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Monday, July 11, 2005


Save iPod Batteries For A Sunny Day

U.K. firm Better Energy Solutions' Solio line of battery charges uses solar power to energize not only fading iPods, but also mobile phones and other devices.

This Is Cambridge Calling...

For some time budding pop stars have crafted their work not in elaborate recording studios but on home computers. Now, the rise of podcasting is allowing them to reach a global audience through the internet. Even the man behind the Beatles senses a shake up in how new bands will break through.

Listen: iPods Can Damage Your Ears

Hearing experts wonder whether the frequent use of these devices, particularly with the inserts that sit within the ear, are contributing to noise-induced hearing loss.

Motorola 'To Debut' ITunes Phone At UK's V Festival

Motorola will launch its iTunes mobile phone in the UK next month, a UK press report has claimed.

Apple Opens Bluewater Store

Apple launched its third UK retail store at Bluewater, Kent on Saturday July 9.

Apple Drops The Cocoa-Java Bridge

Japanese Subway Takes Apple iPod shilling

Our good friends in Japan have emailed us some fantastic pictures of a subway train "dressed uup" for an iPod campaign.


Apple And The Environment

Apple Reading Blogs After The Fact Are They That Out Of Touch?


I think 100 Euro a year is not that much, but I'd like to get something real in a return.

Inside The Big Switch: The iPod And The Future Of Apple Computer

Because Apple is going to become an all-Intel shop like Dell, with Intel providing the processors that power both the Mac and the iPod, Apple will get the same kinds of steep volume discounts across its entire product line that keep Dell from even glancing AMD's way.


Toysight Gold

iPhoto Needs A Save Album Function

iPhoto keeps on crashing on me.


Coolest Street Address

There's a lot of things out of Apple that continues to fasinate, even after all these years.

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