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Thursday, July 7, 2005

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Apple London Store Shut By London Bombs

Bulletproof iPod?

Apple Cites Problem-Free Operation To Increase Market Share In Cebu

Apple's Macintosh aims to grow its market in Cebu by pitching its usefulness to computer users who do not want to suffer from downtime.

iTunes Gets The Beatles

Thanks to Paul McCartney's participatio in the London Live 8 concert on Saturday, Apple's iTunes Music Store finaly has two Beatles song performed by its co-composer available for downloading.

Patent Reveals Universal Apple Wireless Touch-Screen Remote

Apple recently researched and developed a wireless touch-screen remote control concept that would automatically discover and communicate with existing and future consumer electronics appliances as well as the personal computer, a filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office has revealed.

Demand Drag Gnaws On Apple

Announcements from two companies in the digital music sector — and even from Apple itself — suggest that demand has slowed in recent months.

Enter The iTunes 500 Million Tune Contest For Free

This amounts to placing an entry by simply emailing Apple.

Bare Bones Updates Free TextWrangler 2.1


Notes From A Switcher, Part 2

Although coming from Windows I've ha dquite a lot to get used to, the overall experience has so far been very positive.

What? Only Ten iPods?

Doesn't 10 iPods seem like an awkward first prize?


Clean It Up Already

Overall I think Apple's 1.0 podcasting support is really really nice, its more than I've seen anyone else do on their initial try at a podcasting client and I expect more as time goes on.

Podcasting Is Still Not Quite Ready For The Masses

It's still way too complicated for the average user to create a podcast. Apple has sovled one part of the problem, but more solutions are needed.

Diner Dash

Diner Dash is a fun if somewhat frustrating action arcade game that harkens back to the classics.

AirPort Express Elevation

Maybe the AirBase is just one of those products you have to use to appreciate. Whichever the case may be, I plan on buying one.

iPod/Pioneer Adapter Installation

Mail 2.0: Apple's New Email Program Is Imperfect But Innovative

The new Smart Milboxes feature is not quite mature, and the Find feature has gone from bad to worse. But smart mailboxes are a noteworthy and promising innovation, and Mail 2.0 is a beautiful program that works really well with other Apple programs.


Second Try

Well, as points out, Leopard is not really the first time that Apple has ported Mac OS X to the Intel processor.

Remember Rhapsody?

Rumor Today: No Special Event This Week

AppleInsider: It's no longer expected that Apple on Thursday will host a special event to introduce new music-related products... Sources say either Apple France or Apple Europe on Thursday will brief some media outlets on [existing Apple and third-party] iPod-related products.

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