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Monday, October 31, 2005


Freescale Releases CodeWarrior As Download

Freescale's Developer Technology Organization (formerly Metrowerks) will make CodeWarrior Development Studio for Mac OS X available as a download today, Monday, October 31.

Bringing Aperture Into Focus

Watching Aperture run, we couldn't help but think that we've put up with the poorly-designed interfaces of certain applications, and the seriously slow underpinnings of others, for far too long. Aperture appears to demonstrate that there is a better way to design certain aspects of applications for pro photographers.


iPod Party Animals

The Trouble With iPod

If majors like Universal and Warner are being forced to bow to Apple, what hope do independent recording artists have to survive the digital age, let alone thrive?


Sunday, October 30, 2005


Bustling Singapore Bazaar Provides Last Hurrah For Ramadhan Shoppers

When the sun has set and the breaking of the fast has been observed, the only destination worth visiting in Singapore during Ramadhan — if you wish to spend an entire evening indulging in shopping while basking under bright street lights — is none other than the legendary bazaar at Geylang Serai.

Steve Jobs: The Guru Behind Apple

He's chief executive of two of the most powerful technology brands in the world: Apple and Pixar. But what motivates Steve Jobs? And how does he choose a new washing machine?

From Your Living Room To The World, Via Podcast

Entry into this form of broadcasting is open to anyone who owns a computer. The cost can be as little as $10 for a microphone, or as much as $30,000 for a well-equipped recording studio.


The Perpendicular Pronoun (I) Gets Cut Down To S(i)ze

When was the lowercase i before an uppercase anything born, and what did it stand for?

Our 'Can't We All Just Get Along?' Awards

Take my word for it, Steve — when people pay for music, they want it to be playable on any device they choose.

New Mac

Two years, one month, and twenty-three days ago I got a new PowerBook. Yesterday afternoon I got another.

The Incredible Shrinking Movies

Video iPods pose a threat to the filmgoing experience — but they also offer an opportunity.


Long Tail

Dave Winer: The "Long Tail" makes me want to barf. I'm not in anyone's tail. I'm a head, a heart, if I must choose an organ, kidneys or lungs. Anyone who calls bloggers a tail of anything has his head up his ass.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Your College Education Via iTunes

Stanford has announced an agreement with Apple to produce free podcasts of lectures, student music, play-by-play of its football games and more.

Henrico Restarts Laptop Bidding

Middle school contract for student computers could wait till January.

iPod Goes Trick-Or-Treating

Still trying to come up with a Halloween costume idea? Here's some inspiration from enthusiasts who have dressed as their favorite music player with varying degrees of artistic and technical prowess.


Buying An iPod Through iTunes

Why not make it easier for iTunes users to get to the iPod store?


Apple's Brilliant, Deceptively Simple Front Row Software Has A Bright Future And Raises Questions

Video iPod In The Wild

I can say that the screen size mattered much less than I thought it would.

30GB And 60GB iPods With Video: Think You Can't Enjoy Movies On An iPod? Think Again

Friday, October 28, 2005


The iTunes Music Store In New Zealand (Unofficially)

New Zealanders, you too can purchase music from the iTunes music store.

The iPod Industry: Firms Launch A New Raft Of Gadget Accessories

The iPod craze has spawned a mini-industry for the device. And it isn't happening by accident.

Apple Seen As Top Pick As PC Sector Faces Tough Q4

Podcast UI Changes To 5th Gen iPods

There are two wewlcome changes for 5th generation iPod (nano and video) owners.

iTheater To Be Released December 23rd

A group of Macintosh developers has been working on an open-source home theatre media center project called iTheater Mac Media Center.

Need A Job? Don't Use A Mac

When it comes to some big-name companies, Macintosh users may have a tough time landing a job. It's not just that the business world is dominated by Windows-based computers. It's because, at a number of large companies, Mac users literally can't apply.


Television Physics And The $1.99 Price Point

Suddenly you're not only skipping commercials you're skipping shows and they just can't have that.


Shopping, Dell Vs. Apple

The Mac Mini Software Challenge

That's right — I'm not installing anything new on my new Mac mini, until I truly must. Let's see how good a value this nice-looking bundle really is.


Music Still Rules On Video iPod

The biggest problem is the anemic selection of commercial programming.


Microsoft Could Pull Windows From S. Korea

Microsoft has warned that if South Korean regulators order it to remove code or redesign Windows as part of an ongoing unfair competition investigation, it could pull the operating system from the market or delay the introduction of new versions.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


On A Merry Dance With iTunes

Apple's newly launched iTunes Music Store for Australia will change the face of the local music market, says Dominic Carosa, chief executive of Destra Corporation.

Pornographers Embracing iPod

Yes, iPod porn has arrived, Mom and Dad. You need to know how to deal with it — just in case.

Net Heads Ponder iPod Video

"The challenge to all of us is to create good content and let the distribution sources fight it out."

iPods Invade Capitol Hill

Lawmakers tune in to Apple's portable music player.

Apple Worms Its Way Into The Music Industry

While Apple shares have soared on iPod's effect, the impact is only beginning to be felt. You ain't heard nothin' yet. Is Adding Video To The iTunes Inventory

Apple Relaxes Return Policy On 5G iPod, Reason Unclear

Creative: Apple To Blame For MP3 Player Memory Shortage

Ambrosia's Maelstrom Ported To Mac OS X

'I Use My iPod To Store Medical Images'

Osman Ratib, professor and chief of nuclear medicine at the University Hospital of Geneva, has co-created a computer software program called Osirix. It enables medical professionals to view medical images on their iPods, saving them and the hospitals they work for thousands of dollars in expensive equipment.


In The Face Of Flickr, Whither Dot Mac?

.Mac is the same service it was in the late 1990s, and that's concerning.

Creative Plays Shifting Goal Posts

iPod Nano Lawsuits: Who Wins?

The only real beneficiaries of a class action over scratched screens on Apple's tiny music player may be the attorneys.

Apple iPod's Amazing Video Feat

Say what you will about Jobs' ego. I think he just saved the portable-media-center market.

Which Company Should The CE Vendors Fear The Most? Microsoft Or Apple?

By using this more subtle approach and gently moving the market towards a Mac world where everything is easy to use and works together seamlessly, Apple could become one of the most important, if not the most powerful CE company someday.

Is It Time To Wait For Intel?

I suspect that Leopard is the end of the line for PowerPC, and that 10.6 will be Intel-only.


The Secrets Of Safari


Congrats, Shawn & Lesa

Wedding news from Your Mac Life.

Creative Admits Defeat

Well, this is anti-climatic. Creative admits it will never get anywhere near its publicly stated goal of achiving 40% market-share of MP3 players, and is now aiming to be just a niche player.

Never confuse marketshare with profitability. Always add value, not features. And always fight a battle on your terms.


Judge Blasts MS Bid To Monopolize Music Devices

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


No Porn For You, Video iPod!

With a couple of exceptions, porno producers are in no hurry to provide stag movies for the iPod, thanks to fears of a public outcry and a government crackdown.

iTunes Strengthens Chinese Ties

A deluge of Chinese music debuted on iTunes US last night.

FrontRow And PhotoBooth On BitTorrent

Apple's FrontRow and PhotoBooth software are both available on BitTorrent, even though they're supposed to be restricted to the new iMac.

Apple StoneWalls Over iPod Nano Lawsuit

Apple is adamantly refusing to comment on the class action lawsuit launched against the company in the US concern allegations of design flaws in its iPod nano media players.

Battle For The Soul Of The MP3 Phone

Consumers want an iPod phone that will play any song, anytime, anywhere. Just four little problems: the cell carriers, the record labels, the handset makers, and Apple itself. The inside story of why the ROKR went wrong. (And what it will take to make a truly rocking music phone.)

Apple Posts Final Cut Pro 5 Updates

Apple Insiders' Happy Tunes

With shares of Apple trading near an all-time high,CFO Peter Oppenheimer decided it was time to cash in.

Apple: iTunes' Top Competitor Is P2P

Apple's biggest competitors in the digital music downloading market are illegal music file-sharing services such as Kazaa and BitTorrent, said iTunes Vice President Eddy Cue.


Timbuktu Pro 8.5: Worthy Upgrade Stresses Security And Encryption, Brings Tiger Compatibility

Timbuktu Pro remains the gold standard for Macintosh remote control.

Can I Put Eight 30-Inch Apple Cinema Displays On My New Power Mac G5?

Our dream of a wall of 30-inch LCDs driven by one Mac hasn't been answered yet. In the meantime, about $28,000 will buy you the next best thing.

Power Mac G5 Benchmarks: Dual-Core's Strong Showing

There appears to be no performance penalty for using dual-core processors instead of two single-core processors with the same clock speed, Macworld Lab has concluded after preliminary testing of the dual-core Power Mac G5s released by Apple a week ago.


Oct 31 Is Here

Have you gotten your costumes for your iPod already?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Apple Steps Up Nano Advertising In Tokyo

In the Tokyo subway system you might find a wall filled with Apple iPod nanos. No, not real ones, but plastic cutouts that you can remove from the wall and take with you.

PowerSchool 5.0 Released

Apple Launches iTunes Australia Without Sony BMG

As expected, Apple today launched its iTunes Music Store in Australia, though Sony BMG continues to play hardball, exercising its major-label status to hamper Apple's catalogue in multiple countries.

Is Imitation Flattery, Theft Or Just Coincidence?

A dispute over the uniqueness of a popular new commercial for the Apple iPod is again raising the issue of what constitutes originality in advertising.

Disney Scrambles For More Video iPod Content

The future growth for the division will come from delivering media content on mobile devices, said Albert Chang, executive vice president of digital media for the Disney ABC Television Group.

Faster, Wi-Fi! Kill, Kill (The Competition)!

Apple has signed on as part of a broad alliance to push a new proposal for faster Wi-Fi.

iTunes Phones Disappoint With High Return Rates

Motorola believes the problem may lie in the marketing of the phone, with users expecting to get a device that has the storage capacity of the iPod.

Apple Hit With iPod Nano Class-Action Lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit has been filed in a California court accusing Apple of knowing that its new iPod nano could be easily damaged by normal use.

Study: Apple iPod Users Among The Internet's Most Prolific Influencers And Advertisers

Consumers who own iPods are significantly more likely to create and spread consumer-generated media on the internet, a trend likely to increase with the incorporation of video content into iPods, says a recent consumer behavior study by buzz analystics firm Intelliseek.

iTunes Music Store Is Live In Australia

Vending Machines Sell iPods To Go


Still Drinking The iPhone Kook-Aid

The real question isn't why the ROKR is so disappointing, it's why the heck were you so excited in the first place.

Apple Makes Software For People, Microsoft Identifies A Market

Since Steve Jobs arrived back at the company, it has renewed its focus — the customer. Apple makes hardware and software for people, whereas Microsoft and others make software for markets.


iPod Nano Sounds Larger Than Its Size

The bottom line is this: If you don't mind being limited to just 500 or 1,000 songs, the improbably tiny iPod nano is easily the coolest iPod yet.

Apple iPod 30GB

You have a pretty impressive product.

iPod 5G

Latest iPod Also Has The Look Of A Winner

The popular music player adds a color video screen, which works just as well as the other versions have — and passes the bus test.


Yes Sir, Even The Mac's Start-Up Sound Is Better



Microsoft May Tip Hand On Online Services

No, Apple isn't planning to introduce another iPod — at least not as far as we know. This time around, the mysterious invitation is from Microsoft.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Good Bye, So Long... Until We Meet Again Next Tuesday

Well, I'm off to my computer-less and internet-less weekend — that means no web, no e-mail, no instant-messagine, and no updating of this web site.

This website,, will go dark starting now, until Tuesday, Oct 25th, 2005.


Apple Shares Jump Over 5 Percent On New Power Mac G5, Enhanced PowerBook, Aperture Announcements

Close-Up On Aperture

Aperture is a pro-level application that promises to finally make working with raw images as easy as working with JPEGs.

Apple: Aperture Not A Photoshop Competitor

Apple Updates PowerBooks, Power Macs, Intros Aperture

Enter Aperture, Apple's "first all in one post production tool for photographers."

Apple Australia Hosts Oct 25 Music Event

Apple Australia has announced a major music-related event on October 25, potentially launching iTunes Music Store that day.


Some Software I'd Like To See

If It's Wednesday, It Must Be Time For New Apple Product Announcements

"Aperture" Finally Delivers Pro Photo Tool From Apple

If you're a Raw shooter who is trying to figure out the least painful workflow for managing these files, you're going to want to check out Aperture before maing a final decision.

PowerPC's Final Act?

New Power Cords For Dual Core Power Mac G5s?


The iMac Earns A Spot In The Living Room

The iMac's sleek, virus-free, spyware-free operating system helps all of this work smoothly and quickly. And although there's room for growth in the TV department, the new iMac is yet another indication that Apple Computer is rapidly transforming itself into Apple Entertainment.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Apple Updates Xserve RAID Software

iPods Fast Becoming New Teacher's Pet

Special recording projects nurture students' creativity.

Apple Releases iPod Updater 2005-10-12

Jobs Speaks: What's Next For Apple

What it takes to set the pace in consumer tech.

Automator Action For iPod Videos

Top Ten Things Techies Wanted To Know About The 5G iPod

Noise defect: gone. Bass performance: improved.

Elgato CEO Tapped To Head Apple Germany

Why Apple Hasn't Used Intel Procesor Before

Unpacking The iPod (With Video)


Drawing A Blank

There is one horrifyingly critical usability flaw in Expose: It uses a scrubbing interface.

Media Bias And Technology Reporting

Ladies And Gentlemen, It's Photography Time

Mac OS X Viruses: Results (Sort Of, Except Not Really)


A Screen Test For The Video iPod

The new iPod is a handsome product that works well and is a good vlaue. If you don't expect too much from its video function, you will find it a nice bonus. But, for now, we urge you to think of it primarily as a music player, just as Steve Jobs does.

An iPod Worth Keeping An Eye On

TextEdit's Default Format: RTF... Why?

In this article, we'll go on a quick tour of RTF — the specification, the history, and the implications for its use in Mac OS X.

Macromedia Flash Professional 8: Upgrade Features New Graphical Effects, Embedded Video, And Scripting Tools

Flash Professional 8 packs such a powerful and substantially enhanced set of tools for professional animation and interactive design that most professional developers will want to upgrade. But designers who were expecting a simler, more accessible package should stick with their current installation.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Apple Will See Mac, iPod Sales Climb - Analyst

Apple Pressure Shuts iPod Shops

Apple's move against some iPod accessory dealers has claimed its first victim, Everything iPod.

Apple Steps Up iPod 'Tax' Push

Apple has made the "Made for iPod" program a requirement for manufacturers who want their gadgets to plug into the "dock connector" at the bottom of the music player, Senior Vice President Phil Schiller confirmed to CNET last week.

Ripped Off?

As record firms and Apple fight over iPod downloads, music lovers lose out.

Hollywood Holds Its Breath

Police Report Increase In iPod Thefts

Video iPod's Effect On Cable Uncertain

If it becomes popular enough, the video iPod could begin to "raise the value of television programming in the mind of the consumer."

New 'Guilding Light' Podcasts Aim For A Younger Audience

As its audience shrinks, "Guilding Light" is making a sales pitch to a new generation of viewers: If you can't spend an hour watching a soap opera every afternoon, how about listening to a shorter version on your iPod during the morning commute?

Apple Faces Hard Time Wooing Hollywood To New Video iPod

Apple chief Steve Jobs faces a far tougher task wooing film and television producers to create shows for the new video iPod than he did in the music industry as many questions remain over content and pricing, industry executives say.

Apple Reposts Eminem iPod+iTunes Ad Online


Et Tu, Video iPod?

The new video iPod so far doesn't seem different enough from many similar past devices that underestimated the public's willingness to embrace a portable unit that requires a home computer.

Devices In Place: Waiting For Vodcasts

Mobile TV, The New 'Recipe Solution'

There's a huge future market for mobile video, but it will be a limited market until wireless technology evolves.

Steve Jobs, iPods And TV In The Bathroom

"I'd imagine that you saw the press conference today. Let this be a lesson to you, don't mess with Apple."

Apple's Backup App Is Shit

You read right: there's no way to actually use backups made with Backup in any sane fashion.

The Day The Earth Shook

For the Mac community, the Loma Prieta quake took two victims in particular.

Why It's Wrong To Predict Failure For The Video iPod

The introduction of a video iPod marks the dawn of an exciting time in the evolution of popular art.


Dreamweaver 8: Solid Web-Authoring Program Features Greater Stability, Faster Performance, And New Design Tools

It is the best Dreamweaver version I've seen so far, and I highly recommend it.

Hands-On With iTunes 6: Explore The Music Player's New Features

iPod-Ready Videos? Not So Fast, And Not So Clear

Think twice about transferring full-length movies to the iPod.


Yes sir, We Are Apple Fan Boys

A Boy And His Computer: Announcing the Apple iProduct. You'll buy it. And you'll like it.

View Full-screen? Don't I Need The Pro Version?

This can probably be considered an urban legend, but, yes, you do can watch QuickTime movies in full-screen without paying Apple to upgrade your QuickTime Player to the pro version.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Early Warning System: MyAppleMenu Goes Dark

I will be computer-less this weekend — from 21st (Friday) to 24th (Monday) of October. This website will not be updated during this time.


How Apple Does It

Conventional wisdom says its strategy is wrong, yet it keeps turning out great products. Time looks inside the world's most innovative company.

Apple Drops Flatiron Store For GM Building

Apple is retreating from a planned retail store in the Flatiron District to focus on a larger location in the General Motors Building, sources said.

Sources: NOR Flash May Be Cause Of Shipment Delays For iPod Nano

iTunes 6: What You Need To Know

Disney Deal Is Apple Of Advertisers' Eye

Madison Avenue sees exposure offsetting commercials' absence.

Now Playing On A Tiny Screen

In the past year, media companies have begun experimenting with broadcasting original programming made specifically for mobile phones to increase awareness of their television shows and movies. And interest in such programming may grow further: last week, Apple introduced a video iPod, which, while not a mobile phone, is another test of consumers' interest in portable entertainment.

TV Downloads May Undercut ABC Stations

Apple is, in effect, giving consumers the opportunity to cherry-pick programs for $1.99 each, though analysts expect it will be years before internet companies represent a viable alternative to cable TV.

iPod Lightning Rod

The saber-rattling over Apple's new video iPod has started.


Staten Island Store Grand Opening

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend my first ever Apple Store grand opening at the new Staten Island New York location in the appropriately named Staten Island Mall.

Atop The Apple Tree, Almost

If Steve Jobs ever steps down, Tim Cook's elevation to COO confirms him as the top candidate to fill his shoes. Actually, make that to try to fill them.

Listen Up, iTunes

Innovation, proper legal aim, and a willingness to accept a somewhat lower profit margin will be central to restoring American musical morality.

Cool, A Video iPod. Want To Watch 'Lost'?

Probably the biggest factor working against the instant success of a video iPod is that the video world has yet to experience the copyright-infringement meltdown that the music industry did a year or two ago, where millions of people were swapping songs free rather than buying CD's in stores.


He's Up To His Ears In iPod

Protecting Apple iBook Is Job Of Its Own

The lovely white, somehow clear plastic does attract scratches, so you need to take precautions.


Google On The Mac

Fans of Macintosh and Google Earth, Google Talk, or Picasa, there may still be hope: Google is hiring Mac developers.

Bye Bye 3G

If Apple's iTunes video experiementation gains any traction, we can officially say bye-bye to 3G phones. :-)

I Wonder...

Did some big customer of Apple feedback to Steve Jobs that, hey, Windows Media Player is now in the 10th version, and iTunes is only at 4... and so Apple will now bump up the version number of iTunes every month until it is ahead of Windows Media Player? :-)


At Microsoft, Interlopers Sound Off On Security

Microsoft has spent three and a half years trying to transform its engineering culture to make security the company's priority.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


To 'Pod Or Not To 'Pod

That is the question for region music lovers who can't let go of traditional formats.

Apple Drops Samsung Joint Investment Plan

"As the anti-Samsung sentiment has recently deepened among some political and civic groups, Apple ended the talks, complaining about the sentiment."

Digital Content Is The Next Big Thing For PCs

Where price and design remain key factors in new products' successes, the battle for the hearts, minds and wallets of today's consumers is increasingly being waged with content.

Apple Of Our Eyes

Apple knows there's a cutthroat battle for dominance of the meerging digital future and, keen to play on its innovative credentials, it has decided to make its first move.

Apple And Napster Pull Ads From P2P Sites

After the UK record industry threatened Apple and Napster with legal action, the two have pulled ads for their music services from P2P sites.


The Ultimate Digital Experience!

Apple, besides having its lovemarkian fanatics, and saving the music industry from ruin, has demonstrated that people will believe anything.

A New Era For Screens Big And Small

Apple's venture reflects how TV and movies may never be the same.

With 'vingle,' Apple Looks To Branch Way Out

What is Steve Jobs going to pull out of the sleeve of that black turtleneck next?

Apple iPod Already In Tune

Music capabilities, more so than video, are what will continue to draw consumers.

Perhaps Samsung Should Move Overseas


The iPod Shuffle: Long Term Test

For the music buff who can't spend $250 for a music player but still wants to be in style, the iPod shuffle is a dream come true.


The Microsoft Protection Racket

Why protect the users when you can fix the code?

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Podcasters Prepare To Launch Video Era

Podcasting is on the verge of setting off a video revolution and users of Apple's new video iPod can expect a deluge of outspoken commentary, religious sermons and pornography.

Message, Music Comes Through Via Podcasting

Godpods are getting people spiritually plugged in.

Hollywood Unions Call For Cut Of Video iPod Pie

In a show of unity, five unions representing actors, writers and directors issued a joint call for talks to make sure their members get a cut of revenue generated by the sale of TV shows on Apple's iTunes software.

New iPod Inquiries Growing

Expecting to buy Apple's latest iPod off a local shelf is like sending a letter by snail mail — that's so 1990s.

Griffin Announces iFM With Dock Connector

Griffin said the iFM with dock connector works with all "click wheel" and video iPods, iPod nano, iPod mini and iPod photo models.

Apple Names A New iPod Chief And A COO, Too

Tony Fadell, head of iPod engineering, will succeed Jon Rubinstein as senior vice president of the iPod division next year. Rubinstein plans to retire in March. Apple also announced the appointment of a chief operating officer, assignging Tim Cook, its chief of sales, to the post.

Another Apple Announcement Coming

In an invitation to reporters, Apple said it will hold a press conference on the eve of next week's PhotoPlus Expo 2005. The company promises to "unveil Apple's latest pro innovations."


The Iger-Pod

This deal is more Hollywood than Silicon Valley.

iTunes 6 Didn't Fix Anything

Here is my list of improvements that iTunes desperately needs.

How Bob Iger Saved Network TV

On the iTunes Store, you can buy the latest episode to Lost and some other shows the day after they air on network TV, in this case ABC, for $1.99. Sounds simple and reasonable. Not anything earth shattering right?

The Life

It ought to work out well for everyone.

If Mark Cuban Says It, It Might Be So

Is it really a niche when you're a billion dollar company? Man, this is a high stakes game.

Why iPod Video Is No Big Deal

It's a reasonable, incremental move by Apple to add video playback to an iPod. It's just not going to be that big a deal.


A Simple Mac OS X Libpng Example With OpenGL

Handhelds Compared: Video iPod Vs. PSP

Both of these devices rule their own respective roots.

Friday, October 14, 2005


The Barriers To Video On The Move

The unveiling of the latest iPod with an inbuilt video player has given rise to visions of watching TV on the move. But what are the realities of mobile TV and film?

'New iMacs Will Sell As Well As PCs' - Analyst

Free Videos In iTunes

Here is a great tip for getting some free video content into iTunes.

Apple Reclaims Shine, Rises 9%

Shares of Apple rose more than 9% Thursday as investors shook off what some analysts called irrational selling of the stock and flocked back to the company, following the release of its new iPod video player.

New iPod Causes Rumblings In Entertainment Industry

Apple introduced a departure from the TV industry's traditional business model — generating revenue not by embedding advertising in the shows but by charging a small amount to download them.

Dis-Apple Pact Upsets Affiliates

The prospect of the new device distracting Nielsen-measurable eyeballs from its own over-the-air programming is generating some anxiety from stations all over the country about how their business will be affected by the download-on-demand availability of two of the network's biggest hits.

Launch Of Video iPod Shines Light On Jobs, Disney Drama

The pact is a sign that the riff with Pixar may be mending.

Adobe's Acquisition Of Macromedia Receives DOJ Approval

ABC Afffiliates Complain About 'iPod' Videos

NBC "In Talks" With Apple

New iPods Record In Stereo

Samsung To Pay $300M Fine For DRAM Price Fixing


I Take It All Back

In the name of all that's holy, are there any Mac-savvy women out there willing to talk in public?

Video iPod: Where's Discussion Of Free Video?

Yes, But When Can I Download Manimal?

Suppose that Apple and Arrested Development's producers put up a whole new season on iTunes for preorder, promising to crank out the episodes if enough folks pay up to see it.

They're Not Reruns, They're iReruns!

Why not take it further? Why not let people pay $1.99 — or more — to watch a show the day before it airs?

The Apple Polishers

Explaining the press corps' crush on Steve Jobs and company.

FrontRow Seems Custom Made For The Mac Mini

Forget Minidiscs: Take Your iPod Into The Field!

One Word: Tivo

Why doesn't Apple purchase TiVo, incorporate their technology, continue the computer/iPod as Tivo/home entertainment system, and put another nail in the coffin of the clueless in Redmond.

Apple's iPod Pricing Strategy Has Never Made Sense, Except To The Marketplace

I know why I'm happy to keep my nano and don't feel ripped off by Apple this time.

Why Bother Being An Apple VAR?

Is it worth being an Apple partner, considering the shabby treatment from the vendor? Unfortunately, making a complete switch to PCs is a challenging proposition.

A Streamlined Remote From Apple

Dell Media Experience remote = 60 buttons you'll never use. Apple Remote = Just the six buttons you need.

The New Guns In Apple's Arsenal

If Apple can't do it right — and make billions of dollars in the process — I don't see who can.

Mac Mini Needs A Front Row Seat

Who wants to put an iMac G5 next to their TV?


iTunes 6

Set Identical iCal Window Sizes

If you use iCal, you're probably familiar with one of its annoying quirks features — as you switch between day, week, and month view, the calendar window itself will physically change sizes.

Video Quality: What $1.99 Will Buy You

Full-screen is much more like watching a VHS tape. Actually, it's more like watching an old VHS tape that has been watched one too many times.


Rumor Today: Still "One More Thing"...

AppleInsider: New PowerBooks, Power Macs due shortly.

Password Lock

The password-protected screen lock totally make sense now that you can place your entire collection of porn on your pod. :-)

iPod Boing Boing?

Lester Haines, The Register: Here's an appealing thought: an mp3 breast implant which allow surgically-enhanced girls to store and play back their entire music collections from their 36DD assets.

Since it is now known that Steve Jobs lied through his teeth about playing videos on the iPod, it will be fun for some reporter to go ask if Apple is going into the breast-implant-MP3 market, and see how Steve replies. :-)


Twenty Years Of Windows

With its 20 anniversary approaching, I visited Microsoft's headquarters recently to talk with the team behind Windows — to get reflections on the key moments in its evolution, its position in the market today, and what lies in store for its future.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Apple Pulls New Eminem TV Spot

Apple Bloggers Hot For iMac, Not For iPod

Bloggers were quick to report the news coming from Apple's highly anticipated event on Wednesday, but if early reaction are any indication they may be slower to buy the new products.

Analysis: Taking The Apple Experience To Video

Analysts see Apple's strategy of upgrading the iPod to also play video as a way of getting into the video market.

Record Labels Bank On iPod For Video Sales

Apple's iPod and iTunes online music store made paying for music downloads cool, but can they fuel a similar revenue-boosting boom for record labels with music videos? That's the hope for the major record companies, who took steps this year to do what they hadn't done in more than two decades of shelling out millions of dollars to produce music videos — get paid for them.

The Many Faces Of Steve Jobs

When's The Next Train? Check Your iPod

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) has made its train schedule and system map available as a free iPod download.

Apple Cuts The TV Out Of TV Programming

Leave it to Steve Jobs to elevate "Desperate Housewives" from a pandering prime-time soap opera hit to harbinger of digital media's future.

eMac Gone For Consumers But Available For Schools

"The eMac is no longer available at the online Apple Store or Apple's retail stores, but we are continuing to offer the eMac on the online education store for institutional customers."

Apple Is Tough Foe For Microsoft And Real, Analysts Say

In targeting Apple, Microsoft will have to deal with new challenges. Most notably, it will have to balance the needs of multiple partners.

Apple Finally Kills Gil Amelio's Legacy By Numbers

Best ever financials stuff 1995 figures.

New iMac Serves As Digital Entertainment Hub

The new iMac ships with a remote control that allows users to view video content, listen to music and view videos without needing to be right in front of the computer. It also ships with a built-in version of Apple's iSight, a video webcam that up to now has been available only as an add-on peripheral.

Apple Introduces iPod That Plays Videos

Having conquered the world of consumer digital music, Apple's Steve Jobs set his sights on television today, announcing products and services to deliver TV shows, short films and music video for viewing on personal computers and iPods.

FAQ: Some Details Behind Apple's Announcement

Apple Releases iTunes 6

New features includes downloadable TV shows and music videos and the ability to send music and videos as gifts.

Universal iPod Dock

Besides embracing all iPod models, this dock works with the new Apple Remote control.

iTMS: Just For You Beta


New Beginnings

With the creation of the Front Row remote control interface, Apple has turned the iMac into an appliance, a mission that Jobs has taken on personally for years now.

Steve Jobs' 3-Act Play (With Photos)

Today's presentation was a lesson in how to launch a product.

Apple's Telegraphed Punch

If you thought today's media event was about "One More Thing...", think again people. This is just the beginning. Speculate, postulate, hypothesize... whatever.. but you can bet that the new iMac is just "The First Thing" we'll see that has Front Row inside.

Today's Most Stunning Revelation

Steve is not wearning blue jeans!

Brief Observations Regarding The New Stuff Announced At Today's Special Event

The Real Story Is Broadband

The story that got buried was the fact that Apple also released a USB dial-up modem.

Video's In The Picture, After All

eMac Getting Phased Out?

I don't see any eMac-related links in the store.

iTMS... Er, Lost My Copy Of Lost


Microsoft, Yahoo Will Let Users Exchange Messages

Another Payoff By Microsoft

The total to date is more than $5 billion and counting. The effect on Microsoft: essential zero.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Apple Hones 'One More Thing' Hype

Apple would not comment on its marketing strategy, but the role of secrecy and speculation in building excitement for the company's launches is undeniable.

Apple Intends To Open 35-40 Retail Stores In 2006

A New Store Just For iPod Accessories Reveals The Evolution Of An Obsession

Soon after consumers buy their iPods, the obsession begins.

Deal Seals Anti-Apple Coalition

A broad settlement between RealNetworks and its longtime foe Microsoft goes a lot further than simply ending the last major U.S. antitrust case against the tech heavyweight. The deal also aims to help the two companies better compete against Apple in the increasingly important business of online audio and video.

Club 21 To Open Asia's Largest Apple Shop

Luxury fashion retailer Club 21 will enter the IT retail business by opening Asia's largest Apple store in Singapore next month, the Business Times reports.

New iPods For The Holidays

"We think we did rather well with the prior lineup and believe that we will do even better with the new lineup that we have for the holiday season, including the new iPod nano and some very innovative new products that we have yet to introduce."

Top Line Topples Apple

iPod sales were nowhere near the heady number bandied about on Wall Street.

Apple Earnings Top Estimates

Apple reported on Tuesday earnings that narrowly topped analysts expectations, though sales fell short of what some were expecting.

Apple's Marketshare Climbs To 6.6%

Salling Clicker 3.0 Adds Wi-Fi, Windows Support, More

Apple Changes

Apple has come down with a cease and desist taking the word iPod outta there.


Nano, Just Another Tool Of The Trade

These sleak MP3 players bring out the worst in people.

Beware Of False Prophets...

"Result-oriented design" doesn't make sense to me.

Greed Is Not Good: Why We Oppose Any iPod Tax

Bitter Recriminations In Cobb County iBook Fiasco

Updating "Software Update"

Is there any better way to get updates, either batched for users who are often offline or a system where all applications can register themselves, where to look for their updates and how often to check?

No "New Music Tuesday"

"[The] last time it wasn't updated Tuesday [we got] iTunes 5..."


Kid-Proof Your Mac

Web Browser Roundup: Mozilla's Firefox And The Omni Group's OmniWeb Help You Navigate Better

Internet Cleanup 3: Security Utility Works Well But Has Interface And Performance Problems

InCopy CS2: Upgrade Aligns InDesign CS2 Companion Program

The more distance you want between your editors and your layout files, the more sense InCopy makes.

What Is Quartz (Or Why Can't Windows Do That)

Quartz is the heart and soul of Mac OS X's graphics layer, which directly supports the defining features of the Aqua desktop experience.

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3

Fast DVD Copy 4: Efficient DVD Copying Software Raises Questions Of Legality

Legal issues aside, Fast DVD Copy 4 is easy to use and intuitive.


Rumor Today: Microsoft, Yahoo Have Instant-Messaging Deal

Associated Press: Microsoft and Yahoo have agreed to make their two instant-messaging programs work together, a partnership that could threaten market leader America Online, people familiar with the situation said.

One More Thing...

We'll find out what Steve Jobs' "One More Thing" is. Maybe it's the nano scratch protector. :-)

Solar Power

Yes, sir, this is how we dry our laundry here in Singapore: solar power.

Too bad we cannot rely on the sun to power our air-conditioners... yet.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


glasgow Boasts Biggest Outdoor Banner

The largest single-piece outdoor banner site in the UK has been unveiled in glasgow with the new Apple iPod nano signed up as the first advertiser.

iBuzz: Apple Works Its 'Bombshell' Magic

Apple is practicing its stagecraft once again.

Staten Island Apple Store Opens This Weekend

Apple will open its newest retail store at the Staten Island Mall in Staten Island, New York on Saturday, Oct 15, 2005.

Mac Sales May Juice Apple's Earnings

Apple is expected to turn in strong numbers when the company reports earnings Tuesday, but with a twist — for once, it may not be all about the iPod.

Apple To Slug Partners 10% Of All Revenue

iPod accessory manufacturers are set to be slugged a massive 10% of all revenue if they want to connect with an Apple iPod port.

School Laptops: Save Or Delete?

Some cheer the end of this ear. Others — including some parents, kids, teachers and policymakers — aren't ready to see them go.

Apple Secures iPod Retail Scoop In Japan

Apple has secured a major retail coup in Japan, with news that 7-11 stores there will start selling iPods later this month.


The Recording Industry's New Clothes

Dear Recording Industry, when you renew your contract, you should demand that Apple remove the digital rights management (DRM) technology from the iTunes Music Store. Yes, you read that right: you need to stop letting Apple use DRM technology with your songs.

Why I Hate My iPod

My iPod is terrible if I use it while running for any longer than 20 minutes or so.

Trends To Watch From 800 Issues Of TidBITS

I wanted to set it all down here because it can be difficult for those of us who have spent much of our adult lives participating in the Macintosh community to wrap our minds around how completely our world has changed.


Macintosh-style interaction design ahs reached its limits. A new paradigm, called results-oriented UI, might will be the way to empower users in the future.

For Those Who Dare

Thanks to an iPod, a birthday party gets crazy.


Find The Perfect iPod For You


Black UI

There have been people asking for black earphones to match their black iPod nano, but this is the first time I see people asking for a black UI.

Me And My Mini

Dear Diary: While jogging in Central Park on a recent morning, I found myself following closely behind a man, also out for a run, pushing one of those fancy, three-wheeled sports strollers and listening to his iPod. We were going at the same speed and, as I kept pace behind him, I began to realize that the runners passing us in the opposite direction were doing a double-take as they looked into the stroller and then at the man pushing it. What curiosity was there to see? ...

How To Survive In This New Economy

Tod Maffin, Listen. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are not a well-respected, branded "public radio station." In today's media enviornment, you are simply an option to add to the assembly line. Or not.


A Game Console For The Rest Of Us

Note to hard-core video game players: Microsoft says it is aiming for your mothers and wives.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Altec Lansing Wireless Headset Connects iPod Mini, Cell Phone

School Board To Discuss Laptops

Dell is craving another slice of the Apple pie. This spring, Dell beat out Apple to supply laptops to Henrico County high school students and teachers. And if Dell has its way, Henrico won't dish out Apples to middle school students and teachers next year.

Selling Songs For A Song

Japanese Music Industry Calls For An 'iPod Tax'

Japan's music industry has asked the Japanese government to charge a royalty, to be added to the retail price of portable digital music players like Apple's iPod.


Save iPhoto

Apple, if you're listening: iPhoto is horribly broken.

Podvertising: Niche Not Reach

If the reach isn't there, what is the allure for companies to advertise in podcasts?

Are iPod Add-Ons Too Expensive?

Sunday, October 9, 2005


God Really Is Omnipresent; Coming To An iPod Near You

Apple's New MP3 Player Drives Down Market Prices

Hit by the successful launching of Apple's iPod nano, the prices of local MP3 players have fallen by up to 30 percent over the last two weeks.

Apple Has No Comment On Store For Northwest 23rd

City planners and neighbors say Apple appears to want to build a 5,000-square-foot retail store near Pizzicato Gourmet Pizza and Kitchen Kaboodle.


RM: Bug Me Not

I could rant for ages on the Save dialogs and tech support in general, but it's not really fair to single Apple out much when it comes to tech support.

WebKit Rox!


Nano Size Can Be A Flaw

The biggest problem, which also turns out to be its biggest selling point, is size. The nano is so small that it tends to disappear quite easily on a cluttered desk. It's also conceivable that more than a few nanos will be forgotten in pockets and sent through the washing machine.


Rumor Today: Madonna iPod Nano?

Peter Rojas, Engadget: Apple is planning to announce a special pink-clored version of the iPod nano for the Material Girl.

Saturday, October 8, 2005


From iPod To Ourpod: Will It Become A More Social Machine?

If the digital music player, with its ubiquitous earbuds, seems like a device that isolates, just wait. It may well bring us closer together.

Analysts Doubt Video iPod Rumor

Analysts, though refraining from making predictions, displayed strong skepticism about a video-playing iPod.

Samsung, Apple Face Potential Antitrust Probe

Samsung and Apple may be investigated by South Korean anti-trust authorities.

Daniel Toussaint: Music For A Miracle Planet

With the Mac, you experience the music as you're composing it rather than hearing it in your mind and playing it later — or waiting to assemble an orchestra.

Clay Weiner and ALan vladusic: Workstyles Of The Clio FutureGold Winners

HP Discounts Leftover iPods


Windows XP Mac Edition

I can totally see Microsoft jumping at the chance to make more money.

Model-View-Controller In Web 2.0


Mac Security: Identifying Changes To The File System

It is a mistake to equate "more secure" with "invulnerable."


Advice From The Internet

Don't llisten to everything on the internet — and neither from this guy. But, hey, sometimes some random shaking do fixes things. :-)

Rumor Today: iPod Video

Yes Sir, Apple leaked this rumor.

Somebody found a web page on Apple's web site that featured the all new iPod Video. Of course, the offending web page has since been taken down.

I hope Steve is not too mad.

10 Years Ago, Plan B Was Borned

BeBox Zone: 10 years ago today, the BeBox was launchd with great fanfare at Agenda 95.

Friday, October 7, 2005


iTunes For Video? Don't Hold Your Breath

Wouldn't it be great if you could buy and download your favorite episodes of Sex in the City from a web site? Unfortunately, that sceanrio is probably a long way off, according to a panel of internet executives sounding off on the future of entertainment and media at the Web 2.0 conference on Thursday.

'A Is For Apple' On iPod

MP3 players used as vocabulary tools in Carrollton-Farmers Branch schools.

iPod Win Music To Pupils' Ears

Apple Loosens Up On "Mac" Trackmark Use

It appears to be true: "Mac" and "Macintosh" no longer trigger the trademark warning from Google.

Apple May Sell More iPod Nanos Than Initially Expected

Anticipation Over Apple Earnings

Apple will release one of the most anticipated technology-earnings reports next week, and by many indications Wall Street won't be surprised if Apple thoroughly exceeds consensus expectations.


Apple - All I Want For Christmas Is Working Smart Playlists...

What Would Apple Be Without Jobs?

It's safe to say that for the time being Apple needs Jobs more than Jobs needs Apple.

Did Steve Jobs Reveal Apple's Upcoming Special Announcement Early?

Apple is going to announce an AirPort Express with video streaming capabilities.

What's Behind The Red Curtain? I'm Looking For Macs


Sent Messages Disappearing From — Possible Solution

Ever Had Your Screen Saver Hacked? (And Are You Sure)

Griffin Technology's iFill

iFill is an example of a simple application that does a single task well.

Scratches Mar New iPod's Beauty

I have never tested or owned any portable electronic device that picked up as many scratches as quickly as the iPod nano.


Season Of Acquisitions Continues

... with Dave Winer selling to VeriSign.

Dave Winer: What a day!

Thursday, October 6, 2005


Big Labels Play Waiting Game With iTunes

Some of Japan's biggest record companies aren't ready to play ball with iTunes Japan, and that's got some artists crying foul.

Which? Calls Apple 'Most Reliable' Brand

My Songs, My Format

Those who want to remain neutral in the format wars — or who want to switch sides — may spend more and endure inconveniences.

iPod, iTunes Still Gaining Share

Piper Jaffray's poll of buying patterns for digital audio players and online music among teenagers suggested that Apple's iPod and iTunes are still growing market share, rather than topping out as many analysts expected.


IBM And Apple Swap Server Strategies

If Apple gets the message that Xserve G5 is the right solution across the rack server lineup, and not just for specialized markets, it'll have a share of the growing Unix market in addition to that volume market it longs for.

Independent Label Addresses The Apple iTunes 99c Question

Increasing prices now, obviously isn't going to increase number of downloads and, in fact, might stall the whole market and this is my main concern.

Video iPod: From Rumor To Reality?

Let's examine the evidence...


Apple .Mac

We're impressed that Apple has never raised the price and that users can work seamlessly with their .Mac tools from within the OS and various iLife apps. But at the same time, .Mac still doesn't feel essential or robust enough.

The Incredibles: When Danger Calls

It's not that the game is outright bad; that, at least, would have spawned a far snarkier review for your enjoyment. It's simply that it's just — "there."

The Best Blogging Tools For The Mac


Game Pad Gives You Wings

I have nothing much to say except to say that I like the headline created by Gizmodo for this article about the Aving game pad device.

Season Of Acquisition

You are probably familiar with the Unofficial Apple Weblog, which I do link to often here on MyAppleMenu. But do you know that the Unofficial Apple Weblog is part of a larger venture called Weblogs, Inc? Well, now you know...

Oh, and do you know that Weblogs, Inc. is now part of a larger venture called AOL? Well, now you know too....

Wishlist And Reality

My wishlist for the "One More Thing" next week: a TiVo-like device that you can sync with existing iPods and iPod nano of which the video capability will automagically be enabled via a firmware update.

Reality? I'm guessing pre-Intel Macintosh firesale.

New In Fall Colors

Interestingly, both Salon and CNET unveiled their new designs.

"Fuck You" Media

Ryan Tate: I'm still waiting for someone to start a Fuck You newspaper... They just need some balls, some smart investors and a new approach.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005


iPods On Loan To Students For Coursework In Music

The next Brown student you see walking down the street with those trendy white earphones might not just be grooving to the latest Kelly Clarkson track — he might be doing his homework.

Apple Releases Logic Express And Logic Pro Updates

One More Thing... Apple Media Event On Oct 12

Those who weren't satisfied with the iPod nano and the iTunes phone can get another fix on Oct 12.

NewsGator Acquires NetNewsWire

The Seattle-based Ranchero Software is selling its flagship NetNewsWire product to NewsGator. Both companies primarily make RSS news reader software for non-overlapping platforms.

iPod Nano Cases Roll Out In Force

Bands In Fury At Copy-Protected CDs

Artists are rebelling against major labels Sony BMG and EMI. They are angry at copy protection that labels are applying to new releases — particularly because the technology doesn't work on Macs and forbids music fans from burning their legally-owner music in a format suitable for iPods.

Apple's Education Shipments Grow As Desktops Surge

Apple is following the usual up and down trends typically found in the education buying seasons, but the company has made some headway.


Can Apple Be Trusted? No

Apple has snubbed the new Motorola Rokr iTunes phone by not turning up at the Australian launch. Even Motorola boss Ed Zander has admitted that Apple will do their own SmartPhone sand that Motorola is most probably being used as a guinea pig.

Ejecting CDs

It would appear that, somehow, I am the killer of Apple Powerbook G4 CD/DVD drives.


Brent and Sheila have worked their ass off for years, practically creating the market for news aggregators on the Mac.

Hey, Let's Speculate Idly On Apple's Next Announcement!

OK, if it's entertainment, is it a new music player?

NewsGator Acquires NetNewsWire

The answer is that this is the right thing to do.

My Life As I Know It

Apple Retail wanted me to work for them.


What Is Activity Monitor (Or How To Take Your Mac's Pulse)

This little utility is easy to overlook, but it can help you manage your memory and processing power when running lots of applications.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005


Korean MP3 Players Get Cheaper After Apple Shock

The prices of Korean-made MP3 players have come down after the body-blow dealt them by Apple's release of its new cheaper iPod nano last month.

UBS Analysts Predict Video iPod

Apple Cracks Down On Google AdWords

Some recent unsettling events indicate that Apple may in fact be moving in the direction of preventing third-parties from using Apple trademarks in advertising.

Apple To Webcast Q4 05 Earnings Result Conference Call On October 11

iPod Sales Could Top 10 Million In Q4

Download A Nano Case Template


iPod Nano Vs Washing Machine

I'm sad to report that my nano had accidently had a run-in with the washing machine...

Avoiding Copland 2010: Part 3

Apple Is Never Going To Open Up; It's A Communications Black Hole!

Protesting The Tyranny Of Apple

Don't buy a nano.

When Is Apple Going To Open Up?

I think it's about time we collectively recognised that Microsoft is right at the leading edge of corporate communication, using weblogs as a tool to directly connect MS employees with users, Windows developers, and excitable nerds.


Typing Time Saver

If you type the same string over and over, and you're looking for a way to save your fingers some wear and tear, Textpander is worth a look-see.

Little Gods


Rumor Today: Ranchero Software Is Being Acquired

From Om Malik's Broadband Blog comes rumor of an acquisition of Ranchero Software by Newsgator.

Who is Ranchero Software? Mention RSS and Mac OS X, and you can't help but think of NetNewsWire — the standard where all other desktop client-based RSS reader are based on. And who is Newsgator? The web- and Windows-based RSS reader software company.

Does this mean the end of Bloglines support within NetNewsWire — the whole reason I bought a copy of NetNewsWire in the first place? Only time will tell. :-)

Good UI Is Difficult

Hey, I was just implementing this particular feature (i.e. saving the application window's state and position across sessions) at work, and the author has described the frustration I've encountered quite closely.

In fact, for my application, I only reached step 5 and half of step 6. :-)

You Really More Hard Disk Space On Your iPod Nano?

How's 200 GB iPod nano sound to you? You can listen to all your 150,000 minutes of music... at 6 minutes interval.

Rumor Today: iPod Nano Recall?

Well, it's only one report, and who knows whether some droit in Best Buy isn't lying through its teeth, but Gizmodo is reporting that Best Buy told a Gizmodo reader that Apple has recalled the iPod nano.


Microsoft Ends License Talks With Music Labels: WSJ

Microsoft has broken off licensing talks with the four global music companies, raising questions about the software giant's plans to start a subscription-based music service, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing unnamed sources.

Monday, October 3, 2005


Apple Gobbles Up Cupertino Office Space

Apple has been quietly but consistently leasing tens of thousands of additional square footage in its hometown of Cupertino, beginning at the end of 2004 and continuing into this year, according to public records and commercial real estate sources.

US School Swaps Books For Bytes

A school in Arizona, US, has thrown out its paper-based text books and is relying solely on laptops and digital material to teach its pupils.

Rejected iPod Engravings

"Lick My Shiny metal Ass" seems innocent enough in a scatalogical way.

Music Managers Tackle Apple Over Royalty Payments

Music managers will today wade into the row over online royalties with the claim that bands and solo artists are being unfairly squeezed in the digital era.


Avoiding Copland 2010: Part 2

Steve Jobs Should Inspire Design Patronage

Great design depends on clients who want to exceed expectations, surpass their competition... and have the balls to do it.

By Design, Apple's Competitors Playing Catch-Up

Sunday, October 2, 2005


Online Guerilla Bites Apple

The new first rule of survival for any consumer-facing business is "do not underestimate the damage that can be wrought by a disgruntled customer with the nous and know-how to create a website."

Buyers Have Nano Chance Of Picking Up New iPod

It's sleek, stylish, sexy, holds hundreds of songs... and is impossible to get hold of.

Rollercoaster Ride For


The Future Of Mac: A Discussion



Bionicle is enjoyable — if not engrossing — from beginning to end. It's time to get your bot on.

Mac OS X On Intel


The Secret Revealed

If you haven't view this... the secret to Bush's success. "Hold it."

Saturday, October 1, 2005


'Bride' Stripped Bare

Representing a remarkable step forward in digital filmmaking, Tim Burton's Corpse Bride is a stop-motion animated feature film created through the innovative use of editing and camera technology.

Maine Pupils Get iBook Learning

Along with their textbooks and lunch money, every seventh- and eighth-grader here lugs another school-day essential from class to class: an Apple iBook.

Taiwan Market: iRiver, BenQ Drops MP3 Player Prices To Vie With iPod Nano

World's Fastest Growing Brands

Defining a top brand isn't as simple as totting up a few figures. Brands are, as often as not, about innovation. They are about growth and the ability to adapt quickly.

Macworld Expo SF Registration Opens


Yes Or No To Nano?

New iPod is tempting, but there are reasons to stay, for now, with its big brother.

Troubleshooting iTunes 5.0.1

Apple iBook G4

Is this the perfect iBook? Not quite. The annoying clickety-clack keyboard got on our nerves, and we'd like to see a memory-card reader to speed and smooth the loading of happy snaps from a digital camera. Even so, it hits the sweetest sweet spot so far.

Software To Help You Share Nicely

As more homes have more computers networked through AirPort or Ethernet, sharing can increasingly save you frustration and time. Let's look at the two most-useful methods.

Installing Fink On Mac OS X

My Pal, iCal


Microsoft Loses Eolas Patent Ruling

Microsoft is disappointed that a key patent owned by the University of California and Eolas has been ruled to be valid.

Dell To Stop Free Home Delivery Of Computers

Dell will stop its practice of sending low-end computers to customers homes without charge in order to cut costs, the company said on Thursday.

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