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Friday, January 6, 2006


The Steve Jobs Show

A look at the speculation running up to next week's Macworld Expo — where CEO Steve Jobs usually has a few surprises up his sleeve.

1GB iPod Shuffle Back In Stock

Apple In Legal Dispute With Burst Over Digital Media Patents

Macworld Expo Promises iPod Gear Galore

The trade show for the Apple faithful caps off an extraordinarily eventful year and should yield some intriguing new products.

Google To Sell Video, Take On Apple; Announces Google Pack

Behind The Magic Curtain

To a casual observer it is just a guy in a black shirt and jeans talking about some new technology products. But it is in fact an incredibly complexa nd sophisticated blend of sales pitch, product demonstration and corporate cheerleading, with a dash of religious revival thrown in for good measure. It represents weeks of work, precise orchestration and intense pressure for the scores of people who collectively make up the "man behind the curtain."

'Apple Will Prevail' - Analysts

Despite the growing competition ranged against the company within the digital media markets, Apple may be a tough beast to tame, analysts believe.

Apple May Be Readying iLife Update

Information that was apparently posted to Apple's web site suggests the company is planning an update to its iLife suite of consumer software and is also planning a product called iWeb.

CES: Portable Device Makes iPod A Video Recorder

Users of iPods, iPod minis and iPod nanos can record video directly from any analog source.


The iPod Kids Aren't Alright

Apple should react to Townshend's remarks one way or the other.



Five! Five! Five! It's Five! I Tell 'Ya

Intel is copying Apple with a product name that will definitely be mispronounced through the ages, if we define "mispronounced" as pronoucing in a manner that is not consistent with what the marketing folks want you to pronounce.

Mac OS X (Ten, not Ex), meet Viiv (Five, not Veeve.)

A Modest Proposal About PBS

Jackwhispers: Sell it to Apple.

PBS' schedule will now not be available in advance for TV Guide. Instead, you'll only hear about new programmings and schedule just the day before, with Saturday and Sunday's schedule typically thrown in as "one more thing.' :-)


New Windows Live Services On The Microsoft Drawing Board

Microsoft is slowly but surely showing more of its planned software-as-a-service add-ons for Windows, most of which will be ad-supported.

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