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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Apple Europe Unit Sales Up 48 Per Cent

Apple achieved 48 per cent market growth (year-on-year) in the European, Middle East and African (EMEA) markets. This constrasts with the 23 per cent growth of the PC market as a whole, according to new research from analyst firm, IDC.

Self-Driving Car Is Powered By "Tiger"

Power Mac G5's running OS X inside the car control electronic pistons and belts to control the steering wheel, brake and gas pedals, and gear shifter.

Gadgets Gun For iPod's Glory

The iPod may face challenges from music-playing cell phones and online subscription services but will likely reign supreme because it taps into the way consumers enjoy music, experts say.

Seagate May Be Hurt By Boosted Flash iPod

"One concern is that Apple may increase the flash-based iPod mix thus reducing MP3 hard disk-drive consumption."

Target Debuts Branded iPod Case

A Mac Option For The Music Producer Who Wants More Control

Wake Up And Doze Off To Your iPod

With the arrival of the iPod Alarm Clock Radio, the music player has found its way into the bedroom.


What OS X Could Learn From Windows

Windows has some features OS X could do with. There, I said it.

Mac Sales Soar; Are We Seeing More Switchers?

Mac OS X Is Now An Acceptable OS To Many

Now when I tell people who are avid Windows users, they ask me a ton of questions and ask if they think they should switch.


Motion 2: Apple's Latest Motion-Graphics Tool Puts The Moves On The Competition

Motion isn't an After Effects killer, but it can replace After Effects for many motion-graphics and compositing tasks, and it does so with a working environment that is tremendously superior.


Devlopers Wanted

Apple's Xcode team is looking for a few good developers to join the team.

If you must ask, Xcode is the application by Apple for other developers, so that they can use Xcode to great insanely great applications. But if you have to ask, you're probably not suitable for the job. :-)

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