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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


IDC Confirms Apple Marketshare Up 10%

Apple's global marketshare has reached 2.5 per cent, multiple reports confirm.

Thought Out Settles With Apple, Agrees To Change Name Of iPod

Indies Get A Bigger Slice Of Apple Pie

Apple Prepares For Tokyo Music Event

Apple Japan sent out invitations on Tuesday to select journalists inviting them to a special music event in Tokyo. The vent will take place on August 4 at 10:00 am at the Tokyo International Forum. The event could mark the beginning of an Apple iTunes Music Store in Japan.

Apple Releases iPhoto 5.0.4

The new release "addresses an issue with browing photos that have been auto-rotated by a camera."

School Computer Project To Stay Up And Running

Henrico Residents Object To Public Sale Of Laptops

Some say high school students in the county should have first pick.

iTunes Phone Not Announced; Coming In Next "66 Days"

"On one of the 66 days left in the quarter — we're not saying which one yet — Apple, Motorola and our biggest operator partners around the world will announce and ship the first iTunes phone."

Two New Apple Stores To Open Saturday

This Saturday will see the opening of two new Apple stores in Houston, Texas and Manhattan Beach, California.

Mac Mini Family Grows To Three

Apple has significantly improved its affordable Mac minis, doubling installed memory and adding Bluetooth and wiFi as standard to some models.

Apple Updates iBook With Faster Processor

Apple on Tuesday updated its consumer-level iBook line of notebook computers adding a faster processor and more memory across the line. The iBooks also include a scrolling TrackPad and the Sudden Motion Sensor, two technologies first introduced in the PowerBook.


Apple Rumors. Apple Reality.

If you're in the market for a new Mac, look at the [rumor] sites by all means, just don't base your purchase solely on their prognostications.

Apple's Image

Party Like It's 1975

It's amazing to me how, in mid-2005, so much of my computing experience is governed by a bizarre awareness of beginning or trailing periods, spaces, slashes, underscores and colons in file names.

A Video iPod? Don't Count On It

I'm betting Apple learned from [the iPod photo] experience and will use video to fortify its current iPod empire — not build a new one. It means a device that, true to Jobs' oft-stated belief, isn't designed for watching full-length movies.

The Browser Wars Are Hereby Over!

You have been put on notice: the browser wars are over. Moz doesn't matter. IE is irrelevant. Opera is doing a swan song. Why? In a word, iTunes.


Macs Can Work With, Yes, Everything

Mac programs handle Windows documents just fine.

What Is FireWire (And How Best To Use It)

Adobe Bundle Is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts


Be Thankful...

that these are only coconuts and not, say, durians.

The Missing Apple HQ Saga

You really want to see Apple's HQ in all its glory in MSN Virtual Earth? Robert Scoble reports that Microsoft is working feverishly to acquire/process and update the satellite images.

Be Aware

When you buy Macromedia stuff, beware of itchy fingers that put things that you don't want in your shopping basket.

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