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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Apple Now Limitng Bandwidth On .Mac Accounts

Users are now limited to 3GB of bandwidth per month, with an upgrade option of 10GB data transfer per month for US$49.95 per year.

iTunes Worm Is Windows Spyware Threat

A new worm poses as an ITunes file and is spreading using AOL Instant Messenger. While it does not affect Mac users, it does affect most breeds of the Windows OS.

Apple To Open Retail Store In Victor, New York


Want Your Face On The Back of Your iPod?

Why I Both Love And Hate My iPod

If I had the choice over again, I'd buy another brand.

Microsoft Employees Are Making The Switch To OS X

Knowing what [Microsoft is] going to bring out in 3 years is not that important to me in my life anymore.

WIFM — The Favorite Station To Listen To And Watch

A I thought more about this, I realise that all of us are watching and listening to only one station: WIFM. You know, What's In it For Me.


What Is Preview? (And Why You Should Use it)

Here's a quick guide to some of the useful chores you can accomplish with this software.

My Favorite Macworld Product: The IRISPen

Microsoft Sues Over Google Hire

Opening a new chapter in its rivalry with Google, Microsoft on Tuesday sued the search giant and a former Microsoft executive who has been tapped by Google to run its China operations.

Get Creative With Curio

The big benefit of Curio is that it lets you see your "stuff" in one place.


Motorola Gets Steve Jobs' Blessing To Launch iPhone?

Watch for it, this July 25th. AppleInsider sources said that Motorola will unveil "what's wow and what's now."

The Oldest Mac Switcher

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the oldest Mac switcher.

Of course, I'll now get tons of emails from other older folks. :-)

A Singapore Favorite

This is one of Singapore's favorite breakfast item: half-boiled egg with soy sauce and pepper. You stir it up, and eat/drink it all.

It's my favorite too, if you really want to know.

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