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Saturday, July 30, 2005


Apple's Halo Stays On Despite Switch To Intel

Industry watchers don't see the company suffering from its decision to change, as iPod brings more of the masses to the Mac.

Apple Offers More Refurbs, Special MS Office Deal

Judge Halts Cobb Laptop Computer Plan

Superior Court Judge S. Lark Ingram ordered an immediate halt to a groundbreaking laptop computer program Friday because school leaders did not tell Cobb County voters what they wanted to do with a voter-approved special sales tax.

CodeWarrior To Cease Development On OS X

Metrowerks announced at AdHoc that the forthcoming release of CodeWarrior 10 will be the last for OS X.

Naomie Kremer: Paint Moves

"I'm interested in what digital media can do within its own possibilities. I've never wanted to try to do a painting on the computer, but I had ideas that could not be expressed in paint."

Fatty Koo: The Tale Of A Dream-Come-True

"When it's just me and my PowerBook and the artists in their living room, all that distraction is eliminated. And we can really work together, be loose and in the moment."

HP To Stop Selling iPods

HP will stop selling its branded Apple iPods in September. HP will continue to install iTunes on its PCs and laptops, however.

BadApple Takes A New Bite At iTunes

BadApple is back with features that allow iTunes to sync playlists and music collections to MP3 players other than the iPod.

Gap Confirms Free iTunes Promo

Griffin Annnounces iFM For iPod

The device adds FM radio tuning to your Apple iPod, remote control and the ability to record audio — FM radio signals and voice recording.


Attribution Where Attribution Is Due

That does it. From now on, every column I write is going to include a bibliography and footnotes.

Making Space For Storage

Apple Isn't Long Tail Friendly To Podcasters

This iPod Takes The...

You know what? ll I want now is one of these.

So Long, hPod

It was fun while it lasted, but I fear it was never destined to last.

Old Mac, New Mac: Getting Wired For Music

Done With Dashboard: Back To Konfabulator

I think I figured out where Apple really went wrong with widgets: Dashboard.


And Now, A Recap Of Murphy's Law

Or a Roger Weeks special edition: If you're leaving town, all the possible bad things that can happen to your [network | servers | personal computers | other geek devices], will happen in the [days | minutes | hours | seconds] before you leavve.

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