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Thursday, October 6, 2005


Big Labels Play Waiting Game With iTunes

Some of Japan's biggest record companies aren't ready to play ball with iTunes Japan, and that's got some artists crying foul.

Which? Calls Apple 'Most Reliable' Brand

My Songs, My Format

Those who want to remain neutral in the format wars — or who want to switch sides — may spend more and endure inconveniences.

iPod, iTunes Still Gaining Share

Piper Jaffray's poll of buying patterns for digital audio players and online music among teenagers suggested that Apple's iPod and iTunes are still growing market share, rather than topping out as many analysts expected.


IBM And Apple Swap Server Strategies

If Apple gets the message that Xserve G5 is the right solution across the rack server lineup, and not just for specialized markets, it'll have a share of the growing Unix market in addition to that volume market it longs for.

Independent Label Addresses The Apple iTunes 99c Question

Increasing prices now, obviously isn't going to increase number of downloads and, in fact, might stall the whole market and this is my main concern.

Video iPod: From Rumor To Reality?

Let's examine the evidence...


Apple .Mac

We're impressed that Apple has never raised the price and that users can work seamlessly with their .Mac tools from within the OS and various iLife apps. But at the same time, .Mac still doesn't feel essential or robust enough.

The Incredibles: When Danger Calls

It's not that the game is outright bad; that, at least, would have spawned a far snarkier review for your enjoyment. It's simply that it's just — "there."

The Best Blogging Tools For The Mac


Game Pad Gives You Wings

I have nothing much to say except to say that I like the headline created by Gizmodo for this article about the Aving game pad device.

Season Of Acquisition

You are probably familiar with the Unofficial Apple Weblog, which I do link to often here on MyAppleMenu. But do you know that the Unofficial Apple Weblog is part of a larger venture called Weblogs, Inc? Well, now you know...

Oh, and do you know that Weblogs, Inc. is now part of a larger venture called AOL? Well, now you know too....

Wishlist And Reality

My wishlist for the "One More Thing" next week: a TiVo-like device that you can sync with existing iPods and iPod nano of which the video capability will automagically be enabled via a firmware update.

Reality? I'm guessing pre-Intel Macintosh firesale.

New In Fall Colors

Interestingly, both Salon and CNET unveiled their new designs.

"Fuck You" Media

Ryan Tate: I'm still waiting for someone to start a Fuck You newspaper... They just need some balls, some smart investors and a new approach.

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