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Tuesday, July 5, 2005


Coming Soon: Music Player Bargains?

Apple's decision to cut the iPod shuffle's price may prompt other companies to do the same.

iTunes Countdown To Half A Billion Songs Announced

As part of the countdown, Apple is giving away an iPod mini and an iTunes gift card for 50 songs to the iTunes customer who purchases the winning song at each 100,000 interval.

Apple Third Quarter Results Due July 13

Car Makers Tune In To iPod Craze

The sheer force of iPod's popularity seems to have shaken the auto industry into action and prompted car companies to open their dashboards to the device.

Podcasting Ads Face Challenges

Among those challenges are finding ways of measuring listening and of evfficiently buying ads on a medium that has so far been made up of small, fragmented audiences.


10.4 Tiger Is Less Robust Than 10.3?

Use Vision To Spur Growth

What is behind the success of brands like British Airways or Apple? They live their vision.

How To Share The Light Of A Cult Product's Halo

The worry is that Apple's stratospheric valuation reflects the halo of its charismatic founder as much as the money-making potential of the enterprise.


Album Art In iTunes For Mac OS X

Backdrop Designer

Burning Monkey Mahjong 2

Burning Monkey Mahjong is a cheerful game that will have you playing longer than you expect.

Chessmaster 9000

For all you get with Chessmaster, the $40 is well worth it.

Eye Candy 5: Nature

Nature is a clear step forward in interface design, but it still needs some retooling to be fully impressive.

Photo To Movie 3.2

Visual Thesaurus 3

Visual Thesaurus 3 is one of the most stylish, truly useful reference tools we've encountered.

WireTap Pro

Podcasting And The iPod

So well done Apple engineers.


Bankrupt For Ideas?

Jonathan Watts, The Guardian, reports that Disney is remaking Snow White — with kung fu.

Big media companies keep exerting their control over old materials by extending the length of copyright period so that others cannot touch the materials, while the very same media companies keep recycling old materials, with each iteration worse than the previous.


Microsofft's Personnel Puzzle

Microsoft is working to change its long-standing reputation for haughtiness in hiring.

Don't Take The Tablets!

You'd think by now the message should have got through to Microsoft's top brass that consumers and businesses aren't exactly falling over themselves to buy overpriced handwriting recognition products.

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