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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Sun And Apple Almost Merged Three Times - Bill Joy

Sun tried to acquire Apple once and then almost merged with Apple on two other occasions, according to Sun co-founder Bill Joy.

Apple Pays Short Thirft In Mac G5 Owners

"It's just a fact of life that technology changes really fast."

Sewing Up The iPod Market

Clothing makers are jumping on the gadget's bandwagon. Will tune-friendly apparel be anything more than a blip on the fashion screen?

Apple-Intel Pact Leaves New PowerPC Mac Users Behind

Analysts say not to fret; the older machines still have some advantages.

It's Unanimous. Bloggers Hate 'MacBook Pro'

Many bloggers feel Apple's style and marketing gurus could have done a better job of renaming the laptops.

Another Apple Ad Ripoff?

XP Won't Run On Intel MacBook, iMac

While Microsoft plans to add EFI support in 32-bit versions of Windows Vista, a final release isn't due until the end of the year.

New iPod Accessories On Display At Macworld Conference In California

Mac Sales Are Surging And Microsoft Is Making Money

Microsoft's top Mac exec declared that 2005 was the "best year ever" for the Mac unit.

Intel: Our Other Customers Aren't Boring

"Moblie Me," Apple Says

Apple has applied for a trademark on the term "Mobile Me," according to a recent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Intel Offers Apple Programming Tool Beta

Each To His Or Her Own Mac OS X Updates

Apple confirmed that Mac OS X updates starting with 10.4.4 will include only the code necessary for the respective version of the OS you are using: PowerPC or Intel.

Microsoft Offfers Flip4Mac For Free

Flip4Mac is a plugin for QuickTime that allows you to watch Windows Media files in QuickTime itself.

iTunes 6.0.2 Does Automatic Video Conversion Without QuickTime Pro


The Secret iLife Of The PPC

iPhoto 06 on a G4 is noticeably slower than an Intel machine. It reminded me of iPhoto 05.

Ten Reasons Your Next PC Will Be From Apple

Here we are, only two weeks into the new year, and already we have a major industry announcement sending shockwaves throughout countless Windows enthusiast communities.

Steve Jobs (?): Apple Discards Information Transmitted By iTunes

That's a good start.

Apple's EcoSystem

Apple's secret sauce is the soothing consistency and reliability of its service.

The Media's Crush On Apple

Apple sparked something bordering on a lovefest among the press. But as the good times roll, are reporters asking the hard questions?

MAKE's "Best Of Macworld SF 2006"

Photocasts Are Not Valid RSS

Can iTunes Save SNL?

iTunes: An Update About The Update

The core issues are trust and transparency: I want to do business with companies that respect my privacy; I want them to tell me clearly when they're collecing my data; and I'd prefer to opt-in to data collection programs rather than opt-out. Is that so much to ask?

Even Apple's User Interface Has Room For Improvement

A Grand Day Out

Recent important Apple events in the USA have been transmitted via live satellite to the UK, where British and European journalists can sit and watch and pretend they're in the same room as Steve Jobs. I thought perhaps you might like to know what happens at one of these events.

QoD: MacBook Pro And Battery Life?

When I noticed that the battery indicator had numbers next to it, I looked up and saw that it had a little over 4 hours of battery life left.

MacBook Pro... Umm OK?

I thought we were at an exciting time in technology? New ideas. New inventions.

My Perspective On Unsanity's MacBook Pro "Lost In Translation" Post

Lost In Translation: Overcane Of Antflower Milk

We've lost quite a few technologies and features in this transition.

Apple's New Notebooks: Not Necessarily For Bargain Hunters

One thing Apple didn't address with the conversion to Intel processors is the price.

Eyeing The iTunes MiniStore

This isn't about the MiniStore itself. It's about Apple's attitude in rolling this change out to the millions of iTunes users, without as much as a peep about what's going on behind the scene.


Strange Pacing By Steve Jobs Because Of Last Minute Changes?

The rumor is that some products that was meant to be announced at Macworld were withdrawal, causing the strange pacing at the Expo.


Is there too much of an irony is I eat my sandwich at my work cubicle while reading this article?

More Ideas For Windows Vista

It's time to Think Different, Microsoft. How about a Microsoft Windows Vista Macintosh Edition? A Windows OS that installs natively on Apple hardware, but have a VirtualPC that runs Mac OS X Intel, for customers that still have one or two Macintosh application that they need to run occasionally?


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