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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Intel Macintosh

Jobs: New Intel Macs Are "Screamers"

The new machines both include Intel's Duo dual-core chip.

iMac With Intel Processor Is Up To Twice As Fast

On the outside, the iMac looks the same as before. But under the hood, it's considerably faster, according to benchmarks that Apple CEO Steve Jobs put up on screen during his keynote presentation.

Intel-Powered MacBook Pro Laptop Unveiled

Apple claims the MacBook Pro delivers up to four times the performance of a PowerBook G4, with Apple CEO Steve Jobs hailing it as the fastest notebook ever.


iTunes Update Spies On Your Listening And Sends It To Apple?

A new version of Apple's iTunes for Mac appears to communicate information about every song you play to Apple, and it's not clear if there's any way to turn this off, nor what Apple's privacy policy is on this information.

OmniGroup Releases Free Intel Updates

Hidden New iTunes Feature: Multiple Speaker Streaming

A commenter noticed a great new feature that I'm surprised wasn't somehow worked into yesterday keynote: multiple speaker streaming.

EyeTV Puts Telly On The iPod And More

Innovate Or Perish: The Challenge Facing Apple's New Intel iMac And MacBook

From this point forward, Apple will have to innovate toward a unique and perhaps unparalleled computer platform, if the compnay expects Macintosh to remain a competitive force in a rapidly changing consumer computer market.

Apple Gave Careful Thought To First Intel Models

The decision on which models would feature Intel processors first may have caught some observers off-guard, but it was a choice that was carefully thought out by Apple executives.

Enterprise Developers Move Forward On Intel Macs

Microsoft and a pack of enterprise developers say they are on target for creating Intel-native Mac software despite Apple's surprise Macworld Expo release of the first Intel-based Macs six months ahead of schedule.

iPod To Get Built-In iTrip?

Listening to an iPod over a car stereo may be easier in the future, judging by an invention Apple is trying to patent.

Fans Jazzed By Aple's Quick Delivery

Sure, the new Intel Macs are faster than their predecessors, but what fans really appreciate is how quickly APple raced the machines to market.

Apple Shares Soar As New Products Unveiled

Giddy investors sent shares of Apple soaring on Tuesday after the company announced a slew of new products and strong first-quarter sales results.

Apple's Macworld Booth Tour

There are only three words to describe Apple's booth here at Macworld: Totally. Freaking. Crowded.

Microsoft, Apple Sign 5-Year Software Pact

"Any new machines that are on the market that run Windows are great," said Scott Erickson, director of product management and marketing for Microsoft's Mac business unit.

Apple QuickTime Gets Security Makeover

Apple's flagship QuickTime media player has received a security-centric makeover to plug several code execution vulnerabilities.

14 Million iPods Sold During Holiday Quarter

Microsoft Promises 5 Years Of Office Development

Google Earth Offiically Available For Mac OS X

Usage Notes For Google Earth Mac 3.1.0527 Beta

Web Site Tool Leads iLife '06 Changes

iWeb is a web-publishing application designed to easily create professional-looking web pages populated with online photo albums, blogs and podcasts.

New Apple iPod Remote Also Has FM Tuner

The iPod Radio Remote is designed to add FM radio capabilities as wwell as remote control operations to the iPod nano and iPod with video.


MacBook Pro Comparison Charts

On a feature by feature basis, it seems the Acer beats Apple.

An Apple A Day Keeps The Apple Away

Apple will have to decide whether it really wants to get in the game of matching competitors adopting the newest Intel processors and thereby more frequently upgrading new computers or, well, thinking different. I see lots of risks: Increased obsolescence and inventory management, for starters.

Lessons From Steve's Keynote

Here are ten lessons to learn from Steve Jobs' keynote.

Apple Store Doesn't Have A Damn Thing

The Mac Performance Shell Game

In short, Apple used multiprocessor benchmarks to skew the performance advantage that its Intel-based machines enjoy compared to single-core PowerPC G4 and G5.

Let's Make A Deal

In other words, this is a pact that essentially re-affirms what Microsoft and Apple have already been doing for some time now for the express purpose of spiking all those ageless "Will Microsoft abandon the Mac?" stories — at least until late 2010, anyhow.

Apple's Share Price An In-Joke For Intelites

In a bit of unintended humor, Wall Street closed Apple's stock Tuesday, the day the company unveiled its first Intel processor-based computers at Macworld, at $80.86.

My Favorite Macworld Booth Swag So Far

iLife 06 And A New .Mac Are The Real Stars Of The Show For Me

I've never seen this level of power in website creation, from blogging to podcasting, to videoblogs and photos all so easily integrated.

Intel Inside But Not "Intel Inside (TM)"

No "Intel Inside", no badge by the keyboard, nothing that shouts the Intel name. I think Steve, or perhaps Jonathan Ive, had his way on this one.

MacBook Pro - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

Why drop the analog modem from a road warrior's mainstay machine? And why can't we get these suckers under 5lbs yet?

Keynote Reaction: The Intel Roller-Coaster Ride

In an oddly-paced keynote address, Steve Jobs did what he usually does — namely, save the best for last. And oh, what an A List.


When Will The Rest Of The Macintoshes Go Intel?

Here's my guess on when the rest of the Macintosh product lines will move to the Intel processor...

March-April: Mac mini and iBook, for the education crowd.

May-June: Rest of Powerbooks, for the WWDC crowd.

Sep-Oct: Another round for the iMac, for the Christmas crowd. Optional TV tuner available from Apple.

Jan 07: Finally, the Power Macintosh and XServe.

Oh, iPod shuffle will be updated on a New-Product-Tuesday Real Soon Now.

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