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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Marketers Aim New Ads At Video iPod Users

Advertisers are scrambling for a way to subvert the sleek device for their own purposes.

Apple's Secret Hiding Place

For many of Apple's recent products and services, such as the iPod shuffle and nano lines and the Aperture photo-editing program, the company had filed a related trademark in locales far from its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters months before they were launched.

Mastering The Art Of Disruption

Move over, Jack Welch. From Apple to Pixar, Steve Jobs is showing why he's the model CEO for the 21st century.


Smart Crash Reports

No app should silently install system-wide hacks, period.

Re-Branding The Mac

Satisfied Dot Mac Customer

Move To Intel A Security Non-Issue For Apple

OS vulnerabilities are a result of OS characteristics, and the CPU they run on is pretty much irrelevant.

The Digital Classroom


Monday, January 30, 2006


With iPod, Apple Shows More Business Sense Than Most Companies

With the iPod, Apple managed to do what every business strives for. They created a product that appeals to a market ranging from age 6 to 86. And because they're priced between $80 and $400, depending on the model, almost anyone can afford one.

Did An iPod Scuttle The Flag?

What we did not anticipate last week was that the hearings would trigger an outpouring of common sense.


It's Time For Subscriptions!

Apple have to make it affordable for those of us who enjoy more than one piece of produced content.


The Eye-Opening Video iPod

Apple's latest iteration of the iPod sounds terrific, and its video capabilities open up another world in portable multimedia.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Music Lovers Caught In DRM Battle


Apple's Web Effort Perfect For Some

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Luma Pictures: Monster Galore

Joe Cortina: Creating A Legacy For "The Greatest"

"We love Macs. We built our business model on the Mac. Nothing else has the kind of creative interface and integrated handles that the Mac has."


It Isn't A Fair Contest, And It Won't Be Anytime Soon


ThinkFree Office 3.0: Java-Based Application Offers A Capable Alternatives To Microsoft Office

iPhoto 6: Improved Performance And New Output Options Make iPhoto 6 An Important Upgrade

The performance improvements alone should please most iPhoto users, while the full-screen editing mode, new output options and Photocasting feature make the decision to upgrade to this version a no-brainer.

Friday, January 27, 2006



Yahoo's New CPO Loves His Mac

Sigh. More Bad tech Reporting

My problem isn't with that other firm's data but how CNET used it to make something out of absolutely nothing.

Is It Time To Consider An Apple Macintosh?

Rants, Radio, And The AM iPod


Apple iTunes 6

Perhaps the biggest disappointment is that iTunes still offers no music subscription option to match other flat-rate services.

Mac Performance In The Raw - Wow! The Intel iMac Is Almost As Fast As The Quad Core Power Mac - How Macworld Pulled A "Not So Fast" One...

A multiprocessor machine will provide the user with more flexibility. However, truth be told, for most of us, most of the time, it is over-kill.


Acropolis is a rare treat — a puzzle game built for wordsmiths. Best of all, it's fun and challenging to play.

Pages 2: New Version Of Word Processing And Page-Layout App Fixes Bugs And Adds Features

While Pages lacks a full-featured spreadsheet application, it is a versatile and powerful program that will fill a multitude of educational, personal, and professional needs without making you wish that you had something more.


Question Of The Day

Has Apple moved its WWDC 06 to Disneyland yet?

The Microsoft Decision

Microsoft has figured out that in order to deliver a good game machine, you'll need to build the whole widget. And Xbox is selling very well — at least outside of Japan.

Microsoft has probably figured out that, technically, in order to deliver a good portable music and video player, you'll need to build the whole widget. Just like Apple's iPod. The problem, I think, is that Microsoft cannot figure out the business model yet.

But when they do, it will launch a tidal wave. What's next after the Microsoft MP3 player, once the business model has been figured out? How about Microsoft PDA? Microsoft Phone? Microsoft Server? Microsoft PC?

Does this mean that if you are a HP, O2, Dell, or Lennova, you really should start thinking about creating the whole widget youself too?

Bye Bye, Job Security

For someone who has been working for direct-to-DVD animation sequels for almost his entire career at Disney, the purchase of Pixar by Disney must sound like really bad news.

Oh, and Toy Story 3 has been cancelled.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Ancient Flaws Leave OS X Vulnerable?

OS X contains unpatched security flaws of a type that were fixed on alternative operating system more than a decade ago, according to a security researcher credited with finding numerous bugs in Apple's increasingly popular platform.

Apple-Disney Link Could Spur Digital Shift

The deal could accelerate efforts to distribute Disney's content digitally — something the major Hollywood studios have been slow to do.

Apple Seeing Strong Sales Of imac Core Duo, MacBook Pro

Contrary to recent and unsubstantiated rumors, sales of Appel's new Intel-based iMac Core Duo desktops and MacBook Pro portables both appear to be strong, reports research and investment firm American Technology Research.

Jobs' New Disney Role Raises Conflict Concerns

Red Hat To Make Linux Run On Intel Macs


Intel Macs: Wait Or Buy Now?

Apple's Tomorrowland

Sure, Pixar can help restore the Magic Kingdom's luster, but it's what Disney can do for Steve Jobs and his outfit that's more intriguing.

Robert Iger Vs. Steve Jobs

Only one man can control Disney. I know who I'm betting on.

Wired On Steve And Bill's Social Status

Don't Fear The Mouse

The circumstances surrounding the Apple-Next purchase and the Disney-Pixar one are not necessarily the same.

Why I Use A Mac

Steve Jobs — Is He Worthy?

My heroes — most of them British punk singers from the seventies — hated capitalists like Jobs. And in public at least, there's no sign he's anything but a captain of industry.

Best Time To Buy A New MacIntel

The CPU is import. But it's not my sole consideration for buying a new computer. I need the whole package. And that's when I'll make the leap.


New Apple iMac Visually Stunning

Once again, the iMac is leading the way and, for now at least, in the right direction.

A Hands-OnLook At The New MacBook Pro

I can tell you this laptop is fast. Really fast. I am hesitant to say it's exponentially faster than the G4 version, but subjectively this baby cooks.

OpenWeb 3.0: Open-Source Web Utility Package Makes It Easy To Set Up Your Server

Keynote 3: Presentation Software Keeps Improving With Age

Keynote 3 lets you do things that would have been difficult or impossible to do before. For many presenters, that's enough to justify the price.

Apple iPod Radio Remote

The Apple product is the first to directly integrate the tuner's controls into the iPod's interface. The end result is an FM tuner that works very well, and yet adds almost no bulk to the wonderful compactness of today's iPods.


The Bug In Microsoft's Ear

BusinessWeek has learned that Microsoft is working on plans to develop its own portable digital medi device to rival the iPod, rather than just providing technology to partners. Microsoft hasn't decided if it will go ahead. But sources inside the company and at its partners say Microsoft has put together a team that's considering the business end of such an initiative.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Norwegian Ombudsman To Review iTunes Terms Of Service

Among other things, the review also include terms that allow Apple to change the terms under which you can use the music you buy after you buy it.

Apple Introduces iTunes U

iTunes U will be a partnership between Apple and schools for hosting and distributing audio and video lectures, podcasts, and vidcasts to their student bodies.

Sluggish iMac Sales Suggest Early Intel Transition Challenges

Sources report that sales of the Intel-based iMac are lower than Apple expected, even taking into account the seasonal post-holiday sales dip.

Apple, 55 Cents, And Advertising

Episodes of ABC series "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives," available on a day-after-broadcast basis from Aple's iTunes for $1.99, generate 55 cents for Apple and pass the remaining $1.44 to the network.

Select Disney Short Films Now Available On iTunes

That certainly didn't take long!

Steve Jobs' Rise to Movie Mogul

In a career filled with a string of increasingly improbable sequels, Steve Jobs may have always been fated to play the role of movie mogul.

Disney Acquires Pixar For $7.4 Billion

The deal also gives Apple and Pixar CEO, Steve Jobs, a seat on Disney's Board of Directors.


How Long Before Jobs Is Disney's New Boss?

If Disney falters, will Jobs be able to resist the temptation to meddle? If Iger fails to deliver, would Disney's board be able to ignore the presence of a superstar CEO waiting in the wings?

Jobs Vs. Gates: Who's The Star?

On the evidence, Jobs' nothing more than a greedy capitalist who's amassed an obscene fortune. It's shameful.

Apple's Head Start

Icons, Usability And Computers

Will Intel Move Impact iPod's 'Halo' Effect?


One Reason .Mac Stinks

iCal support stinks.

Quickly Lock Your Screen


Putting Google Video Onto Your iPod

Configuring iTunes For Multi-Room Playback


Big Endian, Small Endian. it's All In Order

If you do have some developer friends, they might be complaining to you about yet another transition for Apple's developers. Specifically, they will most likely compalin about something call the Endian problem.

And if you have no idea what this problem with endian is, here are some explanation to help you.

My very first project in my very first day job is to develop a cross-platform multimedia library. Specifically, I was tasked to write code for System 7 to render Windows BMP, WAV, and AVI files. And I had to take care of this endian problem when reading Windows file.

So, this is not a new problem. But with Apple's transition, it sure is a popular problem these days.


DOJ Slams Microsoft For Non-Compliance

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Disney-Pixar: It's A Wrap

The deal, which would make Steve Jobs the Mouse House's biggest shareholder, appears to be done, and it could shake up the industry.

Apple iTunes Users Growing Fast

The popularity of Apple's iPod has given a huge boost to the number of people visiting the iTunes music store, research shows.

Apple Gets Good News, Bad News

What's in a brand?

Daylight Robbery At The Apple Store

Someone purloined a PowerBook from an Apple Store by clipping the security cable.

Apple's iWork Emerges As Rival To Microsoft Office

According to market researcher NPD, Apple grabbed a 2.7 percent unit share, while Corel had a 1.6 percent share. Microsoft maintained its dominance with nearly 95 percent of unit shares.


Is Apple Losing Interest In The Enterprise Market?

The "Such Great Heights" Video Versions: iTunes Vs The Postal Service

The iTunes version of the video has some parts blurred out.

Can Video iPod Lead To DMCA Reform?

Conttextual Buttons

Who else find they pause slightly in these contexts even after becoming "experts" in these systems?

Macworld Expo 2006 In Review


Yojimbo: A New Direction For Bare Bones?

The app itself is incredibly easy to get used to. Bare Bones is right to say "there's no learning curve."


Hypercard For The Rest Of Us?

Dave Winer: [Tech industry] look at publishing at "user generated content" and authors as "the long tail" (with them as the head of course). They see themselves as the makers of the money, and us as the laborers of love. That for sure is a flawed way of viewing the world, definitely a loop the tech industry is in, one that the publishing industry should not continue to support.

Now, more than five years after Apple killed Hypercard, there's really no viable alternatives out there, and no real progress in creating a programming tool for the rest of us. Why?

(And, no, Visual Basic is not it.)

Monday, January 23, 2006


Jobs Stands To Gain From Disney-Pixar Deal

What does Steve Jobs want?

Generation Gap: iPod Changing Our Music

Apple Of Their Eye


With Video iPod, DVDs And Fave Shows Are Close At Hand

Watching television on a 2 1/2-inch video screen seems as strangely satisfying to me as watching shows on a 61-inch screen. That's the effect the new video iPod had on me.

The Best Of Everything For Your iPod

If you already have the iPod, get ready for the add-on gear that will make the most of it on the go, in the car, and in the home theater.

Run Cell Phone, iPod On Solar Power


Sunday, January 22, 2006


The iPodization Of The Nation


What Are These Coupons For, Anyway?

Now That You've Switched... Switch Everyone Else


iLife '06

Maybe Apple should have taken the hint since GarageBand 1, that we, the users, don't always have 300GB of free space for Garageband loops on the system hard drive.

The New iMac Dazzles, But Hold That Purchase

Waiting a little will give Apple time to find and fix bugs, then work on taking better advantage of Intel processors. It will give the developers of Mac software time to rewrite more programs as universal releases — or at least make sure that their current releases function correctly under Rosetta.


Wishlist Of The Day

Yes, I would like to see a Pixar's Fantasia 2010.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


iPods: Or Can We Call Them iPodsicians?

With portable media devices taking center stage — literally — the transformation of the iPod may slowly erode the landscape of traditional audio and visual stage performances. The Chicago-based rock band Midstates found just that when Apple's video iPod was a stand-in for three-fifths of the band on a three-week tour.

Will Jobs Digitize Disney?

Could the Apple and Pixar CEO next lead Hollywood — specifically, Disney — into a new digital era?

New York Guitar Festival: Axes And Macs

"Macintosh computers and software are involved in just about every aspect of running the festival. I can't image how we'd do what we do were it not for these tools."

Dario Gildrie: Home Sweet Home

"I couldn't do it without the G5 and Final Cut."

Apple A 'Big Mean Cash Machine' - Analysts

Analysts at American Technology Research, Needham & Co and Piper Jaffray have urged their clients not to bail on Apple's shares.

IBM To Bring Mac Notes Up-To-Date

Indie Band Cries Foul Over Apple's New Intel Ad

Apple's advertisement for its new line of Intel Macs features technicians in a "clean room" facility overseeing the manufacturing of CPUs — a theme also present in the Such Great Heights video.


Broadcast Flag Is Back, This Time It Covers iPods And PSPs, Too

Under the proposal "Digital Content Protection Act of 2006", digital media technologies would be restricted to using technologies that had been certified by the FCC as being not unduly disruptive to entertainment industry business-models.

What Jobs Could Buy Today


How Can Apple Be Worth More than Dell?

While Apple's smallness was formerly a life-threatening problem, it suddenly seems like a big advantage. I guess that's just how the math works these days, when Steve Jobs' reality distortion field seems to have morphed into something else: reality.

The .Mac Tax

Apple should put an end to the .Mac Tax and just roll it into the OS or iLife. It makes more sense that way.

Want To Marginalize The iPod? Ask Steve Jobs How!

Were Microsoft to jump headlong into the digital audio player market there would be strong incentive for Apple to begin licensing FairPlay.

Macworld Expo In Games: Analysis And Recap

The good news is that original Mac game development, and parallel development with Windows and console games, is a continuing trend that shows no signs of abating any time soon.


garageBand 3: First Look

A Faster iMac

The new Intel Core Duo chipset-sporting iMac is just like the old one. Only faster.

iMovie HD 6

Bricks Of Camelot

Bricks of Camelot doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it does offer an entertaining and challenging take on the brick-bashing game.


Why Windows UI Sucks

Listen to this episode of The Chris Pirillo Show, where host Chris Pirillo chats with Chuck Cummins, part of the Windows visual design team, and you will realise exactly why Windows' UI sucks big-time.

As described by Chuck Cummins, Windows is all about customization — but, in reality, is all about copping out. We have no idea what is a good UI, so we'll just gives you all the options that you can change, and you try to see what strikes your fancy.

Operating system manufactuers are supposed to be experts in, among other things, usability. Come on, Microsoft, be brave, and be competent.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Apple Reduces G5 Desktop, PB G4 Prices

Apple's Rainy Season

A number of factors contributed to the lowered near-term outlook, CFO Peter Oppenheimer said. The new Intel-based notebook computer won't ship until next month, and that the current second quarter will have one fewer week than the holiday period.

Deal Could Offer New Disney Role For Apple Chief

Apple: Expect Intel Laptop Shortages

Apple will likely run into shortages of its first Intel-based laptop when the machine debuts next month, company exectives said as they laid out the Mac contribution to its most profitable quarter ever.

Apple: Good Things Come In Small Packages

Continuing the small box trend it started with the iPod, Apple has started packaging its software in containers barely wider than a CD.

Any Place Steve Jobs Call Home Becomes Historic

Steve Jobs might as well give up on building his dream home in Woodside... And the longer the house sits there empty, gathering dust and mold, the more historic it becomes.

Apple: Design And Software, Not Hardware, Distinguish Macs From Intel-Based PCs

"We build the whole widget. We don't take off-the-shelf parts, [and add to them] huge, major components from other companies, then throw our operating system on it... We start with the industrial design, we do all the electrical engineering, every single aspect about a Mac has been designed by Apple."


Why Most Customers Shrug Off DRM

Apple — the biggest DRM player out ther e— has the luxury of a loyal customer base who trust them. As long as Apple keeps that trust, their customers will accept DRM, no questions asked.

Apple In Secret Deal With Microsoft To Hide Macintosh From World?

The headline must be true because it's inconceivable to me that a company as talented as Apple can be so bad at selling what is obviously a vastly superior solution to than the one that most people use.


Apple iMac (Intel Core Duo)

Replacing Entourage: Apple's Address Book More Powerful Than You Might Think

iPhoto 6 First Impressions

My first impression of iPhoto 6 could be summed up in one word: "Wow!" My second and third impresions aren't bad either.


The Best Kind Of Evangelism...

... is the kind where your customer willing do it for you, for free.


The Futility Of Boycotts

Planning to boycott Microsoft? Get in line.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


A Personal Trainer, Right In Your iPod

Is The New iMac A Cash Machine?

It costs Apple $898 to asemble the iMac before loading it with software and packing it in a box, iSupply estimates.

Apple Sees 'Pause' In Mac Sales

Apple executives confirmed Wednesday that some buyers put off Mac purchases last quarter in anticipation of new Intel-based Macs — although that slowdown was masked somewhat by strong iPod sales.

No Shine From Apple

While the just-completed quarter was a good one for Apple, the company offered disappointing results for its current period.

Buying iPods From Vending Machines

Apple Posts $565 Million Profit

On the strength of higher iPod and Macintosh sales, Apple on Wednesday posted a profit of $565 million for its fiscal 2006 first quarter. Picking up from where it left off last year, Apple once again reported the highest revenue and earnings in the company's history.


Photocasting Hyperbole

These are really the two biggest issues: lack of documentation, and a somewhat distateful and paternalistic attempt to be helpful in a way that ironically results in exactly the opposite results that one would desire — assuming that interoperability is, in fact, the goal.

Unofficial Documentation Of iPhoto 6.0 Photocasting Feeds

To sum up, the "photocasting" feature centers around a single undocumented extension element in a namespace that doesn't need to be declared. iPhoto 6 doesn't understand the first thing about HTTP, the first thing about XML, or the first thing about RSS.

The Switch. A Boy And A Powerbook

From this day on, I will not ever recommend a Dell or any other Windows computer over a Mac... I'm not going to bash Microsoft and Windows, but like Mr. Scoble, I've become an evangelist and I'm the best kind, the unpaid kind.

A Big Move By Apple

Apple's move provided a solution that could serve as a model for the emerging generation of personalized tech products and services.

Have You Looked At iTunes?

iTunes has reached the limits of its planned usefulness.

Too Much JavaScript

A Mac Wedding

For your blog-reading entertainment, I thought I'd share with you some of Andy Ihnakto's script for the event.

Why Isn't Photo Booth Free?


With Intel Inside, Apple Sets Bar For Home PCs Even Higher

Apple has raised the bar on what a home computer should be. With or without Intel, its mix of hardware and software remains the one to beat.


First Lab Tests: iMac With Intel Core Duo Processor

Intel-based iMacs are fast, but gains don't match Apple's claims.


The Return Of The Middleman?

Everybody is saying, a decade ago, that the internet will kill off the middleman. Who need a middleman when the internet can easily link up the buyer and the supplier directly?

So, why is it at the age of Web 2.0 that so many companies are aiming to become the middleman? From Google (AdSense, Google Video) to Real (Rhapsody) to Audible? What's the secret sauce? DRM?

The Pro And The Con

Dori Smith: If the MacBook Pro is the machine for professionals, does that mean that the consumer-level Mac laptop will be the MacBook Con?

Random Thoughts

I live in a country where homosexual acts are illegal, and where all mass media are government-linked and pro-government, so I may be losing all the context... but why is there a debate, as far as I understand, on whether Brokeback Mountain is or is not a gay film? Isn't it just a label?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


iTunes MiniStore Now Asks Permission First

Is Apple Considering An iPod Phone?

Apple's recent trademark applications hint that's where the company may be going, but a Gartner analyst gave the speculation "low priority."

The iPod Took My Seat

As college professors post lectures online, they're seeing a rise in absenteeism. A low-tech response to no-shows: more surprise quizzes.

Sony BMG Relents On iTunes

Music label Sony BMG has ended its online music wrangle with Apple, announcing it would make its catalogue availble through Apple's Australian music store.


MacBook Pro Performance Analysis

Apple's new MacBook Pro is an improved machine in many ways.

Is 2006 The Year Of The Mac?

My iPod Thinks I'm A Headbanger

Does anyone care about services that gather your data, or even mine your computer, to serve up offerings just for you?

The Univerrsal Question

There was grumbling from some corners of the show floor about efforts to promote Universal-ready apps.

Google Eats Apple

Tack on the missing ingredient of Google's individual-empowering past into Apple's firm grasp on digital distribution, and it's really just a mater of time before Google and Apple are sparring over key hires and Apple is flying execs into Cupertino for its own "Google Challenge" summit.

The Myth Of The Overpriced Mac

iPod Powering The Office?

Downloads Will Intensfy Shine On Apple

We're looking at exponential growth. And strategically for Apple, we're looking at de facto standardization around its video platform. Oh my.

Apple Follows The Money

The Mac maker knows which side its bread is buttered on, and it's not the enterprise.

Thanks For Nothing

Apple could continue to bombard us with iPod ads, release new models every two months, and update the iTunes Music Store with every quarter moon, but doing so risks us getting sick of the whole thing.


The iMac Gets A Brain Transplant

Apple's iMac, with its new Intel processor, is still the gold standard of consumer desktop PCs. And it stands to get better over time.

7 Things I Like About Path Finder For OS X

If you're looking to fix a host of the Finder's numerous deficits, extend its functionality beyond your imagination, then Path Finder is most definitely worth a look.

iDVD 6

iMac 17" Core Duo

The iMac Core Duo is an impressive machine. If the rest of Apple's product line moves to Intel this smoothly, the transition should prove to be a big success.

iWeb: A First Look

iWeb is not a general purpose website creation application. Do not make the mistake of thinking it is a scaled down version of Dreamweaver, as it most definitely is not.


Convergence In My Pocket

The following "gadgets" have, more or less, converged into a single thing in my "digital" life: mobile phone, alarm clock, wristwatch, calendar.

So I will not be surprised if my MP3 player merged with my mobile phone in the future. On the hand, I'd be surprised if I don't see many failed efforts before someone hits the jackpot.

Google Earth For Mac Is Here

It's time to earn some cash by accepting advertising for your rooftop.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Fake iPod Shuffles Flood China

Apple Denies iTunes Tax Plans

Apple has roundly denied reports that it plans to set up for business in the Channel Islands.

The iPod And The Fury

A reality check of the recent reports on mobile music and hearing loss.

A (New) Chip On His Shoulder

Apple Bets Its Chips

Intel chips will give Macs some new zip. But Jobs still cares more about your living room than your office.


Macworld Exp SF 2006: Exuding Confidence

It's instructive, I think, to mark the resurgence of Apple Computer by what happens at the annual Macworld Expo in San Francisco, both in terms of Apple's keynote announcements and the mood on the show floor.

Apple Develops Microsoft Vista Of Opportunity

The real winner in all of this is Intel.


Macworld Expo 2006 Superlatives

It's time once again for our annual look at the best, the worst, and the weirdest products from Macworld Expo.

Lightroom: First Thoughts

iWork '06 - Nice Improvements To Apple's 'Suite'


Why Virtual PC/VMWare/Wine For Intel Mac Excites Me

Because my salary is derived from me creating Windows applications and libraries. An emulation environment that "runs natively" will be very exciting to me, as I only really need to run Visual Studio in Windows, leaving the rest of my digital life on the Mac.

I only need to carry one laptop while I was relaxing on my sofa to both debug my program and edit my iMovie.

Of course, the performance of Visual Studio in the emulation environment is likely to be not so great... Let's hope there's still some magic yet to be realized in research labs.

(P.S. In my entire working life so far, I've only written one Mac OS X application, and one class Mac library.)

Monday, January 16, 2006


Golden Apple For Jobs

Jobs exchanged worthless options on a split-adjusted 55 million shares for 10 million shares of restricted stock three years ago. The shares, the 50-year-old's entire stake in Apple,v est in March. Right now, they are valued at $808.6 million.

Michael Dell Should Eat His Words, Apple Chief Suggests

"Team, it turned out that Michael Dell wasn't perfect at predicting the future. Based on today's stock market close, Apple is worth more than Dell. Stocks go up and down, and things may be different tomorrow, but I thought it was worth a moment of reflection today. Steve."

Bringing You Books On Podcast

Amateur readers are working together to record novels and other texts to be downloaded free from the internet.

Firefox For Intel Macs Planned For March

The Mozilla Corporation has set a March launch date for a version of its Firefox Web browser that will run on Apple's Intel version of Mac OS X.

Microsoft Working With Apple On Future Of Virtual PC

Any new version of the Windows emulation application would have to be deveoped from the ground up for Intel-based Macs because the software is not compatible with Apple's Rosetta emulation environment.

Invasion Of iPod People Prompts New Office Etiquette

It all comes down to your office culture.

May The iForce Be With You

How has Apple been able to create such a strong brand?

iPod School Opens In London

Clueless music lovers who have embraced the trendy new technology but not the know-how can pay 65 pounds for a 40-minute lessons at Selfridges, on the popular Oxford Street shopping haunt.


Thinking, Boxes, & What Kittens Can Do To Them

The key is taking an idea that the world obviously wants and doing a good job of it. This is how I've made my living.

iPod Has Upped His Hipness Level By A Few Decibels

These days I am feeling younger and hipper in every respect, at least until I take my iPod off.

Stanford, Meet The Lightnet. Apple, Get A Clue


iPhoto 6

The new full-screen mode may be enough to make the upgrade worthwhile for people who spend time editing photos in iPhoto. It's a beautiful way to work.

Beautiful New iPhoto 6

The whole workflow — edit, crop, adjust, slide shows, etc — seems to be noticeable faster and snappier than in prior version.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Macworld Aftershock

Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster was surprised that Apple maintained their higher-than-average prices, since Intel is typically a cheaper chip.

Apple Files For iPod Hi-Fi, iPod Boombox Trademarks


iLife 06 Kudos

My hat is off to Apple for having had the courage to release iLife in a small, environmentally friendly box.

Apple Benchmarks

We won't know what Apple's processor switch really means, in real-life terms, until we can test the machines with more actual applications.

Apres Le Keynote, Le Gulp

The early launch of the MacBook gives Apple's iSVs a strong incentive to accelerate their plans to introduce x86 native software.

Why "MacBook" Is A Weak Name

Apple could have a new position, instead of the snotty one they chose.

Apple Needs To Fix Their PowerBook DL Trackpad Software

Apple: Why Not Set .Mac Free?


Apple Computer iPod Radio Remote

The iPod Radio Remote makes FM tuning easier than ever before for iPod owners, and is worthy of our high recommendation.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Just How Different Are Intel-Macs From Intel PCs?

David Alexander Davidson: A "Disaster!" In The Making

"When I get a G5 and Xserve RAID and Final Cut Pro and Shake, I just assume they will work correctly together. Frankly, that's why we use Apple."

Rick Sheppard: Shaping Multiplantium Sounds

"Soundtrack Pro saved me at least an hour of flipping the track over, getting it in the right format, opening it on another system, and back again."

Apple Adds 802.11a

This isn't a remarkable breakthrough. It may just indicate that Apple is using the latest off-the-shelf components that are designed for enterprise use. But it also removed a blockage at very little expense for using Macs in certain companies and schools.

Macworld, CES Double-Booked For 2007

Macworld Expo and the Consumer Electronics Show will coolide next year, with the dates for the two major tech events virtually overlapping for the conventions' entire duration.


iLife '06 From The Perspective Of An Anthropomorphized Brushed Metal Interface

Apple Is Getting Sloppy

Apple, once known as the epitome of human interface standards adherence has slowly become a radom mis-mash of interface ideas and implementation.

A Wedding Made At Macworld — The Photos


iWork '06

While Keynote has received the most visible improvements in the iWork suite, the changes to Pages help make an already-solid product even better.


iTunes Music Store In Singapore... Not Anytime Soon

According to a report in the Straits Times that is not available online, Apple is planning to open an iTunes Music Store in Singapore — by the end of next year.

End of 2007? Either there is a typo in the report, or Apple is really doing some serious padding of schedule. :-)

Friday, January 13, 2006


QuickTime Patch On The Rocks

Apple has offered a removal tool for its latest media player patch after users reported problems.

MacBook Pro: What You Need To Know

Here's what you need to know about Apple's newest laptop.

iPod Shuffles New Recruits Into Apple's Army Of Fans

BlackBerry Devices To Offer Mac E-Mail And Calenar Applications

RIM has signed a licensing deal with Information Appliance Associates to offer free downloads of the PocketMac program for BlackBerries, and to later integrate the software with the handhelds, officials with the companies said.

iMac Core Duo: What You Need To Know

We tackle common questions about Apple's first Intel-based desktop.

Microsoft Quietly Ditches WMP For Mac

Sorry, No Apple For You: Microsoft's Bid Fruitless

In a first for Microsoft's hardware group, the company is developing a keyboard designed just for the Mac. But regular Mac users will notice there's no Apple key.

Chip Story: The Intel Mac FAQ, 2006 Edition

What you need to know about the transition to Intel chips.


A Totally Macworld Wedding

Shawn King, host of the Your Mac Life internet radio show, is getting married on Thursday evening in a totally Macworld wedding.

The Fifth Row Back

Getting to the fifth row didn't come easy.

iWeb's HTML Markup. Not So Good.

I'm sure iWeb is a very polished and easy app to use on the desktop, but the code it creates will be a nightmare for nay intermediate web designer looking to customize the appearance.

Apple Notebook Not For Bargain Hunters, Part II

My First Macworld, Pre-Show And Keynote

Having never been to a Macworld before, let alone san Francisco, I thought I'd let those of you who have never been here in on some first impressions.

Mac Book Pro; Mini Review

Get Smart

It's doubtlessly commonplace by now for companies to adopt Apple's "Smart" feature — using presets to create a playlist in iTunes or a folder of searches in Spotlight or mailboxes in Mail and have them update dynamically whenever anything meeting the conditions of those presets appears on your Mac.

Macworld Expo: Best Of Show


What's Really Behind A Steve Jobs Keynote

As illustrated by the Joy of Tech; Though, there is one small inaccuracy: the sharks should have "frickin' laser beams attached to their heads."

Rumor Today: Apple Will Have An iPhone

Even before the stage at Macworld Expo turns dark, rumors are already flying that Apple do have plans in the mobile phone market.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Sun And Apple Almost Merged Three Times - Bill Joy

Sun tried to acquire Apple once and then almost merged with Apple on two other occasions, according to Sun co-founder Bill Joy.

Apple Pays Short Thirft In Mac G5 Owners

"It's just a fact of life that technology changes really fast."

Sewing Up The iPod Market

Clothing makers are jumping on the gadget's bandwagon. Will tune-friendly apparel be anything more than a blip on the fashion screen?

Apple-Intel Pact Leaves New PowerPC Mac Users Behind

Analysts say not to fret; the older machines still have some advantages.

It's Unanimous. Bloggers Hate 'MacBook Pro'

Many bloggers feel Apple's style and marketing gurus could have done a better job of renaming the laptops.

Another Apple Ad Ripoff?

XP Won't Run On Intel MacBook, iMac

While Microsoft plans to add EFI support in 32-bit versions of Windows Vista, a final release isn't due until the end of the year.

New iPod Accessories On Display At Macworld Conference In California

Mac Sales Are Surging And Microsoft Is Making Money

Microsoft's top Mac exec declared that 2005 was the "best year ever" for the Mac unit.

Intel: Our Other Customers Aren't Boring

"Moblie Me," Apple Says

Apple has applied for a trademark on the term "Mobile Me," according to a recent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Intel Offers Apple Programming Tool Beta

Each To His Or Her Own Mac OS X Updates

Apple confirmed that Mac OS X updates starting with 10.4.4 will include only the code necessary for the respective version of the OS you are using: PowerPC or Intel.

Microsoft Offfers Flip4Mac For Free

Flip4Mac is a plugin for QuickTime that allows you to watch Windows Media files in QuickTime itself.

iTunes 6.0.2 Does Automatic Video Conversion Without QuickTime Pro


The Secret iLife Of The PPC

iPhoto 06 on a G4 is noticeably slower than an Intel machine. It reminded me of iPhoto 05.

Ten Reasons Your Next PC Will Be From Apple

Here we are, only two weeks into the new year, and already we have a major industry announcement sending shockwaves throughout countless Windows enthusiast communities.

Steve Jobs (?): Apple Discards Information Transmitted By iTunes

That's a good start.

Apple's EcoSystem

Apple's secret sauce is the soothing consistency and reliability of its service.

The Media's Crush On Apple

Apple sparked something bordering on a lovefest among the press. But as the good times roll, are reporters asking the hard questions?

MAKE's "Best Of Macworld SF 2006"

Photocasts Are Not Valid RSS

Can iTunes Save SNL?

iTunes: An Update About The Update

The core issues are trust and transparency: I want to do business with companies that respect my privacy; I want them to tell me clearly when they're collecing my data; and I'd prefer to opt-in to data collection programs rather than opt-out. Is that so much to ask?

Even Apple's User Interface Has Room For Improvement

A Grand Day Out

Recent important Apple events in the USA have been transmitted via live satellite to the UK, where British and European journalists can sit and watch and pretend they're in the same room as Steve Jobs. I thought perhaps you might like to know what happens at one of these events.

QoD: MacBook Pro And Battery Life?

When I noticed that the battery indicator had numbers next to it, I looked up and saw that it had a little over 4 hours of battery life left.

MacBook Pro... Umm OK?

I thought we were at an exciting time in technology? New ideas. New inventions.

My Perspective On Unsanity's MacBook Pro "Lost In Translation" Post

Lost In Translation: Overcane Of Antflower Milk

We've lost quite a few technologies and features in this transition.

Apple's New Notebooks: Not Necessarily For Bargain Hunters

One thing Apple didn't address with the conversion to Intel processors is the price.

Eyeing The iTunes MiniStore

This isn't about the MiniStore itself. It's about Apple's attitude in rolling this change out to the millions of iTunes users, without as much as a peep about what's going on behind the scene.


Strange Pacing By Steve Jobs Because Of Last Minute Changes?

The rumor is that some products that was meant to be announced at Macworld were withdrawal, causing the strange pacing at the Expo.


Is there too much of an irony is I eat my sandwich at my work cubicle while reading this article?

More Ideas For Windows Vista

It's time to Think Different, Microsoft. How about a Microsoft Windows Vista Macintosh Edition? A Windows OS that installs natively on Apple hardware, but have a VirtualPC that runs Mac OS X Intel, for customers that still have one or two Macintosh application that they need to run occasionally?


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Intel Macintosh

Jobs: New Intel Macs Are "Screamers"

The new machines both include Intel's Duo dual-core chip.

iMac With Intel Processor Is Up To Twice As Fast

On the outside, the iMac looks the same as before. But under the hood, it's considerably faster, according to benchmarks that Apple CEO Steve Jobs put up on screen during his keynote presentation.

Intel-Powered MacBook Pro Laptop Unveiled

Apple claims the MacBook Pro delivers up to four times the performance of a PowerBook G4, with Apple CEO Steve Jobs hailing it as the fastest notebook ever.


iTunes Update Spies On Your Listening And Sends It To Apple?

A new version of Apple's iTunes for Mac appears to communicate information about every song you play to Apple, and it's not clear if there's any way to turn this off, nor what Apple's privacy policy is on this information.

OmniGroup Releases Free Intel Updates

Hidden New iTunes Feature: Multiple Speaker Streaming

A commenter noticed a great new feature that I'm surprised wasn't somehow worked into yesterday keynote: multiple speaker streaming.

EyeTV Puts Telly On The iPod And More

Innovate Or Perish: The Challenge Facing Apple's New Intel iMac And MacBook

From this point forward, Apple will have to innovate toward a unique and perhaps unparalleled computer platform, if the compnay expects Macintosh to remain a competitive force in a rapidly changing consumer computer market.

Apple Gave Careful Thought To First Intel Models

The decision on which models would feature Intel processors first may have caught some observers off-guard, but it was a choice that was carefully thought out by Apple executives.

Enterprise Developers Move Forward On Intel Macs

Microsoft and a pack of enterprise developers say they are on target for creating Intel-native Mac software despite Apple's surprise Macworld Expo release of the first Intel-based Macs six months ahead of schedule.

iPod To Get Built-In iTrip?

Listening to an iPod over a car stereo may be easier in the future, judging by an invention Apple is trying to patent.

Fans Jazzed By Aple's Quick Delivery

Sure, the new Intel Macs are faster than their predecessors, but what fans really appreciate is how quickly APple raced the machines to market.

Apple Shares Soar As New Products Unveiled

Giddy investors sent shares of Apple soaring on Tuesday after the company announced a slew of new products and strong first-quarter sales results.

Apple's Macworld Booth Tour

There are only three words to describe Apple's booth here at Macworld: Totally. Freaking. Crowded.

Microsoft, Apple Sign 5-Year Software Pact

"Any new machines that are on the market that run Windows are great," said Scott Erickson, director of product management and marketing for Microsoft's Mac business unit.

Apple QuickTime Gets Security Makeover

Apple's flagship QuickTime media player has received a security-centric makeover to plug several code execution vulnerabilities.

14 Million iPods Sold During Holiday Quarter

Microsoft Promises 5 Years Of Office Development

Google Earth Offiically Available For Mac OS X

Usage Notes For Google Earth Mac 3.1.0527 Beta

Web Site Tool Leads iLife '06 Changes

iWeb is a web-publishing application designed to easily create professional-looking web pages populated with online photo albums, blogs and podcasts.

New Apple iPod Remote Also Has FM Tuner

The iPod Radio Remote is designed to add FM radio capabilities as wwell as remote control operations to the iPod nano and iPod with video.


MacBook Pro Comparison Charts

On a feature by feature basis, it seems the Acer beats Apple.

An Apple A Day Keeps The Apple Away

Apple will have to decide whether it really wants to get in the game of matching competitors adopting the newest Intel processors and thereby more frequently upgrading new computers or, well, thinking different. I see lots of risks: Increased obsolescence and inventory management, for starters.

Lessons From Steve's Keynote

Here are ten lessons to learn from Steve Jobs' keynote.

Apple Store Doesn't Have A Damn Thing

The Mac Performance Shell Game

In short, Apple used multiprocessor benchmarks to skew the performance advantage that its Intel-based machines enjoy compared to single-core PowerPC G4 and G5.

Let's Make A Deal

In other words, this is a pact that essentially re-affirms what Microsoft and Apple have already been doing for some time now for the express purpose of spiking all those ageless "Will Microsoft abandon the Mac?" stories — at least until late 2010, anyhow.

Apple's Share Price An In-Joke For Intelites

In a bit of unintended humor, Wall Street closed Apple's stock Tuesday, the day the company unveiled its first Intel processor-based computers at Macworld, at $80.86.

My Favorite Macworld Booth Swag So Far

iLife 06 And A New .Mac Are The Real Stars Of The Show For Me

I've never seen this level of power in website creation, from blogging to podcasting, to videoblogs and photos all so easily integrated.

Intel Inside But Not "Intel Inside (TM)"

No "Intel Inside", no badge by the keyboard, nothing that shouts the Intel name. I think Steve, or perhaps Jonathan Ive, had his way on this one.

MacBook Pro - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

Why drop the analog modem from a road warrior's mainstay machine? And why can't we get these suckers under 5lbs yet?

Keynote Reaction: The Intel Roller-Coaster Ride

In an oddly-paced keynote address, Steve Jobs did what he usually does — namely, save the best for last. And oh, what an A List.


When Will The Rest Of The Macintoshes Go Intel?

Here's my guess on when the rest of the Macintosh product lines will move to the Intel processor...

March-April: Mac mini and iBook, for the education crowd.

May-June: Rest of Powerbooks, for the WWDC crowd.

Sep-Oct: Another round for the iMac, for the Christmas crowd. Optional TV tuner available from Apple.

Jan 07: Finally, the Power Macintosh and XServe.

Oh, iPod shuffle will be updated on a New-Product-Tuesday Real Soon Now.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Ultrawideband's Macworld Twirl

15-Inch Aluminum PowerBook Battery Update

Apple Sues German Firm Over 'Spod'

Apple has filed a preliminary action in a Hamburg court against Liquid Air Tab, the company behind Spodradio, a service which allows users to download podcasts to their Nokia mobiles.

Kawasaki Revs Up For FilmLoop

Early Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki is looping his career back to the Mac once again — or at least revisiting the world of Apple to promote his latest pet project.

No Threats To iPod From Usual Suspects

No matter what Steve Jobs has up his sleeve for Macworld tomorrow, there's one thing he won't have to worry about: any immediate threat to the iPod.

Macworld, Shrouded In Secrecy

Various banners at San Francisco's Moscone Center remain covered ahead of Steve Jobs' keynote on Tuesday.


Welcome To The Long Run

In the long run, the indies will win. That's how we got the Net, folks. And that's how we'll keep it.

Crowded House

My visit to the exhibit floor did help me form one first impression about this year's Expo — things are going to be hopping.


Dollars And Sense: Adobe Lightroom Vs Apple Aperture

While Apple might have been first out of the gate with their digital RAW-management application, Adobe volleyed back and didn't just shoot one over the Mother Ship's bow, they had a direct hit.

Video iPod

Will the video iPod do for TV what the original iPod did for music? Or did Apple take too big a bite?

Battle Of The iPod Video Docks

Adobe Lightroom First Look And Primer

Lightroom: Filling A Gap In Photo Management?

There's a lot that's very impressive about this beta.


Microsoft Vs. Computer Security

Why the software giant still can't get it right.

Monday, January 9, 2006


Apple's Tune Resonates At CES

Apple's big trade show kicks off Tuesday in San Francisco, but signs of the Mac maker's influence were omnipresent at last week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

All Eyes On Apple

Jobs, Devices In Macworld Spotlight

After rivals party in Vegas, Apple may try to return fire.

Adobe Unveils Lightroom; Aperture Competitor

Adobe on Monday will announce the public beta release of Lightroom, the company's answer to Apple's recently release Aperture.

Facts From The Apple Rumor Mill

The buzz before a Steve Jobs presentation isn't always based in truth, but it offers a pretty accurate picture of products people want.

Just What Aple Needs: Intel

The alliance with the world's biggest chipmaker will put Apple on an equal footing with PC rivals and will open many more new doors.

More Apple Miracles In 2006?

It won't be easy for Apple to meet investors' lofty expectations as the company moves into uncharted products and possibly new markets.

The Great European iPod Famine

While U.S. shoppers had no problem getting theirs, in most of Europe the digital music players were scarce before Christmas.

How Apple Could Mess Up, Again

The Innovator's Dilemma author Clayton Christensen outlines his case for why Apple's propietary strategy will soon fail, just as it did before.

How Goes The Mactel Software?

The transition to entirely new chips creates unique challenges for developers, especially the smaller ones.

Tiny Music Players Easy To Hide In Class

As students returned from winter break with the latest iPods, teachers groaned at the newest distraction that has youths tuning them out in the classroom.

Apple May Offer New Laptops At Macworld: Analysts

.Mac Services Down During Keynote


How To Speed Up Your Mac And Make It More Stable When Web Browsing In 3 Simple Steps

Understanding Mac Geeks: The Week Before Keynote

Dear God

I must admit that the Tiny Vaio did remove the scales from my eyes about what a Tiny Laptop can do.


Adobe Lightroom Beta

It's clear that Adobe has done its homework. Lightroom is powerful, intuitive, and tailored specifically for the serious shooter.

Ten Things I Hate About Mac OS X

My work requires me to use Mac OS X every day, all day long, and although I am generally thrilled with its capabilities and reliability, some things about it really drive me up the wall.


Danger! Do Not Walk!

What do you do when you see this sign? As the knights of the round table will say, "Run Away!"


Rivals To Take Bite Out Of Apple

Gadget-makers seeking to rival Apple's iPod have been showcasing their gizmos in Las Vegas.

Sunday, January 8, 2006


'The iPod Dynasty'

Jobs Needs To Pull Apple From Hat At Macworld


Apple Walks Tightrope With Budget iBook Strategy

Sources close to Apple suggest that the many in the rumor mill have failed to illuminate the bigger picture — a strategy to makeover the iBook as a cut-price bait to lure switchers, with price points much lower than Apple has ever risked for a portable machine.

Streamrolling The Streamroller

Faced against the might of Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft, Apple looks like small fry indeed in this looming battle for online video content. Unless perhaps it can unveil some great new hardware that gives it the same edge that the iPod gave it.


Windows Vista Sounds Familiar To Mac Users

What do you get when you overlay the audio of Gates introducing Windows Vista onto actual video screenshots of Mac OS X? Pretty interesting...

Rumor Today: Adobe Takes On Aperture

AppleInsider: Adobe next week will unveil a similar piece of software designed to lure back its professional audience.

Rumor Today: Apple Plasma Display

Jason O'Grady: The new plasma displays are powered by Intel's newly announced Viiv multimedia technology... [and] it will run Mac OS 10.4.4 for x86.

Saturday, January 7, 2006


America: Still Inspired

"The music skills — the chops to play, the ears to hear — haven't changed. But the Mac makes a genuine difference, starting with the capture of ideas, of useful moments."

Scott Rehling & Lance Webb: Texas Longhorns: Up Close And Personal

"There's no way, without Final Cut's ability to capture and execute content as quickly as it does, we could broadcast fully-formed program segments over the web by Monday morning."


Now Will Apple Release A Wi-Fi iPod?

I'd bet that Apple is working on a Wi-Fi-enabled iPod.

East Coast Mac User's Lament

Avoiding The Streamroller

Plans were made to start unveiling Sandvox to the press at Macworld next week; things were looking good. Then someone claimed to have found a reference to something called "iWeb" on Apple's web site.


Say Again, Creative?

After all these months of copying Apple, Creative Technologies may finally have shown some creativity of its own. Podcast, according to our fine folks over at Jurong East, Singapore, is Personal On Demand broadCast.

No sir, that pod thing has nothing to do with the little black or whtie device over at Apple.

P.S. The Evil Genius advise any Creative customers to not use the feeds from Zencast, the podcatcher software from Creative.

Rumor Today: Bill Clinton Taking Over Microsoft?

VoIP Watch: Sources near Microsoft headquarters report that over the past few months the ex cigar smoking prexy has made trips to Microsoft headquarters and has been interviewing for hte top slot as the company looks at ways to transform themselves for the future.

Will Bill And Al bring together a greater friendship between Redmond and Cupertino? Will Microsoft finally admits defeat, and replace Windows Media and windows Media Player with QuickTime and iTunes?


iPod Rivals Ready For Prime Time At Last?

If there is hope for Apple's rivals, it may lie in the swiftly changing nature of the digital-media market.

Friday, January 6, 2006


The Steve Jobs Show

A look at the speculation running up to next week's Macworld Expo — where CEO Steve Jobs usually has a few surprises up his sleeve.

1GB iPod Shuffle Back In Stock

Apple In Legal Dispute With Burst Over Digital Media Patents

Macworld Expo Promises iPod Gear Galore

The trade show for the Apple faithful caps off an extraordinarily eventful year and should yield some intriguing new products.

Google To Sell Video, Take On Apple; Announces Google Pack

Behind The Magic Curtain

To a casual observer it is just a guy in a black shirt and jeans talking about some new technology products. But it is in fact an incredibly complexa nd sophisticated blend of sales pitch, product demonstration and corporate cheerleading, with a dash of religious revival thrown in for good measure. It represents weeks of work, precise orchestration and intense pressure for the scores of people who collectively make up the "man behind the curtain."

'Apple Will Prevail' - Analysts

Despite the growing competition ranged against the company within the digital media markets, Apple may be a tough beast to tame, analysts believe.

Apple May Be Readying iLife Update

Information that was apparently posted to Apple's web site suggests the company is planning an update to its iLife suite of consumer software and is also planning a product called iWeb.

CES: Portable Device Makes iPod A Video Recorder

Users of iPods, iPod minis and iPod nanos can record video directly from any analog source.


The iPod Kids Aren't Alright

Apple should react to Townshend's remarks one way or the other.



Five! Five! Five! It's Five! I Tell 'Ya

Intel is copying Apple with a product name that will definitely be mispronounced through the ages, if we define "mispronounced" as pronoucing in a manner that is not consistent with what the marketing folks want you to pronounce.

Mac OS X (Ten, not Ex), meet Viiv (Five, not Veeve.)

A Modest Proposal About PBS

Jackwhispers: Sell it to Apple.

PBS' schedule will now not be available in advance for TV Guide. Instead, you'll only hear about new programmings and schedule just the day before, with Saturday and Sunday's schedule typically thrown in as "one more thing.' :-)


New Windows Live Services On The Microsoft Drawing Board

Microsoft is slowly but surely showing more of its planned software-as-a-service add-ons for Windows, most of which will be ad-supported.

Thursday, January 5, 2006


Judge Tentatively Blocks Demolition Of Old Mansion Owned By Steve Jobs

A San Mateo County Superior Court judge has tentatively ruled that the town improperly granted Jobs a demolition permit last year for "The Jackling House," which was designed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style for Utah Cooper Co. magnate Daniel Jackling.


In Digital Music, It's Gates Vs Jobs

2006 is shaping up to be a great year: there are skirmishes everywhere and since this is a sequel, well, let the popcorn pop, and enjoy the show!

Lessons For Apple's Multimedia Transition

Things two other companies have learned the hard way.

I Want My HBO


Gates Takes Wraps Off Windows Vista

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates took the wraps off its next-generation operating system known as Windows Vista on Wdnesday, displaying features aimed at positioning the software giant as the entertainment hub for a future of digitally connected homes.

HP Drops iTunes, Taps RealNetworks For Music

After several years of distributing Apple's iTunes software with its new PCs, Hewlett-Packard is shifting its allegiances to rival RealNetworks' Rhapsody music service, the companies plan to announce Thursday.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006


CES: New Mac Cordless Keyboard/Mouse Combo Debuts

Pete Tong: Apple's Gone Wrong?

"As Apple grows more powerful I get the sense that there's a little bit of Microsoft in there."

Apple Brand Is Uptown Top-Ranking - Forbes

Airport Express & Extreme Firmware Updates

.Mac Bandwidth Increases "An Error" — No Extra Bandwidth Enacted For Any Users

New iPods Bring Angst

Some users are baffled at how to set them up.


Guy's Golden Touch

If you want a smashing example of DICEE product, you need not look any further than iPod.


What Is Wrong With The iPod

My Week With The iMac

Does the iMac pass muster as a multimedia center?

DVD To iPod Made Easy

Tuesday, January 3, 2006


Peacock Preening With iTunes Presence

While the Peacock's still pretty plucked in primetime, net is having a far easier go on Apple's iTunes musicstore. Just a month after launching, NBC Universal programming now dominates the service, all but erasing Disney's early advantages as the first conglom to pact with Apple.

Schools Ask Parents To Pay Up Before Kids Log On

The Fullerton program has created a storm of controversy for the school system. It also has raised broader questions about how far public schools here and elsewhere can go in using costly technology in the face of tight school budgets and limited funding.

Apple Releases Bluetooth Firmware Update For Mac OS X 10.4.3

South Park Turns To Apple For New Storage Setup

The cartoon studio plans to install a full SAN to ease backup headaches.

Apple's Tiger Is Infoworld 'OS Of 2006'

Belkin Intros Cable-Free USB Hub

The four-port hub uses Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. Devices are plugged into the hub, which doesn't require a wire to communicate with the computer.

Wearable iPod Headset Displays Video

eMagin Corp, a company that makes video imaging technology for military and industrial uses, has adapted its expertise to create a first of its kinds headset accessory for the 5G iPod which displays video in front of one eye.


Quicken Little

Intuit charges twice as much for the Mac version of Quicken — and, for your extra dough, throws in only half the features.


SNL Coming To MWSF

No, it's not the famous iPod invista — but a real nano iPod.


Monday, January 2, 2006


Minnesotan's Apple Dream Came True, Then It Soured

Mike Evangelist worked for Apple Computer in Silicon Valley from 2000 to 2002 while his family stayed in Minnesota. The long-distance commute ultimately led him to leave his dream employer.

How To Fill That Video iPod — For Free

Apple Store Needed Microsoft To Help With Holiday Sales


How The Apple Store Stole Christmas

"The order promised to ship the engraved iPod in '1-3 business days.' Plenty of time for Christmas, right?"

Apple iPod Turns Music Addiction Into Terrible Chore

Every iPod gets a copy of iTunes installed on Windows PCs. Every copy of iTunes gives Steven Jobs the ability to sell music and TV video to users today. Without the expense or complications of buying a Windows XP Media PC.


My Video iPod


Dilbert Has A Network Connection Problem

It finally happened: Scott Adams was forced to draw an unfunny strip.

Sunday, January 1, 2006


Beware Of iPod Grabbers

.Mac iDisks Now With 1TB/Month Bandwidth

I'm thinking this suggests new .Mac tools about to be released which involve storing and synchronizing video files between our computers.


More Windows Suckiness

Windows being completely trounced by an Apple laptop that has half its specs.

New iPod May Be The End For Theatres


A Quick Look At The MarsEdit Weblog Editor


Longhorn — Before And After

Surely, I thought, while I was browing through headlines in my RSS reader, an article with the title "Long-ago Longhorns Different Than Today's Version" is about Microsoft and its failure with Windows Vista...

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