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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Good Bye, So Long... Until We Meet Again Next Tuesday

Well, I'm off to my computer-less and internet-less weekend — that means no web, no e-mail, no instant-messagine, and no updating of this web site.

This website,, will go dark starting now, until Tuesday, Oct 25th, 2005.


Apple Shares Jump Over 5 Percent On New Power Mac G5, Enhanced PowerBook, Aperture Announcements

Close-Up On Aperture

Aperture is a pro-level application that promises to finally make working with raw images as easy as working with JPEGs.

Apple: Aperture Not A Photoshop Competitor

Apple Updates PowerBooks, Power Macs, Intros Aperture

Enter Aperture, Apple's "first all in one post production tool for photographers."

Apple Australia Hosts Oct 25 Music Event

Apple Australia has announced a major music-related event on October 25, potentially launching iTunes Music Store that day.


Some Software I'd Like To See

If It's Wednesday, It Must Be Time For New Apple Product Announcements

"Aperture" Finally Delivers Pro Photo Tool From Apple

If you're a Raw shooter who is trying to figure out the least painful workflow for managing these files, you're going to want to check out Aperture before maing a final decision.

PowerPC's Final Act?

New Power Cords For Dual Core Power Mac G5s?


The iMac Earns A Spot In The Living Room

The iMac's sleek, virus-free, spyware-free operating system helps all of this work smoothly and quickly. And although there's room for growth in the TV department, the new iMac is yet another indication that Apple Computer is rapidly transforming itself into Apple Entertainment.

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