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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


No Porn For You, Video iPod!

With a couple of exceptions, porno producers are in no hurry to provide stag movies for the iPod, thanks to fears of a public outcry and a government crackdown.

iTunes Strengthens Chinese Ties

A deluge of Chinese music debuted on iTunes US last night.

FrontRow And PhotoBooth On BitTorrent

Apple's FrontRow and PhotoBooth software are both available on BitTorrent, even though they're supposed to be restricted to the new iMac.

Apple StoneWalls Over iPod Nano Lawsuit

Apple is adamantly refusing to comment on the class action lawsuit launched against the company in the US concern allegations of design flaws in its iPod nano media players.

Battle For The Soul Of The MP3 Phone

Consumers want an iPod phone that will play any song, anytime, anywhere. Just four little problems: the cell carriers, the record labels, the handset makers, and Apple itself. The inside story of why the ROKR went wrong. (And what it will take to make a truly rocking music phone.)

Apple Posts Final Cut Pro 5 Updates

Apple Insiders' Happy Tunes

With shares of Apple trading near an all-time high,CFO Peter Oppenheimer decided it was time to cash in.

Apple: iTunes' Top Competitor Is P2P

Apple's biggest competitors in the digital music downloading market are illegal music file-sharing services such as Kazaa and BitTorrent, said iTunes Vice President Eddy Cue.


Timbuktu Pro 8.5: Worthy Upgrade Stresses Security And Encryption, Brings Tiger Compatibility

Timbuktu Pro remains the gold standard for Macintosh remote control.

Can I Put Eight 30-Inch Apple Cinema Displays On My New Power Mac G5?

Our dream of a wall of 30-inch LCDs driven by one Mac hasn't been answered yet. In the meantime, about $28,000 will buy you the next best thing.

Power Mac G5 Benchmarks: Dual-Core's Strong Showing

There appears to be no performance penalty for using dual-core processors instead of two single-core processors with the same clock speed, Macworld Lab has concluded after preliminary testing of the dual-core Power Mac G5s released by Apple a week ago.


Oct 31 Is Here

Have you gotten your costumes for your iPod already?

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