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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Harley-Davidson Puts An iPod On Your Blog

Renowned motorbike manufacturer Harley-Davidson has added an iPod connector as standard to some of its newest models.

In One Stroke, Podcasting Hits Mainstream

Pockets of the populace may not enjoy the transformation of podcasting into a commercial, pop-culture phenomenon, but it's too late now. The people have spoken — or rather, listened.

iBook Firesale Moved Based On Expected Popularity

iPod Battery Replacement Program Raises Questions

You'll discover you won't get back the same thing you sent in.

iTunes Emasculates Crazy Frog

Yup, Crazy Frog joined the US iTunes roster yesterday morning, but by the time he got off the plane in California, prudish WASP elements in Cupertino had chopped off the little guy's wedding tackle.

Apple Wins Florida School Contract For 30,000 iBooks

PortalPlayer Guidance Hints At New iPod

iPod chip maker PortalPlayer said it expects to see "significant demand" in the second half of the year for "exciting new models" from its partners, hinting that Apple does indeed have at least one new iPod coming this fall.


Apple Needs To Get Behind Certifications

Reviewing The Reviews

As the senior editor in Macworld's Reviews department, I get questions, Oh boy, do I get questions.

Perils Of The Evil French Apple Keyboard

Over the last five days, I lost a total of three hours of work at home.


All Roads Lead To COM, An iTunes Story

The iTunes COM documentation is interesting enough that I might make some more applications before the end of the summer.


Welcome To the iMac Pod

Or is it the iPod Mac?

Rumor Today: We're Still Talking About iPod Video

According to Hannibal in Ars Technica, yes, there will be an iPod video. And it will be using Sharp LH7A400 SOC.

Rumor Today: Try Jeans, Get Free iTunes Song

AppleInsider: Apple and clothing retailer the Gap are preparing to kick-off a promotion that will offer Gap customers free iTunes songs for trying on clothing at its retail stores.


Is IE 7 Really Firefox Lite?

The newest version of IE takes some of Firefox's better features, but for now doesn't improve on them, or even always match them.

Microsoft Delivers Windows Vista Beta

Beta 1 chock-full with security features.

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