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Monday, January 9, 2006


Apple's Tune Resonates At CES

Apple's big trade show kicks off Tuesday in San Francisco, but signs of the Mac maker's influence were omnipresent at last week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

All Eyes On Apple

Jobs, Devices In Macworld Spotlight

After rivals party in Vegas, Apple may try to return fire.

Adobe Unveils Lightroom; Aperture Competitor

Adobe on Monday will announce the public beta release of Lightroom, the company's answer to Apple's recently release Aperture.

Facts From The Apple Rumor Mill

The buzz before a Steve Jobs presentation isn't always based in truth, but it offers a pretty accurate picture of products people want.

Just What Aple Needs: Intel

The alliance with the world's biggest chipmaker will put Apple on an equal footing with PC rivals and will open many more new doors.

More Apple Miracles In 2006?

It won't be easy for Apple to meet investors' lofty expectations as the company moves into uncharted products and possibly new markets.

The Great European iPod Famine

While U.S. shoppers had no problem getting theirs, in most of Europe the digital music players were scarce before Christmas.

How Apple Could Mess Up, Again

The Innovator's Dilemma author Clayton Christensen outlines his case for why Apple's propietary strategy will soon fail, just as it did before.

How Goes The Mactel Software?

The transition to entirely new chips creates unique challenges for developers, especially the smaller ones.

Tiny Music Players Easy To Hide In Class

As students returned from winter break with the latest iPods, teachers groaned at the newest distraction that has youths tuning them out in the classroom.

Apple May Offer New Laptops At Macworld: Analysts

.Mac Services Down During Keynote


How To Speed Up Your Mac And Make It More Stable When Web Browsing In 3 Simple Steps

Understanding Mac Geeks: The Week Before Keynote

Dear God

I must admit that the Tiny Vaio did remove the scales from my eyes about what a Tiny Laptop can do.


Adobe Lightroom Beta

It's clear that Adobe has done its homework. Lightroom is powerful, intuitive, and tailored specifically for the serious shooter.

Ten Things I Hate About Mac OS X

My work requires me to use Mac OS X every day, all day long, and although I am generally thrilled with its capabilities and reliability, some things about it really drive me up the wall.


Danger! Do Not Walk!

What do you do when you see this sign? As the knights of the round table will say, "Run Away!"


Rivals To Take Bite Out Of Apple

Gadget-makers seeking to rival Apple's iPod have been showcasing their gizmos in Las Vegas.

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