and compatibility for Mac OS X v10.4.

Clothe Your iPod, Wear Your iPod

To clothe the iPod or to clothe yourself with the iPod — that is the question, at least when it comes to some of the latest accessories for the digital music player.


Do All Macworlds Suck This Much?

The show floor is small and rather pathetic. The biggest topic of discussion are the companies that aren't here (i.e. Apple), oh, and the weather is really nice.

The Keynote: Reviewed

Andy Ihnatko is such a great public speaker and he is incredibly funny.

Wanna Watch My TiVo?

You got iChat AV? Are you set up to video chat with it? C'mon over and watch.


Have iPod, Will Travel

Enhance your summer travels with these great iPod resources.

Close Combat: First To Fight

I greatly enjoyed the unique team-based combat and the clean, intuitive interface.

Programming With Spotlight

We'll ease into Spotlight programming from a Cocoa development perspective so that you can make your applications Spotlight enabled.

The 12-In. PowerBook: Thin And (Feature) Rich

If you need portable power now, the wealth of features offered — including Apple's superb operating system — are reasons enough to snag this most portable of PowerBooks.


Correction: Microsoft Denies Its Antispyware Favors Claria

Blogger Gives Incorrect Data About Podcasting At Microsoft

What you missed aout it is that internally [in Microsoft] we call it podcasting.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Apple Specialists Expect 'Mactels' To Grow Mac Business Market

A network of Apple Specialist dealers meeting in Boston at the Macworld Conference and Expo this week say they expect Apple's move to Intel chips to bring more business users to the platform.

Apple Website Dominates PC Industry Pack

Apple attracted the most traffic of all manufacturers, with Dell in second place.

Smith Micro Acquires Allume

Thief-Wary iPod Users Using Subterfuge

New York iPod users have begun trying to hide or disguise their music players from muggers.

With Free Napster At Hand, Students Still Turn To iTunes

Apple Computer Set For Upside Q3

Piper Jaffray said based on recent checks, Apple's sales are expected to come in slightly above the Street consensus of $3.3 billion on upside revenue for the iMac.

Apple Releases iSync 2.1 for Mac OS X Tiger

iSync 2.1 supports compatibility for more devices.

TinkerTool Adds More Tiger Tweaks

Apple's South Africa Pricing Unlikely To Change


Macworld Is Here!

So there was no line for the keynote, here it is 9.15am, 45 minutes til it starts, and there is probably 20-30 people here in total.

As if It Were A Swarm Of Bees

Someone [at Apple] deserves a pat on the back for eeking that through. Yay, swarm of bees!

Movies Seem Ready To Roll On iPod

How long before Apple releases a video iPod? This is the question that many of hte company's watchers have been asking since its competitors started releasing portable digital video players with hard drives.

iPod Shufffle Survey By Apple — Car Equipment Coming Soon?

I gathered that Apple is probably planning to release some car adapter-thingy for their iPod line.

Still No iTunes Love


ChronoSync 3.0: Powerful Backup Tool Makes File Synchronizing Easy

For small offices or big households that need to keep far-flung data safe and organized, ChronoSync is an outstanding value.

OmniOutliner 3 Professional: Top-Of-The-Line Outlining Program For Compulsive Organizers Adds Terrific New Features

Media Rage 1.9.3: Media Organizer And Editor Sorts Your Digital-Audio Files In A Snap

If you have thousands of files from a variety of sources in various formats, it is an excellent resource for wrangling all of that media into one convenient corral.

Reason 3: Virtual Rack Of Music Gear Gets Sweeter Sounding

Expanded presets, great mastering effects, and improved integration with newer keyboards and instruments are great, but the Combinator justifies upgrading.

Web Browsers For Kids: KidsBrowser 3.2 And BumperCar 2.0 Keep The Internet Simple And Safe

While BumperCar provides more flexibility with its safety settings and more robust browser controls, KidsBrowser provides a simpler web experience for very young children who might need more of a helping hand.


Microsoft Denies Its Antispyware Favors Claria

Microsoft is moving to quash claims that its antispyware tool is now giving preferential treatment to adware maker Claria.

Monday, July 11, 2005


Save iPod Batteries For A Sunny Day

U.K. firm Better Energy Solutions' Solio line of battery charges uses solar power to energize not only fading iPods, but also mobile phones and other devices.

This Is Cambridge Calling...

For some time budding pop stars have crafted their work not in elaborate recording studios but on home computers. Now, the rise of podcasting is allowing them to reach a global audience through the internet. Even the man behind the Beatles senses a shake up in how new bands will break through.

Listen: iPods Can Damage Your Ears

Hearing experts wonder whether the frequent use of these devices, particularly with the inserts that sit within the ear, are contributing to noise-induced hearing loss.

Motorola 'To Debut' ITunes Phone At UK's V Festival

Motorola will launch its iTunes mobile phone in the UK next month, a UK press report has claimed.

Apple Opens Bluewater Store

Apple launched its third UK retail store at Bluewater, Kent on Saturday July 9.

Apple Drops The Cocoa-Java Bridge

Japanese Subway Takes Apple iPod shilling

Our good friends in Japan have emailed us some fantastic pictures of a subway train "dressed uup" for an iPod campaign.


Apple And The Environment

Apple Reading Blogs After The Fact Are They That Out Of Touch?


I think 100 Euro a year is not that much, but I'd like to get something real in a return.

Inside The Big Switch: The iPod And The Future Of Apple Computer

Because Apple is going to become an all-Intel shop like Dell, with Intel providing the processors that power both the Mac and the iPod, Apple will get the same kinds of steep volume discounts across its entire product line that keep Dell from even glancing AMD's way.


Toysight Gold

iPhoto Needs A Save Album Function

iPhoto keeps on crashing on me.


Coolest Street Address

There's a lot of things out of Apple that continues to fasinate, even after all these years.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Right iPod Accessories Look, Sound Good

iPod Proves Bigger Isn't Always Better

In a society where value is linked to size, where bigger is seen as better, at least one pursuit inc ontemporary life keeps shrinking: listening to music.


iTunes Renders Timely Podcasts Worthless

This caching thing for the audio files, it's a bigger problem than we thought. And for certain kinds of podcasts like mine, it's nothing short of a calamity.

The Biggest Hurdle

I have been spending most of my Saturday afternoon conveting data over to MacOS and I must say that the hardest part has been getting email imported.


Interesting Space

Here we see an interesting office space full of Macs... although the presence of the fans (the big ones) do seem disturbing.


Boing Boing Gets A Big Shovel, Spreads BS

The real story is that Microsoft has decided that high-profile adware makers who achieve a minimum threshold of disclosure (including Claria and WhenU) will be able to get an "ignore" rating.

Saturday, July 9, 2005


Apple Isues DVD Player 4.6.1 Update For Tiger Users

DVD Player 4.6.1 "addresses a disc validation issue some users may encounter when attempting to play a disc for the first time with DVD Player 4.6."

Apple Drops iPod Battery Replacement Price By $40

The service offers owners of out-of-warranty iPods with the ability to replace their music players with another with a better battery.


Is The PC Passing Wintel By?

While Windows will continue to dominate in terms of sheer numbers, the days when Microsoft set the industry's software technology agenda are gone.


Widgets Of The Week

The Sims 2

The Sim 2 is an excellent sequel to a truly unique game. It adds more than enough new features, yet doesn't tamper with what we loved in the original.

Friday, July 8, 2005


IBM To Apple: Eat These Chips

As a parting shot to Apple, a piqued IBM today announced two new lines of its PowerPC 970 processor, better known as the G5. And they're impressive beasts.

Fiddly No Longer

Apple introduces yet another new medium to the mainstream.

In-Store Studios Building On Apple's Core Audience

Tucked against one side of the second level in the digital utopia is a clutch of customers who struggle with the dystopian aspects of technology. A couple of retired women hunch over laptops. A white-haired man looks puzzled as an Apple staffer explains different kinds of computer cables. A woman with two teenage daughters gets briefed on setting up a home wireless network. This is daily life at the Studio, a new area in a handful of Apple stores where experts in digital media dole out advices.

Macworld Boston Kicks Off Next Week

Reading Rewarded With iPod

Would you read for an iPod?

Laptop Plan Goes To Court

A judge today will be asked to halt Cobb County's new laptop computer program, because opponents think it is a waste of taxpayer money.

Apple Boosted By Upbeat Q3 Outlook

Banc of America Securities reiterated a "buy" rating and adjusted estimates on Apple.

Podcasting Set For 'Huge Growth'

Market researchers and analysts continue to buoy up podcasting's future with latest figures suggesting a US audience along of 56 million by 2010.

Patent Reveals Apple's Automobile iPod Cup Holder

Apple Retail Exec Leaves For Abercrombie

The chief financial officer for Apple's retail unit is leaving to become CFO of clothier Abercrombie & Fitch.

Bruddy Makes Shuffle Buddy

The newly launched BruddyClip is a hybrid of sorts for the iPod shuffle — part case, part clip, part cord-management system.

Flap Over Dault Podcasts And iTunes


Everybody In The Pool

Steve Jobs might be planning a move for Apple that will leave even his biggest fans surprised — becoming a phone company. It might sound far-fetched, but the pieces are in place for it to happen later this summer.

The Lonely Apple Repairman?

Twenty-five years after the first PC, the desktop and the laptop are still not nearly as reliable as the most basic automobile, washing machine, refrigerator or, even closer to home, television for that matter.

iTMS Dropping Mature Content?


How iTunes 4.9 Got It Wrong

A growing number of flaws have emerged in both the design of the software and how Apple has communicated — or failed to communicate — with the content providers they're now leveraging.

DataPilot 2.0: Data-Transfer Application Makes The Mac-Cell Phone Connection Smoother

If you have a phone that iSync won't support, or if you'd like to expand the capabilities of an iSync-supported phone's connection with your Mac, DataPilot 2.0 is for you.


Microsofft Downgrades Claria Adware Detections

Less than a week after published reports of acquisition talks between Microsoft and Claria, distributor of the controversial Gator ad-serving software, security research have discovered that Microsoft has quietly downgraded its Claria detections.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Top Stories


Apple London Store Shut By London Bombs

Bulletproof iPod?

Apple Cites Problem-Free Operation To Increase Market Share In Cebu

Apple's Macintosh aims to grow its market in Cebu by pitching its usefulness to computer users who do not want to suffer from downtime.

iTunes Gets The Beatles

Thanks to Paul McCartney's participatio in the London Live 8 concert on Saturday, Apple's iTunes Music Store finaly has two Beatles song performed by its co-composer available for downloading.

Patent Reveals Universal Apple Wireless Touch-Screen Remote

Apple recently researched and developed a wireless touch-screen remote control concept that would automatically discover and communicate with existing and future consumer electronics appliances as well as the personal computer, a filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office has revealed.

Demand Drag Gnaws On Apple

Announcements from two companies in the digital music sector — and even from Apple itself — suggest that demand has slowed in recent months.

Enter The iTunes 500 Million Tune Contest For Free

This amounts to placing an entry by simply emailing Apple.

Bare Bones Updates Free TextWrangler 2.1


Notes From A Switcher, Part 2

Although coming from Windows I've ha dquite a lot to get used to, the overall experience has so far been very positive.

What? Only Ten iPods?

Doesn't 10 iPods seem like an awkward first prize?


Clean It Up Already

Overall I think Apple's 1.0 podcasting support is really really nice, its more than I've seen anyone else do on their initial try at a podcasting client and I expect more as time goes on.

Podcasting Is Still Not Quite Ready For The Masses

It's still way too complicated for the average user to create a podcast. Apple has sovled one part of the problem, but more solutions are needed.

Diner Dash

Diner Dash is a fun if somewhat frustrating action arcade game that harkens back to the classics.

AirPort Express Elevation

Maybe the AirBase is just one of those products you have to use to appreciate. Whichever the case may be, I plan on buying one.

iPod/Pioneer Adapter Installation

Mail 2.0: Apple's New Email Program Is Imperfect But Innovative

The new Smart Milboxes feature is not quite mature, and the Find feature has gone from bad to worse. But smart mailboxes are a noteworthy and promising innovation, and Mail 2.0 is a beautiful program that works really well with other Apple programs.


Second Try

Well, as points out, Leopard is not really the first time that Apple has ported Mac OS X to the Intel processor.

Remember Rhapsody?

Rumor Today: No Special Event This Week

AppleInsider: It's no longer expected that Apple on Thursday will host a special event to introduce new music-related products... Sources say either Apple France or Apple Europe on Thursday will brief some media outlets on [existing Apple and third-party] iPod-related products.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005


Podcast Users Expected To Reach 60 Million In Five Years

Apple Executive Calls Family Of Teenager Killed For iPod

"We have the technoogy that can give us the iPod and everything else, but it's not all these things," said Errol Rose, whose son was killed last week in Brooklyn during a fight over an iPod. "We have to work on the minds and the hearts. We're failing these kids. We're not loving them like we're supposed to."

iGuy For iPod Mini Now Available

Denon Intros High-End Home Theater With iPod Integration

Apple Patent Watch: June 2005

Apple was granted a half-dozen patents in June, including two design patents.

iPodlounge Loves Japan: New Imported Accessory Gallery

Abt Taking Locks Off Its Apple Merchandise With An In-Store Boutique

A Glenview-based electronics retailer is polishing up the department selling Apple gizmos and gadgets.

Google Maps Widget


Witnessing History: Apple's Strategy

It's rare that one gets to watch grand strategy played out right before one's eyes. Apple's decision to switch from IBM to Intel as its microprocessor supplier is one of those moments in corporate history.

Apple Begins Podcasting Turf War

Apple's implementation is very focused on the idea of a podcast as a radio show. This helps Apple make podcasting easy to understand, but it's also a limiting perspective.

Myth Busting 101: There Is No Mac Software

There are fewer Macintosh than Windows applications, but with four or five award-winning word processors, who needs sixty?

Apple Marketing: Just Who Are They Targeting?

I only hope I'll one day see an ad that simply states, "Here's why this machine is great, and why we think you'll love it."

The Uses Of Podcasting


Maximize Your iPod

The ultiamte on-the-go gadget can do a lot more than just play tunes.

iNotes: Remote Possibilities

If there's one trend that stands out in the world of iPod accessories, it's the growing utilization of remote controls that allow users to skip songs, pause a selection or tweak the volume.

Bad Mojo: The Roach Game Redux

An Introduction To Tiger Terminal, Part 3

Here, we'll look at some helpful commands that you can use to view information about your network.

Real Wood iPod

As part of Project Redwood I am also applying a wood finish to just about everything on my desk to havve a matching set. And the iPod was not excluded.

War Driving Gear For OS X

Tuesday, July 5, 2005


Coming Soon: Music Player Bargains?

Apple's decision to cut the iPod shuffle's price may prompt other companies to do the same.

iTunes Countdown To Half A Billion Songs Announced

As part of the countdown, Apple is giving away an iPod mini and an iTunes gift card for 50 songs to the iTunes customer who purchases the winning song at each 100,000 interval.

Apple Third Quarter Results Due July 13

Car Makers Tune In To iPod Craze

The sheer force of iPod's popularity seems to have shaken the auto industry into action and prompted car companies to open their dashboards to the device.

Podcasting Ads Face Challenges

Among those challenges are finding ways of measuring listening and of evfficiently buying ads on a medium that has so far been made up of small, fragmented audiences.


10.4 Tiger Is Less Robust Than 10.3?

Use Vision To Spur Growth

What is behind the success of brands like British Airways or Apple? They live their vision.

How To Share The Light Of A Cult Product's Halo

The worry is that Apple's stratospheric valuation reflects the halo of its charismatic founder as much as the money-making potential of the enterprise.


Album Art In iTunes For Mac OS X

Backdrop Designer

Burning Monkey Mahjong 2

Burning Monkey Mahjong is a cheerful game that will have you playing longer than you expect.

Chessmaster 9000

For all you get with Chessmaster, the $40 is well worth it.

Eye Candy 5: Nature

Nature is a clear step forward in interface design, but it still needs some retooling to be fully impressive.

Photo To Movie 3.2

Visual Thesaurus 3

Visual Thesaurus 3 is one of the most stylish, truly useful reference tools we've encountered.

WireTap Pro

Podcasting And The iPod

So well done Apple engineers.


Bankrupt For Ideas?

Jonathan Watts, The Guardian, reports that Disney is remaking Snow White — with kung fu.

Big media companies keep exerting their control over old materials by extending the length of copyright period so that others cannot touch the materials, while the very same media companies keep recycling old materials, with each iteration worse than the previous.


Microsofft's Personnel Puzzle

Microsoft is working to change its long-standing reputation for haughtiness in hiring.

Don't Take The Tablets!

You'd think by now the message should have got through to Microsoft's top brass that consumers and businesses aren't exactly falling over themselves to buy overpriced handwriting recognition products.

Monday, July 4, 2005


iPod Still Hitting The Right Note For Retailers

The iPod phenomanon that many thought would peak after the Christmas rush has maintained its momentum.

iTunes' Top Podcasts Are Wayne's World Wannabees

Nearly half of the top 100 podcasts subscribed to at iTunes were produced by independents.

Firefox For Intel Macs Ready To Roll

Firefox has been ported to work on Apple's new Intel Macs.

They Came With An Apple... And Left With An iPod

Give a 30-cent apple in exchange for a slick MP3 player worth S$178?

The Battle For Eardrums Begins With Podcasts


Windows Software: Ugly, Boring & Uninspired

The "coolest" software today seems only to have been developed for OS X.

Conflict Of Interest Developing In Podcasting! Apple Helping To Drive The Divide!

Left a bad taste in my mouth.

Your iPod Or Your Life

The iPod has evolved into a lifestyle statement, and therein lies the danger.


iTunes Podcast User Interface

The more I use the new podcast features in iTunes 4.9 the more I feel the program is standing in my way.


Rumor Today: Say Hello To The Motorola E790 Apple iTunes Phone

Ryan Block, Engadget: It might just be an engineering or a production sample, and we can't guarantee whether this will actually be the first iTunes phone or not, but we do know that we're looking at a pearly white E790 and that synchronizes with iTunes 4.9.


Once Again, Microsoft Faces Antittrust Suit

Microsoft's efforts to extricate itself from antitrust disputes received another setback last week when the founder of the Go Corporation, a maker of a portable computer operating system in the 1990's, filed suit in federal and state courts last Wednesday.

Sunday, July 3, 2005


Steve's Rules

Apple is only one of the worst of many examples of cronyism in American business.

iTunes 4.9 Issues

Apple is caching podcasts and the RSS feed.


iTunes 4.9 Likes/Dislikes

Apple, please fix these major errors!

Saturday, July 2, 2005


KCRW Listeners Load Up On Podcasts Via iTunes

Within a day, downloads from Santa Monica-based KCRW exploded from 3,500 a day to 100,000.

RSS Inventor Slams Apple's Podcast Approach

Leaders in the RSS community, including the standard's own creator, are taking Apple to task for developing an ill-advised DTD without seeking input and guidance from the community.

Apple 'Clear Winner' In Music Downloading

David Ibgelow: The Tapeless Post-Production Workflow

"I can shoot in varicam, edit in Final Cut Pro HD and deliver my files on inexpensive hard drives for transfer straight to film — without any additional decks or equipment. That is the most efficient digital workflow I know of."



With film cameras, especially when you develop yourself — each photograph has purpose, has meaning.

Podcasting: The Time Is Now

Plugged Leaks


Podcasting Is good. Sometimes.

First 24 Hours With iTunes' Podcast Support

Ears To You: Five Sets Of Earphones/Headphones Compared


Light Up The Skies With Your Macintosh

Peter Skarpetis: I recently took some pictures of my Mac in the dark with the only source of illumination being the blue lights of the hard disks, the red lights of the optical mouse and the green lights of my ADSL modem. I was really surprised by the results.


Another "Microsoft Is On Deathbed" Article Posted

How Microsofft Will Die

If Microsoft fails to deliver something approaching decent with Longhorn then they will be in trouble.

Friday, July 1, 2005


Griffin Rolls Out iVault For iPod Shuffle

HP Adds 'Apple iPod Shuffle From HP' To Digital Music Player Line

iPod Mini Everywhere

This intereting piece of patent marginalia shows a potential iPod mini stuck inside a potential PowerBook.

Apple Co-Founder Woz Owns Six iPods

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has six iPods loaded with different types of music.

Apple Executive: Updated iPods Still '4th Generation'

One can now safely assume that Apple is saving the "fifth-generation" moniker for an all-new iPod yet to be revealed, perhaps conveniently at the same time as version 5.0 of iTunes.

IBM To Apple: Watt Me Worry?

Apple's worries about wats are unfounded, according to IBM. The company could build PowerPC chips that satisfy the needs of the entire range of Apple's product lines, including portables such as the PowerBook, said Rod Adkins, vice president of development for IBM's Systems and Technology Group, which produces IBM's PowerPC chips.

Mac Mini Automative Dock For Apple's Tiny Mac Debuts

Free iPod Mini For Student Mac Buyers

Shuffle Extension Cable Has 'The Look'

For those extreme iPod shufffle users who want all related accessories to havve that same white, clean look, Digital Lifestyle Outfitters today launched a 4-foot USB extension cable designed specifically to match your music player.

iTunes Podcast Subscriptions Top One Million In First Two Days


Talkin' 'Bout 4th Generation

Dominance Of iPod Leaves Microsoft Player In Dust

You just know that Microsoft has to be working overtime these days to make its Media Player more podcast friendly.

Naming The New iPod


X2 - The Threat

X2: The Threat is a very enjoyable game, with extremely satisfying, flexible gameplay and a plethora of career possibilities that should induce most sim fans to foam at the mouth. That said, the primary drawback to X2 is the mountainous learning curve, which is compounded by a confusing and illogical menu system and useless tutorial.

New Version Of iTunes Won't Run Alongside ProTools

"The latest versions of iTunes prevents you from using Pro Tools or other peripheral-based audio apps."
Update: "Digidesign, the makers of ProTools, are notoriously bad driver writers — and their writers for their audio interfaces are the culprit."


Singapore Creative To "Stay Focused" On Ops — CEO

"If you can survive... you will one day hit the jackpot," he said, without elaborating.

Microsoft Opens Desktop Search

Enlisting developers to help combat Google's search dominance, Microsoft has quietly released documentation to extend its desktop search tool beyond the browser.

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