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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Most Macs Missing From Amazon

A quick check showed that every Mac I clicked on except the Mac mini came up with "Currently unavailable."

Motorola Announces That They Aren't Announcing An iTunes Phone — Yet

GarageBand 2.0.2 Available For Download

Microsoft's Map Ap Missing Apple HQ

PortalPlayer Turns Profit

The supplier of chips and software for Apple's iPod music player said Monday that it reversed a second-quarter loss from a year ago on sales that more than tripled.


Railroad Tycoon 3

I found it far quicker and easier to get into the game than I expected, and I also found it very enjoyable to play.


Joel On Hitting The High Notes

Joel Spolsky: The Creative Zen team could spend years refining their ugly iPod knockoffs and never produce as beautiful, satisfying, and elegant a player as the Apple iPod. And they're not going to make a dent in Apple's market share because the magical design talent is just not there. They don't have it.

iPod is full of decisions that are based on style. And style is not something that 100 programmers at Microsoft or 200 industrial designers at the inaptly-named Creative are going to be able to achieve, because they don't have Jonathan Ive, and there aren't a heck of a lot of Jonathan Ives floating around.


Microsoft Windows' New Vista

By naming the next version of Windows "Vista," Microsoft may have stepped on the toes of another software company just down the road in Redmond.

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