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Tuesday, October 4, 2005


Korean MP3 Players Get Cheaper After Apple Shock

The prices of Korean-made MP3 players have come down after the body-blow dealt them by Apple's release of its new cheaper iPod nano last month.

UBS Analysts Predict Video iPod

Apple Cracks Down On Google AdWords

Some recent unsettling events indicate that Apple may in fact be moving in the direction of preventing third-parties from using Apple trademarks in advertising.

Apple To Webcast Q4 05 Earnings Result Conference Call On October 11

iPod Sales Could Top 10 Million In Q4

Download A Nano Case Template


iPod Nano Vs Washing Machine

I'm sad to report that my nano had accidently had a run-in with the washing machine...

Avoiding Copland 2010: Part 3

Apple Is Never Going To Open Up; It's A Communications Black Hole!

Protesting The Tyranny Of Apple

Don't buy a nano.

When Is Apple Going To Open Up?

I think it's about time we collectively recognised that Microsoft is right at the leading edge of corporate communication, using weblogs as a tool to directly connect MS employees with users, Windows developers, and excitable nerds.


Typing Time Saver

If you type the same string over and over, and you're looking for a way to save your fingers some wear and tear, Textpander is worth a look-see.

Little Gods


Rumor Today: Ranchero Software Is Being Acquired

From Om Malik's Broadband Blog comes rumor of an acquisition of Ranchero Software by Newsgator.

Who is Ranchero Software? Mention RSS and Mac OS X, and you can't help but think of NetNewsWire — the standard where all other desktop client-based RSS reader are based on. And who is Newsgator? The web- and Windows-based RSS reader software company.

Does this mean the end of Bloglines support within NetNewsWire — the whole reason I bought a copy of NetNewsWire in the first place? Only time will tell. :-)

Good UI Is Difficult

Hey, I was just implementing this particular feature (i.e. saving the application window's state and position across sessions) at work, and the author has described the frustration I've encountered quite closely.

In fact, for my application, I only reached step 5 and half of step 6. :-)

You Really More Hard Disk Space On Your iPod Nano?

How's 200 GB iPod nano sound to you? You can listen to all your 150,000 minutes of music... at 6 minutes interval.

Rumor Today: iPod Nano Recall?

Well, it's only one report, and who knows whether some droit in Best Buy isn't lying through its teeth, but Gizmodo is reporting that Best Buy told a Gizmodo reader that Apple has recalled the iPod nano.


Microsoft Ends License Talks With Music Labels: WSJ

Microsoft has broken off licensing talks with the four global music companies, raising questions about the software giant's plans to start a subscription-based music service, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing unnamed sources.

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