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Thursday, October 27, 2005


On A Merry Dance With iTunes

Apple's newly launched iTunes Music Store for Australia will change the face of the local music market, says Dominic Carosa, chief executive of Destra Corporation.

Pornographers Embracing iPod

Yes, iPod porn has arrived, Mom and Dad. You need to know how to deal with it — just in case.

Net Heads Ponder iPod Video

"The challenge to all of us is to create good content and let the distribution sources fight it out."

iPods Invade Capitol Hill

Lawmakers tune in to Apple's portable music player.

Apple Worms Its Way Into The Music Industry

While Apple shares have soared on iPod's effect, the impact is only beginning to be felt. You ain't heard nothin' yet. Is Adding Video To The iTunes Inventory

Apple Relaxes Return Policy On 5G iPod, Reason Unclear

Creative: Apple To Blame For MP3 Player Memory Shortage

Ambrosia's Maelstrom Ported To Mac OS X

'I Use My iPod To Store Medical Images'

Osman Ratib, professor and chief of nuclear medicine at the University Hospital of Geneva, has co-created a computer software program called Osirix. It enables medical professionals to view medical images on their iPods, saving them and the hospitals they work for thousands of dollars in expensive equipment.


In The Face Of Flickr, Whither Dot Mac?

.Mac is the same service it was in the late 1990s, and that's concerning.

Creative Plays Shifting Goal Posts

iPod Nano Lawsuits: Who Wins?

The only real beneficiaries of a class action over scratched screens on Apple's tiny music player may be the attorneys.

Apple iPod's Amazing Video Feat

Say what you will about Jobs' ego. I think he just saved the portable-media-center market.

Which Company Should The CE Vendors Fear The Most? Microsoft Or Apple?

By using this more subtle approach and gently moving the market towards a Mac world where everything is easy to use and works together seamlessly, Apple could become one of the most important, if not the most powerful CE company someday.

Is It Time To Wait For Intel?

I suspect that Leopard is the end of the line for PowerPC, and that 10.6 will be Intel-only.


The Secrets Of Safari


Congrats, Shawn & Lesa

Wedding news from Your Mac Life.

Creative Admits Defeat

Well, this is anti-climatic. Creative admits it will never get anywhere near its publicly stated goal of achiving 40% market-share of MP3 players, and is now aiming to be just a niche player.

Never confuse marketshare with profitability. Always add value, not features. And always fight a battle on your terms.


Judge Blasts MS Bid To Monopolize Music Devices

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